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Daily Post

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Daily Post

Thuesday, August 13th. 1940
Price: 10 aurar.
61 planes shot down near Britain ysterday -
7 this morning.
London today. United Press.
For the third time in five days the
total oí German planes shot down has
reached 60. Yesterday, according to a
communique from the Air Ministry,
61 German planes were shot down.
Thirteen British fighters were shot
down. Seven of the German planes
brought   down   yesterday   were   shot

down by anti aircraft force, but the
piiots of three of them are safe.
It is estimated that 500 German planea
took part in the air raid on Portsmouth
and the Thames estuary.
The London morning papers have almost
unanimously proclaimed that the intensity
of the rauds yesterday indicate that the
„battle of Britain" is on.
The headline in Daily
Mail is „The Blitzkrieg is
on." Also: This appears to
be the beginning of a big
battle between the two air
forces that may decide
who wins the war. In an
editorial in the News
Chronicle it is stated that
„we must expect that the
assaults will become more
intense and more wide-
Daily Express says:
In the futur every man
and woman in these is-
lands is taking part in
the fight. However far you
live from the English
Channel the battle is at
your doorstep.
According    to    Agency
reports this morning a big
battle is being fought over
the south-east coast. Seven
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