The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 22.10.1971, Blaðsíða 5

The White Falcon - 22.10.1971, Blaðsíða 5
rou ^^?os N.Y. highlights Rec dept trips How does a round trip flight to New York (at a cost of only $142) sound? The Recreation Department has announceda schedule of such trips for affinity groups (15 persons minimum) starting Nov. 11. The trips are for two weeks. Other New York excursions are on Nov. 25 and Dec. 9, 16, 23 and 30. In addition to the New York junkets, the Recreation Depart- ment is offering a Thanksgiving trip to London and a New Year's celebration trip to Glasgow, pro- vided enough people want to go. For the London trip, a charter flight is planned for departure from Keflavik Nov. 25 and return Nov. 28. The cost here is $80 round trip with hotel accommoda- ons at extra cost. The trip to Glasgow leaves on . 31 and returns Jan. 3. The bst of this trip is $111 which includes all transportation, hotel accommodations, breakfast and dinner, special sightseeing tour and dancing atthe Normandy Hotel. For further information and bookings, call the Tour Office at Ext. 6266. Stamp /¦ deadline extended or Antarctic cancellations The deadline for getting phil- atelic mail cancelled in Antarc- tica has been extended. Due to an administrative error, several thousand stamp collectors' covers that were supposed to be cancelled in Antarctica were can- celled and returned by the San Francisco Fleet Post Office. Be- cause this unfortunate error oc- curred, collectors now have until Jan. 1 to send covers they wish to have cancelled at the McMurdo and Admundsen-Scott South Pole stations. The covers are to be sent to: Commander, Antarctic Support Ac- tivities, McMurdo Station, FPO San Francisco 96692. Collectors are limited to one cover for each station and only one cachet may appear on the ad- dress side of the envelope. If its 4156 'TOP TEN OF THE WEEK' The Top Ten Hits in the cate- • gories ROCK, EASY LISTENING and COUNTRY & WESTERN are provided by the American Forces Radio Station here. They are taken from the record sales in the U. S., from the week ending October 22. ROCK 1. "Maggie May" & "Reason to Be- lieve," Rod Stewart. 2. "Superstar," Carpenters. 3. "Yo Yo," Osmonds. 4. "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves," Cher. 5. "The Night They Drove Old Dix- ie Down," Joan Baez. 6. "Do You Know What I Mean," Lee Michaels. 7. "Go Away Little Girl," Donny Osmond. 8. "SweetCity Woman," Stampeders. 9. "Theme From 'Shaft'," Isaac Hayes. 10. "If You Really Love Me," Ste- vie Wonder. EASY LISTENING 1. "Never My Love," Fifth Dimen- sion. 2. "Peace Train," Cat Stevens. 3. "Superstar," Carpenters. 4. "So Far Away" & "Smackwater Jack," Carole King. 5. "The Desiderata," Les Crane. 6. "Loving Her Was Easier Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again," Kris Kristofferson. 7. "Long Ago & Far Away," James Taylor. 8. "Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves," Cher. 9. "Talk It Over In The Morning," Anne Murray. 10. "I've Found Someone Of My Own," Free Movement. COUNTRY & WESTERN 1. "How Can I Unlove You," Lynn Anderson. 2. "Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms,"Buck Owens & The Buckaroos. 3. "Easy Loving," Freddie Hart. 4. "I'd Rather Be Sorry," Ray Price. 5. "I Don't Know You Anymore," Tommy Overstreet. 6. "Here Comes My Honey Again," Sonny James. 7. "Another Night Of Love," Fred- dy Weller. 8. "Rings," Tompall & The Glaser Brothers. 9. "Never Ending Song of Love," Dickie Lee. 10. "The Year That Clayton Delan- ey Died," Tom T. Hall. New arrivals at the station dispensary Dwight Alexander, son of SSgt. Anthony and Kristin Martino, was born October 12. Stephen Michael, son of Lt. Cdr. Kenneth and Carol Kampen, bom October 15. WHITE FALCON


The White Falcon

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