Lögberg-Heimskringla - 03.06.2005, Blaðsíða 13

Lögberg-Heimskringla - 03.06.2005, Blaðsíða 13
Lögberg-Heimskringla • Föstudagur 3. júní 2005 »13 Spanish Fork,<Utah: 150 years later Jack Tobiasson Payson, UT People of Icelandic descent in Spanish Fork, Utah are cel- ebrating more than usual this year. It's their sesquicentennial celebration of Icelanders set- tling in Utah. In 1854, Samúel Bjarnason, Margrét Gísladóttir and their friend Helga Jónsdóttir left Ice- land. They arrived in Utah in September, 1855. Along with thirteen additional Icelanders who came during the next five years, they established the first permanent Icelandic settlement in the United States, in Spanish Fork. People of Icelandic descent in Utah prize their Icelandic heritage. Each summer, they gather on Iceland Days to cel- ebrate their heritage, honour their ancestors, and stand a lit- tler taller. The first Iceland Day was on August 3, 1897. Celebrators used a bowery built at the side of the Icelandic Amusement Hall in Spanish Fork. Celebra- tions have been held annually since that time. However, Ice- land Days are now in June, so that the celebration is closer to Iceland's June 17 independence day. This year's "bigger and bet- ter" celebration begins on June 23. The "Western Icelanders" will share their western culture with visiting Icelanders at a barbecue that night. June 24 isfilled with pre- sentations during the day and a gala dinner that night. Presen- tations include "Þórður Diðriks- son's Journal," "Immigrants: The People and Their Stories," "Lögberg-Heimskringla," Ice- landic Settlements and Histo- ries in North America," "Ex- cerpts from Anna," "Mormon Migration from Iceland," and "Anecdotes from a Family His- PHOTO: STEINÞÓR GUÐBJAHTSSON Many guests are expected to attend the sesquicentennial. tory Center." Entertainment at the gala dinner features the 50-person Iceland Festival Choir from Iceland. Saturday, June 25 will be an especially busy and fulfill- ing day. Festivities begin at the 4Iceland and beyond' at Hjemkomst Festival Fargo-Moorhead's annual Scandinavian Hjemkomst Fes- tival has Iceland firmly in the spotlight this year. The Nordic festival, now in its 28th year, features authentic Nordic entertainment, music and folk dancing, a market- place, foods, youth and family activities, exhibitions and dem- onstrations of arts and ethnic traditions from Scandinavia and Scandinavian-America. This .year's festival runs from June 24 to 26 at the Hjem- komst Center. Two great explorers from the past and present will head- line the Festival in 2005. His- toric Viking explorer "Leifur Eirfksson" (as portrayed by New York City actor/scholar Rolf Stang) will greet visitors, provide free storytelling ses- sions at the Moorhead Public Library, and share his explora- tions with visitors to the Festi- val. On Saturday, present-day Arctic explorer Will Steger from Ely, Minnesota will pro- vide insight into Vilhjalmur Stefansson's explorations and his own Arctic and Antarctic trips. Icelandic concert pianist Jón Sigurðsson and Minne- sota composer Wynn-Anne Rossi will be participating in the Festival this year. The two will conduct youth workshops on Icelandic storytelling and music composition Tuesday through Thursday mornings. They will also compose a piano piece dedicated to the 2005 Scandinavian Hjemkomst IMAGE COURTESY OF CLAUDIA PRATT The Festival Commemora- tive Button/Festival Three- Day Pass features the work of Steini Jónasson, a self-taught silversmith from Winnipeg, MB who focuses primarily on jewellery items that have their origins in Scandinavian design, mostly from the early Viking age. Festival that will premiere at the Festival Banquet hosted by Concordia College on Thurs- day evening. Guests from Canada in- clude the New Iceland Youth Choir from Arborg and Scandia Fun Folk Dancers from Winni- peg. Kristin Olafson-Jenkyns, author of The Culinary Saga of New Iceland, will fly in from Toronto to provide cook- ing demonstrations on Friday and Saturday. Genealogy and photographic heritage special- ist Nelson Gerrard of Arborg will be at hand to answer tough questions about family history. The Festival will close with a Sunday afternoon concert by Icelandic jazz trio Cold Front featuring bassist Steve Kirby, Richard Gills on trumpet and guitarist Björn Thoroddsen. The 2005 Nordic Delight Raffle drawing for Icelandic prizes (two round-trip flight tickets to Scandinavia on Ice- landair, traditional Icelandic pullover or cardigan sweater, Icewool blanket) will take place at 2:30 p.m. during the concert intermission. For those who want to ex- perience Iceland first-hand, the Festival has partnered with Carlson-Wagonlit Travel, Inc. in Moorhead for an 11-day tour to Iceland on Icelandair leaving September 13. For more information, see the Calendar ofEvents. MacKENZIE FUNERAL SERVICE LTD. <x> Service With Dignity * DIRECTORS ROSS MacKENZIE KENLOHMER Chapels at Stonewall, Teulon é"Arborg Serving the Interlake Area 204-467-2525 STONEWALL, MB orcall 1-800-467-0024 Icelandic Monument in Span- ish Fork. This lighthouse-motif monument was erected in 1938. Out of respect, love, and appre- ciation for their Icelandic an- cestors, the descendants, visit- ing Icelanders, and friends will honour the 410 known Iceland- ers who immigrated to Utah. Saturday's celebration continues with the traditional "picnic in the park," in central Spanish Fork. Those attend- ing the picnic will find west- ern and Icelandic food, wares, and entertainment. The Iceland Festival Choir will again add a special dimension to the cel- ebration. The final event for Iceland Days is a Sunday evening De- votional. The program includes inspirational messages from prominent guests from Iceland and Utah, along with music from and for the heart. During the events, people of Icelandic descent can mix and mingle with the members of the 50-person choir and the additional 40-person tour from Iceland. The tour is spon- sored by the Icelandic National League. For more information, visit www.utahicelanders.com. ARE YOU PROUD OF YOUR ICEIÁNDIC HERITAGE? Do you want to see it preserved foryour children and grandchildren ? Are you a member ofyour local lcelandic club? Don't know where they are orwho to contact? Check out aur website at www.inloftra.org or for more Information, contact Rosa in our INL offíce. Telephone: (204) 642-5897 email: inl@mts.net tfyou don't have a club in your area but are interested in forming one, please call the INL office. 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