Lögberg-Heimskringla - 15.07.1988, Blaðsíða 7

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 15.07.1988, Blaðsíða 7
LÖGBERG CENTENNIAL YEAR, FÖSTUDAGUR 15. JÚLÍ 1988-7 Churchbridge settlement During January 1898 eight families from the Logberg settlement joined the Thingvalla congregation and four from the Thingvalla area. Four left the community. There were 30 fami- lies remaining in the congregation for a total of 162 members. At this time all church services and concerts were held in the communi- ty hall. As time went on the Logberg District residents felt it difficult to at- tend concerts having to travel 12 to 15 miles. They suggested the hall be moved closer to them, but the settlers in the district to the south were against this. The end result was that a church would be built in the Log- berg district. The congregation sup- plied some money for the project. The Logberg district residents raised money and supplied all the labor. The church was built during the years 1902-4. The farmers to the southwest be- came dissatisfied and left the Thing- valla congregation during the winter of 1901. In October of the same year Rev. Jon J. Clemens came and remained until in November. He held services and performed other ministerial duties. He held a meeting with those who left the congregation and the de- cision arrived at was to form their Celebrity musicians Name: Christopher Marvin Siger- son, (original spelling of surname — Sigurgeirson). Born: January 17, 1963, Vancouver, B.C. Parents: Rus- sell Sigerson, formerly of Hecla, Manitoba; Dorothy Ingves, Vancou- ver, B.C. Chris began playing the piano on a professional basis during his last two years of high school. After gradu- ation he attended Vancouver Com- munity College from 1981 to 1983, majoring in music. Subsequently he played profession- ally as the pianist in a trio that accom- panied the Vancouver College jazz choir. During the lat fouryears Chris has tried oncejpjr twicg tp„,start a career in areas unrelated to music but has always been drawn irresistably back to his first love — music. He is now involved on a full time basis in teaching music, playing professionally at hotels, clubs and cruise ships, as well as the or- ganist/pianist for the Unity Church in Vancouver. Name: Joanna Leslie Grayston- Sigerson. Born: July 28, 1967, Van- couver, B.C. Parents: Edward (Joe) Grayston, formerly of Wainwright, Alberta; Sylvia (Lynn) Libby, Van- couver, B.C. Joanna completed high school in Vancouver in 1985. For the next two years she attended Vancouver Com- munity College, entering the music department and majoring in classical guitar. She performed publically as a guitarist, both as a partner in duets and as a member in a trio. As well, Joanna has for the past four years been^ipvolved as a mem- ber of the studenj: radio society of the University of British Columbia, sta- tion CITR. For the last two years she has act- ed as the D.J. for her own show, broadcasting a one and one-half hour music show on a weekly basis. Joan- na is currently working on music related projects in the Vancouver area. Christopher Marvin Sigerson Joanna Leslie Grayston-Sigerson BAKDAL FGNERAL HOME AND CREMATORICIM ^ftrfe w innipeg's original Bardal Funeral Home has been serving the city's needs since 1894. CALL 774-7474 24 Hours a Day 843 Sherbrook Street own congregation and it was named, Konkordia congregation. They built a church in 1904. The dedication of his and the Log- berg District church was carried out on the same day. Rev. Hjortur J. Leo was installed as minister to these two congregations at the same time. The president of the church association Rev. Björn B. Jonsson carried out the dedication ceremonies. At a meeting of the Logberg congre- gation on Jan. 12 1910, Rev. Hjortur Leo expressed dissatisfaction with the arrangement that church services were being held in the church hall in the Thingvalla district, where dances and banquets were being held. It was agreed at the meeting to sell the main part of the hall and to have the smaller section for church serv- ices only. At a subsequent meeting the hall was sold to the Good Tem- plars for $ 150. It was decided to build a new church beside thé graveyard in the southeast part of the district. The church was completed in 1911 and dedicated the same summer bearing the same name as the congre- gation. The end result was that the Thing- valla congregation owned two churches. In Jan. 1914 it was agreed to divide the congregation. The Log- berg district church was tó go on its own and take possession of the church building in their area, and would be known as the Logberg con- gregation. The southeast part of the area would retain the Thingvalla church and the congregation would bear the same name'.' "Au pair needed in Reykjavík" For Canadian/Icelandic boys ages 3'Æ and 1 years old from August/88 or as soon as possible. 5 days per week, weekends free — duties include light housework such as pickup after the children and assisting in preparing dinner. The 3'/2-year-old is in playschool each morning for four hours as well as goes to a super- vised playground in the afternoon for one hour or more — which is nearby. Mother is Canadian — works as a Physiotherapist, work hours 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Husband is Icelandic — works as a carpenter. The wage is $285 per month, plus board and room, plus half the airfare to Iceland and half the return airfare to Canada on a one year commitment. We will be visiting Canada until July 20 in the Hamilton, Ontario area. Persons interest- ed and responsible. Please phone collect to Sandra or Sæli l-41o-545-0140 during this time. or write Mr. & Mrs. S. Remigis Safamyri 34 - 108 Reykjavík, Iceland. _________________________________________________ Islendingadagurinn Celebrity Concert Thé Council for the Performing Arts of the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba presents Joanna Grayston-Sigerson, Classical Guitarist Chris Sigerson, Pianist (Jazz & Popular) Sheldon Johnson, Vocalist Accompanied by Stewart Thomson Saturday, July 30, 1988 Gimli Composite High School, Highway 9, Rush Seating Admission $6, Children under 12, $2.50 There will be a coffee reception following the program. Tickets may be obtained at Viking Pharmacy and the Tergesen Store in Gimli, Arborg Phar- macy and the Riverton Co-Op.



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