Leisure section

Leisure section - 10.11.2005, Blaðsíða 1

Leisure section - 10.11.2005, Blaðsíða 1
 Youth Center W THE - r\ POLAR 7 roller rink ,* Pii? rhe. Gov,sir lfoon wiffee Bar & P8 Your ALL HANDS Dining Facility V 'll L | W i I VOLUME 6 ISSUE 45 NOVEMBER 10,2005 msMn sum Costaa© T&irfty ^WSmeins On October 29, Privateer’s Pub threw a Halloween costume party that drew the ghouls in from the cold. Our win- ners were: Minerva Ramos (1st place for scariest costume), Jason Crumpton and Mario Valenzuela (1st place for most original costume), and lastly, Jorge Gonzalez (for best overall costume). Winners received cash prizes for their category. Congratulations to all of the participants. Look out for more events coming to the Privateer’s Pub! oMQiWB Arfftodutts oMotoae Ooitaftj MWR would like to welcome our new Recreation Director, Morise Conerly. Morise recently arrived to Iceland from Washington state. He has traveled throughout the world to places like Germany, Spain, Italy, Panama, Kuwait, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Aside from traveling, he enjoys filling his free time with reading and playing sports. As your Recreation Division Director, he will over- see operations for the following facilities: Andrew’s Theater, Auto Hobby Shop, A.E. House Gymnasium (including the base pool, and Arctic Circle Running Track), Liberty Program, Arctic Outfitters, Polar Roller Rink, and the Play Zone. Morise is ready and eager to serve the NASKEF community, and we are excited Do You Hear at M WR The sound of Christmas is nearing! It is time to get out your pen and paper and write down a list of all you need to get done in time for Christmas. Shopping, wrapping, mailing...ah, the list just goes on. Don’t panic! MWR is here to help you. If you are look- ing for Christmas decorations, stop by the Galleria shop located in Service Central, Building 773 (in front of the Play Zone). They are fully stocked with wreaths, trees, cards, ornaments and much more. If you are looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your employees or family, come on over to MWR Admin (Building 755), located across the street from the Viking Mall. We have gift cer- tificates available for admission to Andrew’s Theater and “MWR Bucks.” MWR Bucks can be used at any of our facilities and come in $10 increments. If you’re looking for some extra holiday shopping money...enter our Door Decorating Contest for the chance to win $100 in MWR Bucks. Registration forms are available at the Service Central main desk. Individuals, base commands, and facilities are invited to enter this contest. Each group may enter only one door. Prizes will be awarded for Most Creative, Most Traditional, and Best Overall Impact for the holiday season. All participants must be registered no later than noon on Friday, December 9. Judging will be held on December 14 -15. Mom and Dad, enter your child’s name into our special draw- ing! They will get the chance to win one of two MWR Giant Christmas Stockings. Sign-up boxes are located at the CDC, Youth Center, and Library. Santa will be announcing the two lucky winners at the Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration, which will be held on Friday, December 9 at 6 pm - in front of the main MWR building (755). Participants must be present to win. MWR has lots more in store for you this holiday season, so tune in to channel 20, AFN radio, and the Leisure Section. to have him on our team! _ *=>gim ^>ctna r-w to e THkmeie ©yy® APPLY TODAY Bldg. 755 or Call 2673 • Duty Manager • Cashier • Custodian • Food Service Worker • Cook’s Assistant Please direct all correspondence to: Leisure Section: Box 43 • Phone #2685 e ma i 1: m wr_m ark @ m w r. i s Name is required on all correspondence.


Leisure section

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