Lögberg-Heimskringla - 15.10.1982, Blaðsíða 8

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 15.10.1982, Blaðsíða 8
8-WINNIPEG, FÖSTUDAGUR 15. OKTÓBER 1982 CHEERUP, "OLDGEEZER"! Life begins at forty. Happy Birthday, Skip q o O O O © O O Q; O * QUALITY PRODUCE * * TABLERITE MEATS * FHEEZER BEEF AVAILABLE For Friendly Service Shop at GIMLI IGA FOODLINER 14 Centre St. — Gimli , WE DELIVER PHONE 642-5995 ^ o © © © © © o ^ Jósef Jónsson (Harmagrátur) Born in northern Iceland, Jósef emigrated to the U.S. around 1890. Lived in Pembina, North Dakota, all his life and was put to rest there. IFanyone knows the year of his death, please contact his grand- daughter, who would like to mark his grave in Pembina. Please write: Mrs. Lilja Dewar 200 Toronto Avenue Selkirk, Manitoba RIA 0N2 or phone collect (1-204) 482-4094 Comphments of GIMLI TOM-BOY STORE VALUE CHECKED MEATS AND FRESH PRODUCE CENTRE STREET GIMLI, MAN. Annual Business Meeting Sunday, October 24, 1982 at 2 p.m. HARDING BOAT HOUSE Lake Merced, SF Entrance is 'Vz mile south of Sloat Blvd. on Skyline Highway (Hwy. 35) Snjolaug Sigurdson Memorial Scholarship Shirley Elias, 21, of 702 Campbell St., Winnipeg, was the winner of the second^ annual Snjolaug Sigurdson Memorial Scholarship. She was one of the finalists chosen to play for the scholarship at the Eva Clare Hall, University of Manitoba on September 12. The judges were Dr. Ronald Gibson and Mrs. Ada Brons- tein. The scholarship set up in Snjolaug Sigurdson's memory by her family, friends and students is valued at $1000.00 and open to all Manitoba pianists between the ages of 18 and 25. Miss Elias is presently enrolled in the 4th year program at the School pf Music, University of Manitoba where she studies with Mark Jablon- ski. Miss Elias is the winner of the 1982 Young Artists Series and is cur- rently touring Western Canada. The scholarship is administered by the Winnipeg Foundation, 800-305 Broadway, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Phone 944-7165. JOIN ICELANDIC CANADIAN FRÓN Sciul mcmbcrs'hip fc-c of $5.00 singlc or $10.00 family to Posl Officc Box No.,I 1871 Portagc Avcnuc VVinnipc'g, Man. R3J 0110 Looking f or relatives Ann Bjarnason, daughter df Tuey and Bogga Bjarnason of Vancouver, formerly of Sask. Anyone knowing the where- abouts of Ann Bjarnason or her sisters or brothers please contact: Mrs. Lilja Dewar 200 Toronto Avenue Selkirk, Manitoba RIA 0N2 (1-204) 482-4094 BALDWINSON'S HANDI MART "NJÁLSBÚD" Corner of No. 9 Hwy. & Airport Rd., Gimli, Man. PHONE 642-5330 OPEN EVERY DAY SUMMERHRS.9:00a.m.-11 p.m. ^WINTER HRS. 9:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m — GROCERIES — PARTY ICE — MINNOWS "SKYR" HOSTS — NEIL& MERILYN BALDWINSON FRIENDLY VIKING HOSPITALITY Compliments of... TIP TOP PAYFAIR Famous for our Steaks, Bacon and lcelandic Foods MEATS — VEGETABLES — GROCERIES J. T. Arnason & Sons, Brian and Ken Phone 642-5418 GIMLI, MAN. pene Electnic Co. 460 Scotia Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2V 1X8 Residential & Commercial New Wiring, Repairs & Maintenance Free Estimates LARRY LIEBRECHT Phone 339-3941 JOHN WDOWIAK Þjóðræknisfélag íslendinga í Vesturheimi FORSETI: JOHANN S. SIGURDSON Lundar, Manitoba ICELANDIC NATIONAL LEAGUE Support the League and its Chapters by joining: MEMBERSHIP: Individuals $3.00 Families $5.00 Mail your check to your local Chapter or Lilja Arnason, 1057 Dominion St., Winnipeg, Man. R3E 2P3



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