The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 15.01.1971, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 15.01.1971, Blaðsíða 1
Vol. XIV, No. 3 U.S. Naval Station, Keflavik, Iceland Jan. 15, 1971 Slopes open in Akureyri; weekend trips planned Just45 minutes from Reykjavik, the plane flies over the water dotted with floating ice and sets down in a tranquil valley — you're now in Akureyri. You step off the plane and be- you pick up your luggage and is Jon Egilsson, a cordial y-haired man, greets you and you know that the $49.50 you paid to go on the ski trip to Akureyri ^¦^fey will be worth it. Exactly one hour after take-off you find yourself getting ready for dinner at your hotel, and when you finish that Jon is there again to escort you to the dance in his little blue bus. Everyone climbs out just a few blocks from the hotel; the sound of music, laughter and merry making per- (See SLOPES, Page 4) Action line answers... 'Why can't I publish my own newspaper here in Iceland...?' C.A.L.: It is primarily be- cause of a clause in the treaty between the U.S. and the govern- ment of Iceland which reads as follows: "It is the duty of mem- bers of the U.S. forces and their dependents in Iceland to respect the laws of Iceland and to abstain from any activity inconsistent with the spiritof this agreement, and, in particular, from any po- litical activity in Iceland. The U.S. will take appropriate meas- ures to that end." Let's discuss the initial clause of this treaty provision first. As a guest in Iceland, under International law, as well as by virtue of this treaty pro- vision, you are obligated to obey Iceland's laws, and Iceland has a number of laws relating to the publication of newspapers or other similar printed matter. One relevant law, for example, re- quires that every newspaper pub- lished in Iceland have, as the responsible editor, an Icelandic citizen of full age and with an address in Iceland. There are many other business and printing laws that must be complied with as well. The researching and explana- tion of all these laws is I'm afraid, beyond the ability of C.A.L. Even if you limit distri- bution of your newspaper to the base, you still must comply with Icelandic laws, as such laws are in full effect on the base. Now, let's take a look at the second clause of the treaty pro- vision, which requires U.S. for- ces personnel and their dependents in Iceland 'to abstain from any "political activity in Iceland." You might ask, "How can my pub- lication of an on-base newspaper constitute political activity in Iceland?" If you could absolutely ensure that only defense force (See WHY, Page 8)


The White Falcon

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