The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 22.10.1971, Blaðsíða 7

The White Falcon - 22.10.1971, Blaðsíða 7
 4tt^. r ' w ¦¦ ¦j ¦Tfl f J ¦ "—f. L.JL-; ' *!P £gi i^ IM t _______'.______.___________Hfii ¦-T^Bfc- Operator Egjolfur Ejolfsson checks to see if lubrication is sufficient so that diesel en- gines will not overheat. ligl «| m Operator Hrafn Thorhallsson makes a routine check to insure that the circuit breakers work in case of a power failure. blown feeder line is back in op- eration. Power can also go out on the entire base if the problem origi- natesin Reykjavik. If this should happen, the six diesel generators are turned on and the base is on its own power during the time of the power outage from Reykjavik. The diesels are huge gray mon- sters with pistons the size of five-gallon buckets. They are mounted on special cement founda- tions within the power plant building to prevent them from vi- brating the building to the point it falls apart at the seams. To get a better idea of the tremen- dous roar created, imagine a huge diesel locomotive running in the living room. That's the story of the base power plant. All power on the station either comes through or from there. The attendants are doing their best to make sure everyone has the power to those light switches when the switches flipped. That should throw a little ght on the subject. Kristjan Johannsson, an operator, checks lubrication on main generators. Photos by AN Robin Wagner \ / Kristjan regulates the voltage which is to be fed out. WHITE FALCON


The White Falcon

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