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Reykjavķk Grapevine

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Reykjavķk Grapevine

						Outside Reykjavik  | Venue finder
Hafnargata 22
230 Reykjanesbær
Strandgata 34
220 Hafnarfjörður
The Icelandic Settlement Centre
Brákarbraut 13-15
310 Borgarnes
Vatnasafnið / Library of Water
Akureyri Art Museum
Kaupvangsstræti 12
600 Akureyri
461 2610
Populus Tremula
Kaupvangsstræti 12
600 Akureyri
Kunstraum Wohnraum
Ásabyggð 2
600 Akureyri
Austurvegur 42
710 Seyðisfjörður
LÁ Art
Austurmörk 21
210 Hveragerði
Vesturgata 3B  |  101 Reykjavík
Tel: 551 2344  |  www.tapas.is
Taste the 
     best of 
 Iceland ...
Gourmet Fiest
Starts with a shot of the infamous
Icelandic spirit Brennívín
Smoked puffin with blueberry 
?brennivín? sauce
Icelandic sea-trout with peppers-salsa
Lobster tails baked in garlic
Pan-fried monkfish with lobster sauce 
Grilled Icelandic lamb Samfaina
Minke Whale with cranberry-sauce
Chocolate cake with berry compoté 
and whipped cream
Our kitchen is open
to    23:30 on weekdays
and 01:00 on weekends
Call: +354 511 2600 ? Mail: bustravel@bustravel.is ? www.bustravel.is
Daily departures: 08:30
Duration: 8 hours.
Price: 8.000 ISK
Professional Guidance.
Please book in Advance
Price: 5.000 ISK
Includes Blue Lagoon 
Explore the unique volcanic 
and arctic nature of Iceland
More Iceland For Less Money
 This exhibition showcases contempo-
rary artists that tackle similar issues 
as Ásmundur did in his time, but in a 
context of a new age. 
The Culture House
 Permanent Exhibition:
 Medieval Manuscripts
 March 28- January 10 2010
 This exhibition traces for the first time 
the development of Icelandic filmmak-
ing from its origins around 1904 to the 
year 2008.
 September 16  - December 1
 Postal History and Transport
 September 25 - November 25
 Goðar Íslands and Múmíumúsin
 Sigurður Gunnarsson and Kristín Elva 
Rögnvaldsdóttir exhibit their works.
 October 12 - November 31
 Flora Islandica
 The Culture House exhibits the book 
Flora Islandica, containing 271 draw-
ings by Eggert Pétursson.
The Library Room
 Current exhibitions:
 August 12 - ongoing
 National Archives of Iceland - 90 
years in the museum building. 
 Commemorating the 100th anniversary 
of the Culture House.
 Sheepskin, Saffian and Shirting
 Exhibiting the tools and equipment 
used in book binding.
 Exhibition Series: 
Paintings by Hulda Viljálmsdóttir.
The Einar Jónsson Museum 
 Permanent exhibition: The work of 
sculptor Einar Jónsson..
Gallery Ágúst
 October 24 - December 12
 Photos from Iceland 1930-1945
 In this exhibition Unnar Örn has 
worked with a collection of photo-
graphs taken by the late Sigurdur 
Guttormsson between 1930-1945. The 
photographs are a rare insight into 
living conditions and architectural 
history of Iceland in the years around 
Gallerí Tukt
 October 31 - November 16
 Crude Visions
 Exhibit featuring the works of Óskar 
Bragi Stefánsson.
Gerðuberg Cultural Centre
 October 17-January 3
 Where Pleasure Lives 
 Exhibition on Halla Einarsdóttir?s life 
and poetry.
 October 31-January 3
 Art Exhibition 
 Art in the life and fiction of Kristín 
Marja Baldursdóttir.
 October 31 - January 3
 The world of Karitas
 Exhibition based on the books by 
Kristín Marja Baldursdóttir about the 
artist Karitas.
Gljúfrasteinn Laxness Museum
 Gljúfrasteinn was the home and 
workplace of Halldór Laxness (winner 
of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 
1955) and his family for more than half 
a century. It has now been opened to 
the public as a museum, unchanged 
from when Laxness lived there.
Living Art Museum
 The museum is closed for restoration 
and will open on a new location in 
January 2010. 
National Gallery of Iceland
 October 30 - January 3
 Svavar Guðnason
 The exhibition is a retrospective of 
the works of Svavar Guðnason, one 
of Iceland?s most prominent painters 
through his close connection with 
Danish abstract art between 1936 and 
The National Museum
Permanent exhibition:
 The Making of a Nation
 Heritage and History in Iceland is 
intended to provide insight into the 
history of the Icelandic nation from the 
Settlement to the present day.
 January 31 - November 30. 
 Archaeological excavations at many 
locations around Iceland have been 
funded by Kristnihátíðarsjóður (the 
Millennium Fund). Finds from some of 
these excavations are on display in an 
exhibition suitable for the whole family.
The Numismatic Museum
 Permanent exhibition:
 The Central Bank of Iceland and the 
National Museum of Iceland jointly 
operate a numismatic collection con-
sisting of Icelandic notes and coins. 
Ráðhús Reykjavíkur
 Dulin Himintungl
 Kim Linnet exhibits her 360° panorama 
photos of Iceland.
Reykjavík 871 +/- 2 
 Permanent exhibition:
 The Settlement Exhibition
Reykjavík Art Museum 
 September 17 - January 3 2010
 The Crated Rooms in Iceland
 A new installation by world-renowned 
artist Yoshitomo Nara in collaboration 
with Hideki Toyoshima. The room-
sized installation, which consists of 
shipping crates and billboards, places 
Nara?s iconic images in a new and 
unexpected context.
 29 October 2009 ? 3 January 2010
 Egill Sæbjörnsson ? Spirit of Place 
and Narrative
 The narrative side of Egill Sæbjörns-
son?s work comes to the fore in this 
exhibition which displays works featur-
ing dialogue between characters or 
objects that convey unfolding events 
or time.
 29 October 2009 ? 3 January 2010
 D14 Ryan Parteka 
 In D14, Ryan Parteka intends to 
capture the metaphysical dimension 
characteristic of the German land-
scape painter Casper David Friedrich?s 
Reykjavík Art Museum 
 September 12 - November 8
 The exhibition explores the role of 
visual illusion in Icelandic art from 
the middle of the 1960s until today. 
Included are paintings and sculptures 
by the artists Eybor Guðmundsdóttir, 
Hreinn Friðfinnsson, Ólafur Elíasson, 
JBK Ransu and others. The way artists 
use colors, lights and shapes in a 
variety of media to create a feeling of 
disorientation is examined. Curated by 
Helgi Már Kristinsson
 September 12 - November 8
 Blinkworks is an educational, family-
oriented workshop in the North Gal-
lery in conjunction with the exhibition 
Blink. Guests are invited to try their 
hand at enjoyable projects related to 
op-art, optical illusion, and science.
Reykjavík Maritime Museum
 Current Exhibitions: 
 Living Museum by the Sea; Arterial 
for Country and City; From Poverty to 
Abundance; The Shark ? Light and Life 
Energy; Hidden Craftsman.
The Reykjavík Museum of Photog-
  September 26 - January 17 2010
 André Kertész - Ma France
 Exhibit of André Kertész?s photographs 
of France. 
 October 22 - December 15
 Exhibit featuring the results of French 
photographer Grégory Gerault?s many 
visits to Iceland.
Boutique STEiNUNN
 November 5 - November 30
 Snow Queen
 Exhibit featuring Özden Dóra?s head-
pieces. The collection is mainly in-
spired by Icelandic winter landscapes.
Tónlistarsafn Íslands
 November 3 - November 17
 Guitar Exhibition
 Icelandic jazz, rock and blues guitars 
on exhibit.

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