Leisure section

Leisure section - 06.04.2005, Blaðsíða 1

Leisure section - 06.04.2005, Blaðsíða 1
rollerrink yE Center VOLUME 6 ISSUE 14 ™o© mm llom-lpm/! Chicken 5pm... 6pm... THURSDAY APRIL 7 .FirstStrike, PGl3-Ch.20 :a Lundi/Beef Burgundy Dinner Buffet - TFC :/Sloppy Joes......■ Back Alley Grill 11..................Gym Opens-Gym Evening at the Driving Range - Windbreaker FRIDAY APRIL 8 .. The Incredibles, PG - Ch.20 .Ysa Orly Lunch/Steak Night Dinner-TFC iger Food Combo...- Bock Alley Grill .............Belly Dancing - Gym vie Night at Smoralind - Windbreaker e Creative Night-Teen Center SATURDAY APRIL 9 Buffet/Steak Night Dinner Buffet- TFC Pilates - Gym MWR Travel Fair - Tour Office ling/Deep Sea Fishing - Windbreaker .Ice Cream Night - Teen Centei SUNDAY APRIL 10 .... Breakfast Buffet - TFC .. .Glymur Hike - Windbreaker MONDAY APRIL 11 Platoon, R - Ch. 20 py Joes.......-Back Alley Grill .........Lunchtime Step - Gym ....Step-Gym .. .Pilates - Gym ner at TGI Friday's-Windbreaker ll:15anfi 5:30-6:30/6: 7pm.. TUESDAY APRIL 12 .. Spanglish, PG13 - Ch. 20 . BBQ Ribs Lunch Buffet-TFC ..........- Back Alley Grill 15pm HFLow/Cardio Kickboxing - Gym |opm ... Adult/Kids Tae Kwon Do - Gym idden 2005 Tournament-Windbreaker WEDNESDAY APRIL 13 ..Lemony Snicket's, PG - Ch.20 Q»kri Lndi/Mongofcn BBQ Drnef Buffet-TK los.............-Back Alley Grill .........Lunchtime Step - Gym Lo-lmpact - Gym .. .Pilates - Gym .Movie Night-Windbreakei APRIL 6, 2005 What’s Happening at Three Flags Club Your ALL HANDS Dining Facility Available Every Week: Cheese Cake $3.90 (With choice of topping) 8oz. Filet Mignon $23.95 3 Scoops Ice Cream $3.50 !2oz. Rib Eye $21.20 6oz. Rib Eye sis.ss *"cou,ses nreser,ed wl,h „ « bor, rice, vegetables and a choice 8oz. Chicken Breast $11.50 0f cold sauces. Cold sauces in- Hickory Smoked Salmon $16.30 elude garlic sauce, BBQ sauce. £ Mahi Mahi $13.95 Honey Mustard Sauce. Visit the Geysir Room to view the latest Art Ex- hibition featuring the colorful works of Eirikur Arni April 1st - April 21st. Eirikur Arni will be here on Thursday April 7th at 8pm answering questions and talking about his artwork. Come by the Geysir Room for lunch, dinner or a cup of great Icelandic coffee. It's a great place to hang out with your family and friends! -jriii iitm ■ -» STEAK £ FISH NIGHT FRIDAY £ SATURDAY EVENINGS - 5PM-9PM - PRICES VARY BASER OH SELECTIONS.


Leisure section

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