The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 13.01.1971, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 13.01.1971, Blaðsíða 1
^^^et Pay raise signed by i Pay raises have in the past en marked by lengthy fights within various committees of Con- gress. This may be over in the future since the machinery to provide semi-automatic raises for both civil service and military personnel has been created* Un- der the present law, a civil ser- vice pay raise must be accompa- nied by an equivalent military pay hike. Under the new program, a Fed- eral Employees* Pay Council will be created. Serving in an advi- sory capacity, it would suggest recommendations necessary to bring the level of pay up to that of private industry. The President would then be empowered to make his decision based upon those reports. His decision concern- ing the pay raise would then have to be reported to Congress no later than September 1. Should he refuse to recommend a pay raise, the Congress could still override his decision within 30 days. Regardless of the eventual outcome of this program, one bill has been placed on the President's desk by Congress and has received the chief executive's signature of approval. For civilian work- ers close to six percent was pro- vided; therefore, the equivalent military pay raise is translated to 7.9 percent* This pay hike is retroactive to January 1 and should appear in the pay check at the end of this month. On page 3 is a chart copied from one appearing in the "Army Times." Though the official Navy copy has not been received yet, it should not vary much from the one provided herein. Should any major discrepancies exist, they will be published in the next issue of the White Falcon. THE WHITE FALCON Vol. XIV, No. 2 U.S. Naval Station, Keflavik, Iceland Jan. 13, 1970 Senior enlisted advisors - EM's sounding board Master Chief Aviation Hain- tenanceman John D. Whittet has been selected as the replacement for Master Chief Gunner's Mate Delbert 0. Black as Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. The ceremony marking the change will take place in March. Chief Whit- tet feels that his primary role in this position will be to re- verse the Navy's problem with first-term reenlistments. He feels that treating the navyman as • responsible person will help the situation significantly. While it is true that tile MCPON seems so removed from our daily concerns, many navymen don't realize that they have a sounding board much closer to them. He is the Command Master Chief Petty Officer or Leading Chief. Each naval com- mand which comprises the Iceland Defense Force has such a person. Serving as Master Chief of the naval station is CSCM George F. Norton,(see story, page 3). Naval Facilities has the help of OTCM Paul E. Michau. As the senior enlisted man in that com- mand, Chief Michau speaks with close to 23 years of experience and almost eleven of those as a chief. He serves aa master-at -arms as well as being NavFac's representative to the various boards. NavCommSta's enlisted person- nel can bring their problems to the most senior Master Chief Electronics Technician in the Navy. Chief William H. Stewart's naval career spans over a quarter of a century. He considers him- self a good sounding board with the ability to get both sugges- tions and complaints to the CO or to the XO. Chief Stewart, real- izing that experience cannot be the sole criteria for effective (See ADVISORY, Page 4) MICHAU STEWART BENSON PATRICK


The White Falcon

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