Fylkir - 01.01.1923, Blaðsíða 1

Fylkir - 01.01.1923, Blaðsíða 1
Fy lkir. An icelandic yearly magazine, devoted to Arts, Science, Literature and of General Informafion. 8th year. VIII. volume. Synopsis of Contenfs: '*•' The Rocks and Clays of íceiand Mineral and agri- cultural resources. Results of last year's experimental researches on building material and raw materials for fertilisers. pp. 1—28. **• The rejected message. An historical sketch of the earliest tentatives to introduce electrical lighting, house-heating and electrical industry in Iceland. Present status and future possi- bilities of electrical development in Iceland. A glimpse of iceland's economic and social condition; also a fragment of an autobiography. pp. 29—80. ''• Review Of the world's WOrk. News from home and abroad. — Recent volcanic eruptions. How to fight volcanoes, a suggestion. — The next international war. pp. 81—89. V- Books and journals received. pp. 90—91. Resumé, notes and comments. pp. I and II and on cover pp. 2 and 3. Editor and publisher Frímann B. Arngrímsson, Akureyri. Iceiand. Price pr. vol. 5 kr., in America $ 1, jn England 6 shillings franco.



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