Tölvumál - 01.05.1987, Side 14

Tölvumál - 01.05.1987, Side 14
CALL FOR PAPERS N O R D U N ET-87 Moving towards OSI Hanasaari, Espoo, Finland 21st - 23rd October 1987 BACKGROUND NORDUNET is a cooperative effort between the acadcmic networking activities in tlie Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Swedcn. Tlie NORDUNET- 87 conference is a íollow-up in tlie searies of annual NORDUNET confcrenccs. Tlie previous conference NORDUNFT-86 was held in Röros, Norway. NORDUNET-87 is arranged by Finnish University and Rescarch Network project, FUNET. The theme of the NORDUNET-87 conference is "Moving towards OSI". The major objective is to discuss the protocols, pioducts, problems and introduction of the upper OSI-Ievels. There is interesting developnient in tlie stadardizatiou work of, for example, X.400, FTAM, VT and JTM. New OSI-products are emerging but still we have the interconnection problem of for cxample X.400 and RFC822. Of course, olhe.r related topics are also welcome. > NORDUNET-87 will offer a forum for all thosc engaged in academic networking in the Nordic countries to exchange views and experiences and to present results and achievements. The main invited speaker is "Larry" Lawrence H. Landweber from the Computer Science Department. of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. lle will talk abotlt the OSI-work done at the University of Wisconsin and how the academic world in the USA will move towards the OSI-protocols. There will be also some other invited talks outside the Nordic countries. NORDUNET-87 invites you to submit draft papers or proposals for presentations to be given at this conference. These sliould be sent to the SECRETARIAT FOR NORDUNET-87 EAN: nordunet-87@opmvax.usd.fscc.funct FUNET c/o VTKK EARN: nordunet'S>finfun P.O.Box 40 FUNET DECNET: OPMVAX::NORDUNET-87 SF-02101 ESPOO, FINLAND IMPORTANT DATES paper and proposal submission deadline ...................................... 3.G.1987 notification of acceptance ....................................................... 1.8.1987 due date for the final version of the accepted presentation ............... 15.9.1987 INFORMATION For any further information on NORDUNET-87 |>lcase contact Lars Backström FI backstromig'fscc.funet, +358-0-4105G6 Joliann Cunnarsson IS +354-1-25088 Klaus Hansen DK khan@diku.uucp +45-1-39G4C6 Mats Brunell SE matsb^qz.sunet +46-8-G54500 Roald Torbergsen NO torbergsen®vax.runit.unit..uninett +47-7-592014



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