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						2  •   Lögberg-Heimskringla  •   Föstudagur 9. júlí   1993
been well
established in
Gimli all
these years
but have kept
a low profile.
It wasn't until the old public
school, built in 1915, was
declared a heritage site and the
Gimli Heritage Committee
began their work on restora-
tion of the building, that the
two huldufólk were sighted.
Dr. Leo Kristjanson, one of
the committee, first caught a
glimpse of the pair in the attic
and was thereafter able to help
other committee members get
a glimpse of them as well. This
wasn't always easy since they
were a sly, impish pair, taken
to playing tricks on the work-
Leo felt they should be
identified and gave them the
names Snorri and Snæbjörn.
These two huldufólk have
been the topic of conversation
many times since and seem to
have kept a close watch over
the happenings in what was
the domain that they had to
themselves for many years.
It was felt that the commu-
nity should be intro-
duced to the two insepa-
rable imps, so an invita-
tion was extended to the
"character launch of the
Huldufólk, Snorri and
Snæbjörn" on Saturday,
June 19, 1993 at
Tergesen's store in
Gimli. There Kathy
Hurlburt (a committee
member) gave a descrip-
tion of the events and
introduced Leo Kristjan-
son, Jerry Johnson, the
artist and Don Torbert,
the carver who officially
unveiled the statue. Kathy has
written a child's book about
the pair; this publication to be
available in August. A display
of some of the old artifacts
from the old school were in the
window with the painting of
the school done by another
committee member, Jeanne
Gullachsen. At the desks were
two doll figures of Snorri and
Snæbjörn, which had been
created by June Gillies.
Colorful T-shirts with the
two huldufólk were worn by
the members and artists and
were available for sale. It was
noted that profits would go
toward the old school project
Leo feels that the two
fellows, although full of
Above L-R: Leo
Krisjanson, Don
Torbert, Kathy
Hurlburt and
Jerry Johnson
with the Snorri
and Snæbjórn
carving on the
mischief, are
a bit lonely
an d h e
thinks it
would be
great if they
could meet
two nice fe-
male huldu-
fólk and get
Upcaming Events
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Sept. 11-12
Viking Days — If you are interested in the lives of our Viking
ancestors, spend a weekend enjoying Runc workshops, Scand.
art, Viking ships, shipbuilding workshops, etc. Adults $5., chil-
dren $2. at Whipple Creek Park, Clark County, WA. Contact
Nordic Heritage Museum 206 - 789-5707.
O          O          O
Deadline for entries to Lögberg-Heimskringla Poetry Contest
Open to anyone under 17.
o        o        o
Hecla Island Reunion — Dance Saturday night with Fine
Country Folk at Gull Harbour Resort.
a        a        a
Annual Icelandic Days Picnic 12 pm to 5 pm at the Peace Arch
Park (American Side) See you there!
a        a        a
Tombola on the grounds of Stephansson House. A huge event
event sponsored by Alberta Historic Sites & the Stephen G.
Stephansson Society in Markerville. Crafts, sheep shearing,
children's programs, antique autos, Ice. horses, bazaar, etc.
a        a        a
íslendingadagurinn in Gimli
Plan to attend.
a        a        a
"Solfest" Family Reunion for family of Sigurður (Jónsson)
Thorkelson and Jóhanna Finnbogadóttir of Arnes, MB. To be
held in Dryden, ON. Call Metta 204-448-2040, Val 204-831-
1226 or Conrad 204-488-4071.
a        a        a
Heritage Days at Hawrelak Park — food & cultural displays
Volunteers & Icelandic costumes needed. Grounds open Sat.
evg., and Sunday & Monday from ló a.m. Call Joanne Olafson
4444798, Judith Jonsson 459-2291 or Gloria Krenbrenk 458-5896
a        a        a
Icelandic Languagc and Cultural Camp in Gimli
Call Gunnvor Asmundsson 204 - 256-2143.
a        a        a
Folklorama '93 — featuring Frón's Icelandic Display at Scan-
dinavian Centre, 764 Erin St. — 6:00 to 12 each evening.
Come out and enjoy!
o        o        o
Registration Deadline for U of M. Icelandic Courses, contact:
Dept. of Icelandic, University College 372, Wpg., MB R3T 2N2
a        n        a
Viking Golf Classic: Frón's Annual Golf Tournament, fol
lowed by supper at the Scandinavian Centre. Everyone wel-
come (if not for golf, come for the suppcr). For more informa-
tion call Stephen at 467-8398 or Hallthor at 955-9806.
a        a        a
Heritage Park Fall Fair, an exciting Fall evcnt with fresh fruits,
vegetables, cultu'ral displays, craft demos., etc. Details to come.
Lögberg-Heimskringla is grateful to receive all the great notices
of happenings in your area. We want to remind you to send us a
few lines about how they tum out. All photos will be returned.
Send ío: L-H, 699 Carter Ave., Wpg., MB, Canada R3M 2C3
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