The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 22.10.1971, Blaðsíða 9

The White Falcon - 22.10.1971, Blaðsíða 9
VcU.Il •s J* Housing Referral Office Navy wide aid for family man How many of you are aware of the existence of housing referral offices? How many of you are a- ware that there is one here, and how many can say that they know what one is? A recent survey of 7,000 Navy wives reveals that fewer than half of them were aware that housing referral offices even existed• It istrue that they are relative- ly new, but they have been at over 200 military installations since 1967, and today there are housing referral offices at more than 440 military bases. HRO's have one main purpose - to help military families who are authorized to live off-base ob- tain suitable, non-discriminatory f-base housing. Stateside HRO's tain complete, up-to-date 'stings of apartments, trailer courts, and houses for rent within commuting area. They also give information on houses for sale plus other community information. The housing office here main- tains a list of apartments off Darkness signals tape time for overcoats Parents of smaller children are requested to get reflective tape sewn on their children's coats so drivers of automobiles can see them. During the winter months and long darkness here, everyone wears dark clothing which makes it doub- ly hard for a motorist to see. Check with school officials about arrangements to get the tape sewn to the children's coats. SAT set for Dec. 4 Students and other personnel planning on taking the Scholastic Apptitude Test Dec. 4 and/or the American College Test Dec. 11 are advised to get their applications in the mail now. Applications may be obtained from the counsel- ors office at the new high school uilding across from the base gym. deadline for these applica- submissions is no later than e end of October. WHITE FALCON ors i Jjuil Carolyn Daniels, Housing Office secretary and one of the new sta- tion personnel look over the local housing list. (Photo by AN Fred Davidson). base rented by military families, though they are unable to main- tain a list of vacancies. Furn- iture support is offered to spon- sored members only. Most furni- ture of necessity, other than applicances, is available. The waiting list for this is set on a first-come, first-served basis. Normally, off-base housing is passed from one military family to another without being vacant. These transitions are sometimes done several months prior to oc- cupancy. Volunteer assistance is needed to maintain an accurate housing referral list here. If you want to help, call the base housing office at Ext. 6123. Most decorated Marine dies The most decorated man in Ma- rine Corps history,Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Puller died Oct. 11 in Hamp- ton, Va., at the age of 73. Marine Corps Commandant, Gen. Leonard F. Chapman made this an- nouncement shortly after the re- tired general's death: "In the passing of Lt. Gen. Puller, our Corps has lost one of the finest Marines of all time. All Marines knowof "Chesty" Pull- er's record; It is a history of our Corps during his period of service. As a private, an NCO and as an officer he served in three wars and in the combat of Haiti and Nicaragua. He won more combat decorations than any other Marine in history. He was a pro- fessional and he was tough---not callous, not brutal, but really tough. Chesty Puller showed his toughness in everything from en- gaging an enemy to taking care of his Marines, and in both he always won because he always gave the best of himself. All Marines bow our heads in respect. But we all know that the example and legend of Chesty Puller is a part of our Corps forever." In our relationships with our fellow man, some of us believe that tact is something you drive into a wall.


The White Falcon

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