Lögberg-Heimskringla - 01.06.1979, Blaðsíða 7

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 01.06.1979, Blaðsíða 7
Lögberg-Heiniskringia, föstudagur 1. júní, 1979 + HELEN McLEOD LLOYD + Helen McLeod Lloyd, aged 86, passed away on March 24, 1979 at the Mayfair Nur- sing Home in Calgary, Al- berta. Helen Sveinbjornsson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1892, the daughter of Sveinbjorn Sveinbjornsson and Eleanor Christie. Her father, an Icelander, was a long time resident and teach cr in Edinburgh, as well as a well-known composer who, among other works, compos- ed the magnificent music to the Icelandic National Ant- hem. Her mother was Scot- tish. ¦ Helen was educated at two private schools, Strathearn Coilege and Craigmount, after which she entered the College of Fine Art in Edin- burgh and in 1915 received her Diploma in Design. After her graduation, she taught art in a private scho- ol in Edinburgh. Then, for one year she taught art at the Academy in Forfar, Scot land, where she also super- vised the art instruction in four public schools. From there she went to Kilwinn- ing near the west coast, where she held the position of art teacher in the High School. In 1919, her parents, her brother and she, moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Upon her arrival here, she taught art in the Earl Gray Junior High School in Winnipeg, as well as evening classes at the Kelvin High School. In 1921, Helen married Ralph E. A. Lloyd, and the couple lived on a farm a short distance south-west of Calgary, Alberta. Four childr en were born to them: Benja min Bertie Sveinbjórn, who died in infancy; Francis Charles Sveinbjorn; Eleanor June (Mrs. Oltean) of Pense MESSUBOÐ Fyrsto Lúterska kirkja JOHN V ARVIDSON PASTOR Sundoy School 9,45 Serviees Sundoy 9.45 and ll.< Saskatchewan; and Jon Edr- id Shenstone Maclean of Spokane, Washington. There are five grandchildren and tewo great-grandchildren. Her father died in 1927 and her husband died in 1943. In 1948, she moved to Calgary with her mother, her broth- er Dr. Thordur Swinburne and a young granddaughter Kathy. Her deep-rooted creative urge, a gift from her parents was never denied, and found expression in her numerous flower paintings and poems. She had an abiding interest in the classical literature of Iceland, in particular the Eddas and Sagas, as well as in Iceland itself. A visit to Iceland was therefore a long cherished dream of hers, one that was realized in 1970 when she made the trip with her daughter Eleanor. Evidence of her Icelandic heritage was found on a small piece of paper, found with her belongings in thc hospital. The following words had been written: "1 face eternity with a feeling of deep gratitude to Iceland in my heart." Her daughter writes, "Thro- ughout her life, my moth- er continued to cultivate her interests in art and in poetry She never failed to observe beauty in all which sur- rounded her; the little prair- ie flowers, the trees and the grasses, many of which she depicted in delicate water colors or described with great sensitivity in her po- etry." Poems by Mrs. Lloyd have appeared in many publicat- ions, some of them under the name Helen Swinburne. A book of poems, entitled "Cloth of Gold and Other Poems" published in 1973, was, however, issued under her maiden name Helen Sveinbjornsson, with a fore- word by Dr. Richard Beck. Two of the poems from that book were read at her fun- eral service. One of them, "Alberta Crocus" is reprint- ed here: Lead me by the hand, dear Memory, And open up the gateway to the hills Where once 1 dwelt, and where the wind blows free Across the rolling land. And may it be In early spring, dear Memory, that we Sojourn together; when birdsong lightly fills The air with hope above the withered grass Of last year's growing. And the earth awakens in her purple glory When crocuses are blowing. Let me kneel to touch one as we pass, To gently smooth its silver down and look Into its golden eye, and muse... Frail as these blossoms are, yet they forsook The cradling mold To weather the chill wind... and herald spring. BUSINESS ÁND PROFESSIONÁL CARDS Þjóðræknisfelag íslendinga í Vesturheimi FORSETI: STEFAN J. STEFANSON ,37 Macklin Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba R2V 2M4 Slyrkið félagið og deildir þess, með því að gerasl meðlimir. Árssiald:* EINSTAKLINGAR $3.00 — HJÓN $5.00 Sendið ársgjöld til gjaldkera ykkar eigin deilda, eða til Lilja Arnason, 1057 Dominion St., Winnipeg, Manitoba RICHÁRDSON ÁND COMPANY BARRISTERS AND ATTORNEYS AT LAW 274 Garry Streei, Winnipég/, Man. R3C 1H5 — Phone 957-1670 Mr. S. 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