The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 08.01.1971, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 08.01.1971, Blaðsíða 1
Vol. XIV, No. 1 U.S. Naval Station, Keflavik, Iceland Jan. 8, 1971 mo W What light through n window breaks ix times a minute? The riddle is — what rotates six revolutions per minute, is green and white and sits atop a 500,000 gallon drum overlooking the Reykjanes Peninsula? If you were here in 1954-55 you automatically know the answer to the above question, and the answer is of course, the beacon which is perched on the checkered red and white water tower which passes 1,300,000 gallons (approx- imately) of water a day through its body to the personnel of the base. The light, which flashes al- ternately green and double white is a guide for all planes landing at the station airport — the double flash of white light indi- cates that this is a military airport vise a civilian airport in which case only a single flash of white light would be seen. The beacon rotates 135 feet above the lava base below and is switched on and controlled re- motely by the control tower for jhe night hours or during the day there is a heavy fog, etc. If u've noticed, it can be seen ust outside of Hafnarfjordur at almost every high point in the road between there and Keflavik. Dawn of New Year Reykjavik pageantry 1971 The Reykjavik scene New Year's Eve was one of bonfires, happy Ice- landers, Christmas decorations, tourists, sky rockets and active camera bugs snapping up the evening on time exposures... Bonfires began to light the night about 8 p.m.; the piles of fuel .--------------------------------. that had been stacked in the weeks before burned out the old year in Icelandic tradition. The main section of the city was almost deserted exceptfor the Christmas tree lights and decora- tions which swung over the empty streets. The people? Many of them were in their homes awaiting that midnight moment when the calendar switched to 1971, and many more were out around the bonfires* Then, as the night neared that hour for which the fires were lit, the bonfires wained, and the crowds began to gather on hill- tops overlooking Reykjavik. The city lay in a panorama of colored lights with a spattering of sky rockets fighting a mild wind to add their short-lived color to the night. Ten minutes before 12 a.m. more and more rockets burst against the black sky, and by midnight everyone got into the act including the person standing next to you — between dodging rockets and watching the lit up sky it was hardly noticed that (See NEW Year, Page 9)


The White Falcon

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