Lögberg-Heimskringla - 29.10.1970, Blaðsíða 5

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 29.10.1970, Blaðsíða 5
Mr. Peterson has the story teller's gift but in his active days he never wrote anything for publication. It is remark- able that he should in retire- ment be able to produce a work that far surpasses the usual run of local histories. The opening chapter is an evocative recall of the beau- ties of the ancestral home at Mývatn. The account of the journey of the Peterson fam- ily from the Argyle settle- ment to the Narrows abounds in vivid descriptions of places and events and the chapter on the horse "George" has the flavour of legend. All thanks to Mr. Peterson for this labour of love dedic- ated to his old neighbors and fellow pioneers at the Nar- rows. Few of our settlements have received a finer tribute and few have been more de- serving of it. Heimir Thorgrimson. LÖGBERG-HEIMSKRINGLA, FIMMTUDAGINN 29. OKTÓBER 1970 The Narrows Settlement Names Of Settlers 1. Helgi Einarson 2. William Sifton, West of Lake 3. Hallur Hallson 4. Paul Kernested 5. Eggertsson — later the Peterson place 6. Lundal — later the Gislason place 7. Bjarni Helgason 8. The Peterson's first home, later the K. Peterson place 9. The bay in which Simundur's ox and Eyford's dog drowned. 10. Jörundur Eyford 11. Sigurdur Johnson 12. Jón Matthews 13. Simundur Borgfjord 14. J. K. Jonasson 15. Gudmundur Isberg 16. The Sveistrub place A. Maloan's Quarry B. Jón Sigurdson C. Bjarni Kristjansson D. Place where Gestur Bjornson drowned. E. Sigurdur Sigfusson F. Olafur Thorlacius G. Jón Austman H. Björn Jonasson I. Joel Gislason SPAKMÆLI — Ummæli mín við alla, sem byggja, eru þessi, að eig- andinn ætti að vera prýði hússins, en ekki húsið prýði eigandans. — Cicero. UtíH- CF EKíKSD^Lf A map of Ihe Narrows district marked to show the location of many of the homesteads oí the early settlers men- lioned in Geirf innur Peterson's "History of the Icelandic Settlements at The Narrows, Manitoba", in Logberg-Heims- kringla during the period January 16, 1969 to January 15, 1970. For various reasons it was not possible to include the map with the early instalmenls but even at this late date it will assist those who have kept the whole series of articles. More important, it may be that this work will be reproduced in permanent form and then the map will be of con- siderable interest. Places south of The Narrows are identified by numbers and those north of The Narrows by capital letters. The word "Homestead" is used in the sense of "home", rather than in the restricted sense used in the various Homestead Acts. H. Th. Blessuð sértu sveitin mín, sumar, vetur, ár og daga, Engin, fjöllin, áin þín, yndislega sveitin mín, Blessuð sértu syeitin mín heilla mig og heim til sín huga minn úr fjarlægð draga. Blessuð sértu sveitin mín, sumar, vetur, ár og daga.



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