Lögberg-Heimskringla - 07.05.1999, Blaðsíða 5

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 07.05.1999, Blaðsíða 5
Lögberg-Heimskringla • Föstudagur 7 maí 1999 • 5 The Icelanders of Kinmount Don Gislason TORONTO, ON On February 6, 1998 the Lögberg- Heimskringla featured an article about the "Kinmount Memorial Project," to honour a large group of Icelanders who settled in Ontario in 1874. Further adventures of these immigrants will appear in subsequent issues of the paper. Their passage was on the S.S. St. Patrick. What happened to those immigrants reads like a series of unusual mishaps and government blundering. They siruggled their way from hard times in Iceland 4o sickness, unemployment, and othér disas- ters in Ontario. And then, after á bitterfy cold winter (1875) in Manitoba, tliey suf- fered through a terrible smallpox epidemic. These people were the bulk ofthe 1875 founders of New Iceland on the shöres óf Lake Winnipeg. In spite of iheir personal trials in Canada, they enduréd. Their descendants can also be found scáttereet across ihe United States and worldwide. Therefore, the Icelandic Naúonal League has decided to erect a memorial cairn in Kinmount to commemorate this ill- fated attempt to settle in North America, an event which became the springboard for Nýja ísland. Dedication of the memorial will be in the year 2000—one hundred and twenty-five years after thefact. It will com- prise one part ofthe INL's millennium pro- gram. Contribútions to this memorial fund should be sent to: John Gilmore, Treasurer (ICCT), 31 Wild Cherry Lane, Thornhitl, ON, Canada, L3T3T3. Ph. (905)889-9937. Cheques are payable to: The Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto and earmarked as "Kinmount Memorial Project." FOR THOSE THAT HAD LOST the most, the immediate future in Canada may have looked rather bleak. Even so, if they had remained and not joined the flood of migrants to the West, they would have prospered Ín Ontario. Indeed... "...had they stayed, in afew shortyears they would have seen the local econotny boom as the railway brought new eco- nomic vitality. Maybe the Kinmount of today would have been graced with such surnames as Jonasson, Gistason, Thorlaksson and Bjarnason." (Guy Scott) In hindsight, one wonders who the founders of New Iceland wöutd have been, had the St. Patrick passengers arrived earlier in the year and settled on suitable farms in Ontario. Certainly, there might have been a continued Icelandic immigrant presence in the province from the start. At no point did the Ontario govern- ment or the Victoria Railway Company admit to mismanagement of Icelandic immigration and employment. It was largely through Jonasson's agitations that officials dealt with their plight, and then only after irreversible harm had taken place. After all, they were few in number, hidden away on a river terrace on the fringe of fhe Shield. It was impossible for Canadian authorities to remain ignorant of the human tragedy being played out at Kinmount. Indeed, it may have been a twinge of federal conscience which encouraged Lord Dufferin to lend his support for an Icelandic colony |n Keewatin. Despite his youth and demanding role as intermediary, Sigtryggur Jonasson took up his challenge with remarkable intelligence, organization, insight and sophistication. He honed his skills dealing with government, railway authorities, and construction bosses. He kept a store in Hayford, wrote a mound of letters to the Department of Irnmigration in Toronto and did his fair share of journalism in both English and Icelandic. The skills the Icelanders learned working on the railway, clear- ing the forests, blasting rock and hack- ing out farm lots in the bush would be invaluable for thefuture. Jjaihe end, the ill-fated 1874-75 Kinmount experiment in immigration and railway construc- tion became Ontario's loss ánd Marritoba's gain. Epilogue During their stay in Kinmount, friendships developed between the irornigrants and locals. After fhey were settled in the West letters began to arrive outlining their progress. In January, 1876 The Canadian Post car- ried an article about how they had fared since leaving. Things were going fairly well. However, unbeknownst to thera, a virulent smallpox epidemic was yet to sweep through the new colony, once again challenging their future in Canada. "Accoimts have been received here from the Icelatuiers in Manitoba who left here last fall They say they are comfortable in their new home, and well satisfied with their treatment by the Government. They experienced some difficulty in ohtaining provisions atfirst, but that no doubt was due to the late- ness ofthe season and the long dístance from settlement..." (Jan. 28, 1876) Sources Arngrímsson, Guðjón. Nýja ísland. Mál og Menning, Reykjavik 1997. Barbier, Louis B. 740 Years at First Lutheran. foronto 1991. Cummings, H.R. Early Days" in Haliburton. Ontario Department of Lands and Forests, Ryerson Press, Toronto 1936. 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The Trip to North America, Jon Rognvaldsson (Hillman) - 1874, Archíves of Ontario, Toronto, Icelandic Immigration, Pamph. Collection 1977 No. 116, (trans. Valdirnar Eylands). Unpublished Sources Einarson, John. Correspondence with the author. Broad Run, VA 1998 Gislason, Donald. S.S. St. Patrick Passenger List, September 1874, Toronto 1998. Hillman, Lyle. Correspondence with the author. Brainerd, MN 1998. Kristjanson, Hannes & Elsie. Correspondence with the author. Grand Forks, ND 1997. Rögvaldsson. Jón. Æfisaga Rögnvaldar Jónssonar, undated original manu- script. Property of June Hillman Parker, Edmonton, AB. Scott, Guy. Family memoirs. Kinmount 1998. Lögberg-Heimskringla will begin pub- lishing the passenger list of the S.S. St. Patrick in the following issue



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