Lögberg-Heimskringla - 03.06.2005, Blaðsíða 11

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 03.06.2005, Blaðsíða 11
Lögberg-Heimskringla • Föstudagur 3. júní 2005 »11 PHOTO: STEINPÓB GUÐBJAHTSSON From the dedication. Catherine Robertson, development officer for the NIHM, presents a plaque to Stefan J. Stefanson. The best birthday gift Steinþór Guðbjartsson Gimli, MB Recently the New Iceland Heritage Museum's gallery for temporary exhibits was dedi- cated to Stefan J. Stefanson in Gimli. "My children could not have made a better choice," he said about their gift honouring his 90th birthday. The dedication took place during the launching of the traveling exhibit, "Icelandic Fisheries: The Past Hundred Ýears." Stefan J. Stefanson re- called that he, his late wife Olla, Donny Bjornson, Jack Bjorn- son and Sveinbjorg Bjornson had, for 26 years, fought hard to maintain an Icelandic muse- um in Gimli. In 1973, the Gimli Development Corporation pur- chased the old B.C. Packers fish packing plant, and by 1974 it had been renovated to form a threefold museum, containing an Icelandic Room, a Ukrainian Room, and a Fishing Room. In 1994, the Icelandic Cul- tural Corporation turned the operation of the museum over to the Town of Gimli and now it has exhibits in three locations: Lake Winnipeg Visitor Centre, Gimli Public School 1915 and the Waterfront Centre. In his thank-you speech, Stefan compared the gallery space to the odd-sized rooms and the thirteen-step stairway to reach the second floor in the old museum. "We were never able to have more than one ma- jor exhibit a year, or to say it better, the same one with a few modifications." For a long time, the muse- um was governed by the rural and urban municipality of Gim- li. "When we asked for day-to-day supplies, such as light bulbs, preferably in a three dozen box, we were told that we should wait until next year, as they had not been budgeted for that year. We had no recourse except for the pockets of Don, Jack or Stefan." Stefan said that they had carried on for 26 years and then told the two municipalities that they would not be back in the coming year, "due tö our advanced age — we were all in our seventies. The following year, we were advised that good fortune was coming our way. The Betel Heritage Board was venturing into establishing a home for seniors and would give us a large portion of the first floor in this lovely building for a museum. They would call it the New Iceland Heritage Museum." 'Scarf Angels' flying high over Calgary Linda Bjarnasori of the Leif Eírfksson Icelandic Club (LEIC) of Calgary recently passed on this story told by Freda Abrahamson. "Before having a stroke a couple of years ago, each winter I carried some of my hand-made scarves in my car and would give them to homeless street people that I encountered during the day. After losing a great deal of my vision following the stroke, my abihty to knit and crochet dimin- ished greatly. "Enter the 'Scarf Angels.' Word spread to many dear friends in the Leif Ekiksson Icelandic Club in Calgary and before long, dozens of scarves began appear- ing at my door. I have dubbed these wonderful women the 'Scarf Angels'; their generous hearts and hands are warming the bodies and souls of so many men, women and children during some of the bitterly cold days we have in Calgary. "LEIC past-President Carol Blyth mentioned this project in a craft shop that was going out of business; the proprietor volun- teered to donate the yarn on hand at closing to our little Angel bri- gade. "I wanted to share this story, because it illustrates how a small endeavour can multiply when hearts are willing, and can truly make a difference, one at a time, PHOTO COURTESY OF UNDA BJARNASON to.let the poor know someone cared enough to share. "Each scarf is individually packaged, along with a copy of the poem 'May You Always Have an Angel by Your Side'; perhaps some other clubs might like to 'fly with the angels' and do some- thing similar in their own com- munities. In the past I have given the scarves to various homeless shelters for distribution; this year we designated the 'Inn From the Cold' program as the new recipi- ent, because that group helps not only homeless men, but women and children too. Our scarves come in all sizes and colours, which rnake them a good fit with Tnn From the Cold' clients. "I deeply appreciate the car- ing hearts of all Scarf Angles in Calgary who embraced this idea and made much more of a differ- ence than any one could do. Bless them." Freda Abrahamson lives in Calgary, AB. Experience Iceland lceland & París lOD/ FromToronto $1010 From Winnipeg $C\/7 From Edmonton ...the way it was meant to be. 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