The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 26.02.1971, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 26.02.1971, Blaðsíða 1
Vol. XIV, No. 13 U.S. Naval Station, Keflavik, Iceland Feb. 26, 1971 » 'Batmen' to succeed 'Dragons'; Pax River units to swap duty Patrol Squadron 24, from Patuxent River, Md., will arrive here ¦ch 5 to relieve VP-56 of their responsibilities for antisubmarine warfare operations in the North Atlantic. VP-56 also based at Pax River, will end its four-month deployment and return to the Maryland air station. The "Batmen" of VP- _____________________________ 24 were last deployed to Keflavik from June-October, 1969. Since that time they have changed from the P-3B "Orions" to the new so- phisticated P-3C. The squadron is commanded by Cdr. Robert L. Sewell, VP-24's 30th commanding officer. A native of Dayton, Ky., Cdr. Sewell enlisted in the Naval Re- serve while attending high school. He then entered Miami University of Ohio, on a NROTC scholarship, majored in industrial management, and was commissioned ensign in June 1954. In July 1954, he be- gan flight training and was des- ignated a naval aviator in Sep- tember 1955. In January 1963, Cdr. Sewell reported to Patrol Squadron Eight as tactics officer in the first P-3 squadron. He participated in the first deployment of the P-3 to Keflavik. Commander Sewell reported to trol Squadron24 on Dec. 1, 1969 which time he assumed the du- es of executive officer. He became CO on Nov. 25, 1970. The squadron's executive of- ficer is Cdr. Gordon L. Petri. Coast Guard logs first 100% mark in OCFC Keflavik's Coast Guard Detach- ment has reported in first in the current Overseas Combined Federal Campaign drive. According to the skipper, Lt. Cdr. Harold T. Sher- man, the Coast Guard's 13-man crew donated $11.77 per man,a total of S153.01. Monday 'crowing' for 14 March advancements in rate for the defense force will total 14, ten of which willbe naval station personnel. NavSta's advancements are: Bill Wedertz to JOC; Robert N. Arnall to AE3; Thomas R. Groel to DP3; Franklin Haley to HM2; Geroge Laframboise to ETR3; Gil- ber Mills to CM2; Daniel A. Qurik to SK3; Anthony Rosali to DC3; Henry M. Samora to AZ3; and James Vecchiarelli to AMS3. NSGA will advance: Michael E. Amelotte to CT3; Robert D. Kamp to CT03; and Barry J. McDonough to CTR3. Helmut W. Warzecha will be advanced to OT3 at NavFac. The Coast Guard is advancing Philip S. Coulon Jr. to ET3 and Keith D./ Manning to ET3. STRIKING VIEW — The rugged countryside Iceland near Selfoss.


The White Falcon

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