The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 03.02.1971, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 03.02.1971, Blaðsíða 1
Over 160 attend £> prayer breakfast The National Prayer Breakfast was held in the NCO Club on Tues- day morning. After the invoca- tion, introductions were made by Lt. Cdr. Milton W. Kirkpatrick, president of the Protestant Men of the Chapel. Breakfast was then served to more than 160 people and Capt. Willis L. Sherman sang the Lord's Prayer. Chaplain William T. Vest read the scripture and Chaplain Leo A. Joyce said a prayer. .Messages from President Nixon and Secretary of Defense Laird preceeded a short address by Col. William C. Sullivan, IDF Chief of Staff. The Navy hymn and benediction ''concluded the breakfast. PRAYER BREAKFAST — From left, Col. William C. Sullivan, Lt. Cdr. Milton W. Kirkpatrick and Rear Adm. John K. Beling. THE WHITE FALCON Vol. XIV, No. 8 U.S. Naval Station, Keflavlk, Iceland Feb. 3, 1971 # Station library to feature Neero History Week February 7-14 O j J The week of February 7 through February 14 has been designated as Negro History Week by the Association for the Study of Negro Life and ^History. The observance has been fully endorsed by the Bureau of aval Personnel. _________________________________ In regard to the subject, the Chief of Naval Personnel has stated that until recently few schools or colleges offered cour- ses in black studies. Consequent- ly, few Americans have a real un- derstanding of the meaning of Negro history and appreciation of their contribution to our society and culture. The station library has a var- ied selection of books on Negro history to which 26 paperbacks contributed by BuPers will be added. The library will provide a special display for these new books and invites everyone to use them. USAFI provides two courses on black history. A college course, ^titled "History of the American Negro," covers the contributions and history of black Americans from slavery to freedom. Also a new high school corres— pondance course explores the mil- itary, political, legal, social, intellectual and economic activi- ties of the American Negro in historical perspective. Both of these courses can be ordered through the naval station educa- tion and training office. The emphasis on Negro history is in response to Z-gram 66 which calls for an end to discrimina- tion, not only of blacks, but of all the minority groups. Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt says there is no place for insensitivity and goes on further to request everyone's support in helping to eliminate the demeaning areas of discrimination that plagues minority members. The CNO finished his directive by saying: "There is no black Navy, nc Navy..." white Navy, — just one JOC mails over 1600 Hanoi letters Over 1600 signed and sealed petitions were mailed last week to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and to the North Vietnamese delegation to the Paris Peace Talks. The mailing culminated a major project of the Air Force Junior Officer Council on the base. The petitions were solicited during the Christmas holidays in the exchange, dining halls, Offi- cer's Club, and through distribu- tion to various units of the defense force. According to the JOC, the pur- pose of the program is to solidi- fy public opinion behind the ef- fort to help the POW's and MIA's. They feel that if even one wife learned her husband was alive, or if just one son received a let- ter from his father, the campaign would be a success. The local effort was just one of many letter writing programs conducted around the world.


The White Falcon

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