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The White Falcon

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The White Falcon

						This Week.
White Falcon
Vol.61 No. 48
online at www.nctskef.navv.mil
December 6, 2002
NAS Keflavik Sailors supplement security
By J02 Jean Ross
Recently, Navy personnel from all depart-
ments were taken from their daily jobs and
sent to train in weapons, unarmed self-
defense, search techniques and chemical
They aren't taking part in a new military
experiment. They are the newest members of
the NAS Keflavik's Auxiliary Security Force
(ASF) Academy.
For 23 days personnel train for the ulti-
mate goal of supporting the Naval Security
Force in implementing increased physical
security and force protection while sustain-
ing a high degree of readiness.
The end result of this training is that NAS
Keflavik will maintain 72 ASF personnel
trained in basic security force skills and pro-
cedures, capable of individually augmenting
Naval Security Force watch sections during
heightened threat conditions.
UTCN Mickey Lopez, who stands duty
once a month with Naval Security Force
members said that the hand-to-hand combat
and weapons training were the most useful to
him because of the hands-on aspect.
"It was actual hands-on stuff rather than
having our noses in books. I feel much better
------------------------   See ASF, pg 4
Jj   .^	|N|
^^^        1 ^^^	
\t   M	
AG2 Jesse Anderson conducts a hand-to-hand combat drill after being sprayed
with pepper foam during ASF training. Additionally, ASF graduates are also
trained in weapons handling and driving skills. (Photo by J02 Stephen Sheedy)
Naval Hospital offers ways to beat Winter blues
By J02 Travis D. Eisele
Feeling down in the winter
months when there is less sun-
light is a normal reaction. Some
people however, find that as the
daylight hours dwindle, they
begin to find it hard to cope with
even doing their job or dealing
with their family and friends.
This small percentage of people
may suffer from Seasonal
Affective Disorder.
Lt. George Steffian, a
psychologist    at    U.S.    Naval
Hospital Keflavik says SAD is a
sub-type of a major depressive
"This is a legitimate
diagnosis," said Steffian. "It hap-
pens when the days are shorter
and the sun is at a lower angle in
the sky and is brought on by the
winter months."
According                         to
www.webmd.com, problems
concentrating, low energy and
fatigue, reduced interest in daily
activities, moodiness, increased
appetite, weight gain and sleep-
ing too much are some of the
symptoms associated with SAD.
Steffian said a large percent-
age of the U.S. population expe-
riences some form of these
symptoms and it tends to be
higher in latitudes farther north.
He warns however, SAD is fairly
rare and causes a significant dis-
ruption in your life and generally
lasts longer than two weeks as
opposed to temporarily having
"If you are experiencing some
of these symptoms and they are
interfering with living your life
or you are experiencing a lot of
unhappiness or dissatisfaction,
the best thing to do is to talk to
your family doctor," said
Steffian. "From there your doc-
tor will put together a more thor-
ough medical history for you so
they can ask specific questions
about your case and refer you to
the treatment you need."
"In    terms    of    treatment,
there are a number of different
-------------See SAD, pg 6
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