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The White Falcon

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The White Falcon

						Vol.53   No. 46     November 18, 1994
Icelandic Corner
I don't feel well.
Mer liflur ilia.
(Me-air lee-ther eat-la)
From the top
Commanding officers,
offieers-m-charge and
senior enlisted advisors
submit weekly editorals
on their commands.
See page 2.
Serving the
The Kiwanis Club
BRU helps those that
are less fortunate. See
page 4.
American makes
Icelandic history
NAS Sailor faces off
against foreign hockey
team — from New
York? Seepage*.
50 years ago in
... The Reykjavik Male
Choir and U.S. Army Band put
on a concert for the troops.
... One thousand soldiers
are released from active duty to
help speed up the production
of artillery, tanks and trucks in
American foundries where crit-
ical manpower shortages exist.
37 shopping days left until Christmas
Susan and Adam D. Goolsby pick out gifts at Toyland Saturday in hopes of avoiding the last-
minute Christmas shopping rush. (Photo byJ02(AW) B. Natalie Dias)
Thanksgiving wishes     Give yourselfthe gift of
from idf Commander afire-safe Christmas
This Thanksgiving, I am most thank-
ful for the opportunity to serve with the
many outstanding Sailors, Airmen and
Marines who make up these fine mili-
tary organizations we proudly call the
Iceland Defense Force and Fleet Air
Keflavik. You never cease to amaze me  ;
in your attempts to make life in
Keflavik, Iceland as meaningful as pos-
sible, in spite of our remote location,
challenging climate and austere fiscal
I am especially proud of what you do
here each and every day, because you
are the reason we have an abundance of
things to be thankful for both at the
NATO base and at home in our great
United States. We all truly have a great
deal for which to be thankful.
Submitted by the NAS Fire Department
With the holiday season approaching and some
station residents already decorating their homes
with Christmas lighting, it is necessary to remember
that it is time to start holiday fire prevention plan-
Buy only fire safe Christmas lighting and decora-
tions. Frayed cords, broken light sockets or even the
slightest defect have caused holiday tragedies.
Any outdoor lighting should be waterproof and
clearly identified as designed for outdoor use. Don't
use indoor lights for outdoor lighting. Look for the
U/L label on your Christmas lights. Nails or tacks
should not be used to fasten electrical cords; use
tape. Holiday lighting should be removed as soon as
possible after the holiday season.
When you leave the house or go to bed, be sure
that all lights are unplugged from the wall outlet and
grasp the plug, not the cord.
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