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Smelltu hér til aš fį meiri upplżsingar um 7. tölublaš and Destination: Vatnabyggš 
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						Lögberg-Heimskringla • Föstudagur 8. apríl 2005 • 3
L-H presents the 5th
Annual Icelandic Open
The 5th Annual Icelandic
Open Golf Tournament takes
place in Gimli, MB, on Fri-
day July 29. The tournament
is presented by Lögberg-Heim-
skringla and in recent years
has been the main fundraising
event for the paper.
Like last year, the tourna-
ment will be held at Links on
the Lake golf course in Gimli.
This is an 18-hole compeli-
tion between 36 teams of four
golfers. The format is Texas
Scramble and the toumament
has always been full. Those
who register their team by June
1 are eligible for one free entry
to the tournament in 2006.
Everybody gets a prize,
and as in 2004, a special prize
will be given to the women's
team with the best score to
encourage more women' to
participate. According to Dan
Johnson, Chairman of the
organizing committee since
2001, the toumament has been
a great success and gets better
every year.
Five different levels of
sponsorship are available to
support Lögberg-Heimskringla
through the golf toumament:
prize donations, $300 hole
sponsorship, $1,000 silver
sponsorship, $2,500 gold spon-
sorship and $5,000 platinum
The tournament is very
important for the paper and the
support of individuals and com-
panies is very much appreci-
ated. "The sponsors are of vital
importance," says Don Lindal.
Co-Chairman of the organizing
committee. noting that differ-
ent things are included in the
different sponsorships.
For registration and spon-
sorship information please
contact Registration Chairman,
Brian Tomasson at the L-H of-
fice (204) 284-5686 or 1-866-
564-2374, ore-mail lh@lh.-inc.
1920 Olympic champions honoured on 85th anniversary
Permanent exhibit unveiled
in MTS Centre, Winnipeg
A permanent exhibit
to honour the 1920 hockey
Olympic champions Winnipeg
Falcons will be unveiled in
the MTS Centre in Winnipeg,
Manitoba, at 2 p.m. on Sunday
April 17..
All but one of the Falcons'
players were of Icelandic de-
scent and they represented
Canada at the Olympic Games
in Antwerp, Belgium in 1920
where they captured the
world's first Olympic hockey
gold medal.
The Falcons Forever Ex-
hibit Campaign Committee
started working on the project
last fall and since then it has
been raising funds to cover the
cost of the exhibit.
The committee members
are Chairman Dan Johnson,
Don Lindal, Leif Olson, Brent
'Wall of honour' to be erected in Utah
The Icelandic Association
of Utah (IAU) is raising money
to make the property around the
Icelandic monument in Spanish
Fork, UT an outdoor museum
with a "wall of honour" before
the Sesquicentennial Celebra-
tion in June of this year.
According to the leaders
of the IAU, the project has to
be completed before June 1 so
it can be dedicated as a part of
the celebration June 23 - 26.
Therefore they have released
the following message:
"One hundred and fifty
years ago this year, pioneers
from Iceland began moving to
the Utah area, many of them
coming to Spanish Fork. They
came as many of the pioneers
did, without monetary means,
but with the desire to create a
better life for themselves and
their descendants. There were
16 original settlers, however,
410 eventually made the jour-
ney to Utah.
"In 1938 the Icelandic As-
sociátion of Utah, along with
Daughters of Utah Pioneers
placed a beautiful monument to
honor the first Icelandic setters
to North America. The current
monument honours those first
16 who came to Utah. As the
Icelandic Association of Utah,
we have felt the desire to hon-
our all of those who immigrated
to Utah by erecting a 'wall of
honour' to name each of those
who sacrificed so dearly.
"In addition to the 'wall
of honour' we would like to
update the grounds around the
Bonnie and David A. Ashby,
leaders in the IAU, before the
Icelandic monument in Span-
ish Fork, UT.
monument by providing wheel-
chair access, new landscaping
and benches, so that the monu-
ment will become an inviting
place to visit and remember.
"The focal point will re-
main the existing lighthouse
monument. A second raonu-
ment to honour all that came
to Utah from Iceland between
1855 and 1914 will be locat-
ed directly to the north of the
"It is necessary to raise
funds to complete this project
and the time is critical if we
are to complete this project for
our Sesquicentennial Celebra-
tion in June of this year. Any-
one wishing to donate can do
so by sending a cheque to the
Icelandic Association of Utah.
The Association is a non-profit
organization and donations are
To donate or for more in-
formation, contact the Icelan-
dic Association of Utah, Inc,
P.O. Box 874, Spanish Fork,
UT, 84660.
Please send Donations to:
Betel Home Foundation
Box io
96 lst Avenue
Gimli, MB   ROC ÍBO
Do you want to see it preserved for your
children and grandchildren?
Are you a member ofyour local lcelandic club?
Don'i know where they are orwho to contact?
Check out our website at www.iniofna.org
or for more information, contact Rosa in our INL offíce.
Telephone: (204) 642-5897 email: inl@mts.net
Ifyou don't have a club in your area
but are interested in forming one, please call the INL office.
The Falcons won the first Olympic gold medal in hockey.
Stefanson, Tom Goodman,
Irvin Olafson, Shirley Mc-
Creedy, Kathy Mikkelsen,
Brian Johannesson, David
Square, John Pawlyk, Ian
Rentz and Rock Brownlee.
They are still accepting dona-
tions and for further imforma-
tion, contact Brent Stefanson
(bstefanson@slca.ca) c/o Ste-
fanson & Lee, Chartered Ac-
countants, 200B Polo Park,
1485 Portage Avenue, Winni-
peg, MB.
Sigurdsson Chapter IODE
The following Scholarships are offered for Manitoba students:
(1)   Johanna Gudrun Skaptason Memorial Scholarship... $500.
For a student who has successfully completed Grade XII and who is
registered in a first year programme at a Manitoba University.
(2)   Members Memorial Scholarship.................. $500.
For a student beyond 1st year and registered in a Degree programme
or enrolled in Post-Graduate work.
(3)   Hildur Guttormson Memorial Scholarship.........$1000.
For a female adult, resuming studies, with the objective of obtaining
post secondary certification or a degree.
(4)   IODE Music Memorial Scholarship................$300.
For a student who has obtained a high standing, vocal or instrumental,
(Grade VIII or above) in Canada Conservatory or Royal Conservatory
of Toronto examinations.
(5)   Snjolaug Gillis Memorial Scholarship..............$300.
For a student registered in a Nursing programme.
(6)   Gyda Naylor Memorial Scholarship...............$300.
For a student with at least one year in the Faculty of Human
Ecology — preferably in Family Studies.
(7)   The E. I. Benjaminson Memorial Scholarship........$300.
For a worthy Medical student, preferably specializing in Geriatrics.
(8)   Kristin Stephensen Music Scholarship.............$300.
For a student studying music, vocal or instrumental, (with Grade VIII
or higher standing) Royal Conservatory of Toronto or School of Music,
University of Manitoba.
(9)  Eugene Clyde Memorial Scholarship...............$300.
For a student who is enrolled in a University course of study leading
to a Bachelor óf Education.
(10) Ken Howard Scholarship........................$300.
In appreciation of the dedication of the Jon Sigurdsson IODE in
supporting students in their quest of advanced education. For a
U. of M. Faculty of Arts student.
(11) Anna SkaptasonMemorial Scholarship.............$400.
For a student enrolled in the U. of M. in the Integrated Bachelor of
Music/Bachelor of Education programme.
Candidates vviil be selecled on the basis of academic exceilence,
good citizenship and leadership potential
(Mention Icelandic ancestry, if any).
For further infonnation and an application form please write or phone:
TEL: (204) 222-1124
Applications must be received by October 5,2005
Visit us on the web at http://www.lh-inc.ca
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