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Pétur Guðmundsson
a success with
Los Angeles Lakers
Pétur Guðmundsson, a 7-foot-2-
inch, 270-pound basketball player
from Iceland is making quite an im-
pact. To the L.A. Lakers, the dis-
covery of Pétur has been fortuitous.
They were in search of just a big
body when  one  of their players,
7-2 center Petur Gudmundsson is
reaching new heights with
Mitch Kupchack, was hurt in early
March, but so far in Pétur Guðmund-
sson they have received more than
they, or anyone else, bargained for.
Although he's only been with the
team a little over a month, he has
done well, says Lakers' coach, Pat
Riley. "Pétur has been more than a
pleasant surprise — it's like someone
dropped him out of the sky for us."
Pétur himself is modest but says, "I
can honestly say I haven't surprised
myself; I've put in good work over
the years, spent a lot of time work-
ing on my game. I can't put a percen-
tage on my improvement (from when
he played at Portland in 1981-1982),
but I feel I am a lot more confident.
There was a lot of pressure on me as
a rookie. At first it just felt great to
be coming to the Lakers. But these
guys have really helped me; their at-
titude is so great. I think I am getting
things out of myself that I wasn't
The L.A. Lakers, by the way, are
the current World Champions and
are in the midst of a playoff series
against Dallas. If they continue to do
as well, Pétur Guðmundsson might
become the first Icelander to win
such a major basketball title.
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lakers 7-2 center Petur Gudmundsson tries to block a shot by
Antonio's 6-4 guard Alvin Robertson.
Einar Ágústsson dies in Copenhagen
Einar Ágústsson, former Minister
of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador to
Denmark,      passed      away      in
Copenhagen, following a brief illness.
He was 63 years of age. Einar
Ágústsson was born September 23,
1922, son of Ágúst Einarsson and
Helga Jonasdóttir. He graduated from
Menntaskólinn in Reykjavík in the
spring of 1941 and completed a law
degree from the University of Iceland
in 1947.
Following graduation from Uni-
versity, Einar Ágústsson kept some
important positions inside the Co-op
but became Bank Director of
Samvinnubankinn in 1963. He held
that position until 1971. The year
1963 was important in his life for
other reasons: that year he was first
elected to Alþingi (Parliament). He
was a member until 1978, becoming
Minister of Foreign Affairs in the
Government formed and led by
Ólafur Jóhannesson in 1971. He was
again appointed by Geir Hall-
grímsson who, in 1974, became
Prime Minister.
Einar Ágústsson had the very dif-
ficult   task,   during   his   time   as
Minister of Foreign Affairs, to settle
two major disputes with the British
over Iceland's extension of fishing
limits, i.e. to 50 miles and 200 miles.
He also held that office during the
times when the future of American
military base in Iceland was heavily
questioned by the opposition. Einar
Ágústsson played a very important
role in the settlements of these issues.
In the fall of 1978 Einar resigned
as Minister of Foreign Affairs and
became Iceland's Ambassador to
Denmark on January 1, 1980. He was
also Ambassador to Israel, Italy and
Einar Ágústsson
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