The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 12.02.1971, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 12.02.1971, Blaðsíða 1
• THE WHITE FALCON 1. XIV, No. 11 U.S. Naval Station, Keflavik, Iceland Feb. 12, 1971 th 100 percent participation in mind, Rear Adm* John K. Beling signs pledge for the 1971 Overseas Combined Federal Campaign. Witness- the initial CFC pledge were Lt. Cdr. KennethB. Kampen, base cam- paign coordinator, and Cdr. William M. Tell, IDF campaign coordinator. GIFG SETS LOCAL ii/AL OF J§§ PERCENT PARTICIPATION The DoD Overseas Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) will officially get underway Monday with an eventual goal of 100 percent participation by defense force members. Lt. Cdr. Kenneth B. Kampen is tasked with overall responsibility for the CFC campaign on base. Each command has a project officer re- sponsible to him for collection within their commands. For the first two weeks of the campaign, these project officers will attempt to notify each member in his respec- tive command. This will probably be accomplished through "keymen" in various departments. Through total notification, the objective is to receive 100 percent partici- pation during the six-week op- eration of the campaign which ends March 31. Each contributor, whether do- nating througha payroll deduction plan or by a cash donation may designate any one of ten Inter- national Service Agencies, 13 Na- tional Health Agencies or the A- merican Red Cross as a recipient. According to the Department of Defense, last year's campaign as- sisted participating agencies in Iping more than 75 million peo- , both in the U.S. and abroad* The Keflavik campaign last year totaled more than $10,000s AFRTS1 UNDERWAY The AFRTS survey form was dis- tributed today to determine what defense force personnel are watch- ing or listening to, and when. The results will be used to anal- yze present operations and pro- ject changes for the future. Survey forms were distributed at all commands and copies are attached to the White Falcon de- livered in the housing area. The forms may be returned to commands on the base or dropped in one of the boxes located around the base. The majority of the programing used by television and about half of radio is received in regular shipments from the States and consequently constitute the local bill of fare. However, AFRTS can program its material to suit the audience, and this is where the listener or viewer comes in. Carefully think about the se- lections, fill in the information, and return the form to your com- mand or drop it in the boxes at theNavy Exchange, commissary, din- ing hall, or at any club. Results of the survey will ap- pear in the White Falcon, but most important, the results will effect changes to the radio and television schedules. sis •


The White Falcon

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