Lögberg-Heimskringla - 22.06.2001, Blaðsíða 4

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 22.06.2001, Blaðsíða 4
4 • Lögberg-Heimskringla * Friday 22 June 2001 m?@®F m m © M@tftfo /&m<§úm\R\ The purpose of this column is to encourage and enable people of Icelandic descent throughout North America to exchange information about their careers, in a "this is what I do" format. Contributors will be invited to provide photos. This column recognizes people of Icelandic descent who have made or are now making significant contribution to the Icelandic/North American community. Please let us know if there is someone spe- cial you know who should befeatured. Send us bio notes and a phqto. Ifyou don't have bio notes available, let us know and we'll arrange an interview. Mark Myrowich fights water erosion IHAVE ALWAYS WANTED to run my own business since a very young age but I did not know when I was young that I wguld be in this particular business," say's Mark Myrowich. His business is fighting soil erosion caused by rain. Mark owns two companies—Mid Canada Hydroseeding, a Winnipeg company which he has operated since 1995, and ErosionControlBlanket.com, which he established in Riverton last November. Mark explained that when it rains kinetic energy is produced, dislodging dirt particles and breaking them up, making them easy for water to carry away the soil. Under normal condi- tions, the kinetic energy 'is absorbed by vegetation. At construction sites the land is disturbed, making it prone to water erosion. Mark's hydroseeding operation supplies various services to these sites, usually at the end of a proj- ect, to protect the soil. After seeding with grass, he spreads a wood fibre mulch with organic glue and fertilizer over the seed. This slows down the ero- sion, as the rain hits the wood fibre, rather than the dirt, giving the grass a chance to grow. He also installs sedi- ment control devices in places where erosion has already occurred. These devices, such as the erosion control blanket, silt fence, and permeable panel, slow the water down. One day when he was laying down an erosion control blanket, wheat straw sandwiched between two nets, made in California, beside a field in which a farmer was burning straw, he won- dered, why? Why was he buying a product from the United States, while Canadian farmers were burning it? Another time he was laying down coconut fibre, which is stronger than Come to the Nordic House of Canada to EnjoyaFavourably Priced Frioay Smorg! either lunch or evening! ÍJ n t" The Cultural home of f~ the Winnipeg Frón ^víf^TnbcrsJiiD ín t$\& óut) is not t^xrútqú Winnipee, MB Tel: (204) 774-8047 Mark Myrowich (left) with blanket foreman Russell Griffin at ajob site near Thompson, MB. Photo courtesy ofMark Myrowich wheat, and is used in areas where ero- sion is more invasive. Beside the ditch he was working on was an industrial hemp field. Once again he asked why? Why import coconut fibre from India and Sri Lanka to the United States, manufacture the blanket there and then import it to Canada? Why not use another tough fibre, as tough as coconut? A fibre that cannot be grown in the United States? All this observa- tion and thinking resulted in Mark founding ErosionControlBlanket.com, which manufactures erosion control blankets from wheat straw and/or industrial hemp fibre. He set his opera- tion up in his home town of Riverton, where he has a good supply of straw, and contracts a hemp farmer to grow what he requires. The old boat works building was available to set up in. He employs thirteen staíf there, contribut- ing substantially to the economy of the town. He sells his products to distribu- tors and contractors in the Midwest of the United States, and all over Canada. He believes he is the only business in Manitoba using hemp fibre. His interest in erosion control began in- an odd way. While he was studying for his B.Com. (Hon.) at the University of Manitoba, he ran a College Pro Painters house painting franchisé so successfully that they wanted him to stay with one of their other companies after he graduated. He spoke to the Nutra Lawn person, and although he didn't end up working with them, the idea for hydroseeding came from them. He started out hydroseed- ing residential lawns. Mark grew up on a farm outside of Riverton with his mother, Carol Gudmundson (Myrowich), nee Bardarson, and his stepfather Roy Gudmundson. His father, Mike Myrowich, a farmer at Ledwin, died when he was seven. His maternal grandparents are Evelyn and Hernit Bardarson. He went all through school in Riverton, and continues a connection with his home town. It pleases him to bring industry to the Riverton area. And do you know what he likes about his business? He brings life to trillions of things—grass plants—each year, helps prevent erosion and therefore helps the environment. He also makes a good living at it! 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