Lögberg-Heimskringla - 19.11.2004, Blaðsíða 6

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 19.11.2004, Blaðsíða 6
6 • Lögberg-Heimskringla • Friday 19 November 2004 Ambassador Guðmundur Eiríksson visits Vatnabyggd, Saskatchewan Following Vatnabyggd tradition, Ambassador Eiriksson had the opportunity to help combine sóme canola. 'More than just a few ^Bj moments of harvest' Joan Eyolfson Cadham Vatnabyggd, SK "This is a relatively self- contained community with firm roots. It's not entirely a geographical eritity, but it is not an accident that it should have this continuity and cohe- sion. People had a choice. This is what they chose. Obviously, it was a wise choice. They have kept it going for 100 years," said Ambassador Gud- mundur Eiriksson, who visited Vatnabyggd during a break in a five-day diplomatic forum in Regina. He was escorted by Minnist Remember BETEL í ERFÐASKRÁM YÐAR Please send Donations to: BETEL HOME FOUNDATION Box ÍO 96 íst Avenue Gimli, MB ROC ÍBO Jón Örn Jónsson, the Consul of Iceland in Saskatchewan. The Vatnabyggd visit included the Icelandic memo- rial in Elfros, the Foam Lake Marsh and the site of the first Vatnabyggd Icelandic home, now part of the Paulson farm, and the local biodiesel plant. Following Vatnabyggd tradi- tion, Ambassador Eiriksson had the opportunity to help combine some canola. The tour began at the Brick Church in Wynyard, one of the main centres of Icelandic activity in Wynyard in the early days of settlement. Gunni Goodman provided the history and Lillian Thorlacius intro- duced the ambassador to the paintings of the late Loa John- son. The ambassador, son of a Lutheran pastor, said it was his first visit to a church that fea- tured non-religious art. The ambassador enjoyed the multicultural nature of the Vatnabyggd Club memorial to Icelandic pioneers, designed by Club members, and created by Dutch, Icelandic, Ukrain- ian, Irish and First Nations craftspeople from Saskatoon, Wynyard, Foam Lake, Wishart and Elfros. "One quarter of our popu- Iation left 130 years ago," he said. "They established a com- munity which is still vibrant. It is easy to be an Icelander in Canada, because of people like you who have set the standard for being Icelandic in Canada." Iceland has opened the first hydrogen fuel station to The ambassador's Vatnabyggd visit included the Icelandic memorial in Elfros. service private vehicles. Rob McGregor and Helgi Helgason gave the ambassador a tour of Milligan BioTech in Foam Lake, the first North American plant to make bio-diesel using canola as base stock. Ambassador Eiriksson said his trip around the field was much more than just a few moments of harvest. "It was more the idea and the compar- ison with the old days. It was not just that activity. It was understanding the pressures of modern farming, the market- ing, the choice of crops, the decisions to sell or to store. This, the harvest, is a luxury, just chopping it down and bringing it to the farm." E YOU PROUD OF YOUR ICELANDIC HERJTAGE? Do you want to see it preserved for your children andgrandchildren? Are you a member ofyour local lcelandic club? Don't know where they are or who to contact? Check out our website at www.inlofna.org or for more information, contact Rosa in our INL office. Telephone: (204) 642-5897 emall: inl@mts.net Ifyou don't have a club in your area but are interested in forming one, please call the INL offíce. WOULDN'T YOURAMMA ANDAFI BE PROUD? PHOTO COURTESY OF MARGARET AMIRAULT BC Scholarship winners announced The Icelandic Canadian Club of British Columbia (ICCBC) recently awarded six schol- arships. Above are Alexandra Ruth Taub, recipient of the Thordarson Memorial Schol- arship; Jessica (Jekka) Mack, recipient of the Warren Oddsson Memorial Scholarship; Brian Cairns (Chair, Scholarship Committee), Kristofer Jon Lindal, recipient of the Dr. B.T.H. Marteinsson Memorial Scholarship; and Kristín M. Jóhannsdóttir, recipient of the ICCBC Open Scholarship. Not pictured: Colleen Howard, recipient of the Anna B. Nash Memorial Scholarship and James Andrew Macauley, recipient of a ICCBC Scholarship. Visit us on the web at http://www.lh-inc.ca



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