The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 19.11.1971, Blaðsíða 7

The White Falcon - 19.11.1971, Blaðsíða 7
Marine wife finds wrist twisting a success Story & Photos by JOC Mike McCV Some people snap their fingers hoping for results they never quite achieve. But, have you tried twisting the wrist? Chieko "Charlie" Cooney, a de- pendent wife on the naval sta- tion, follows this latter formula and finds the results not only successful, but self-satisfying and pleasurable to others. She bakes and decorates cakes for nearly every imaginable and celebrated occasion. According to "Charlie" anyone with a few lessons, patience and the basic decorating utensils, can turn out a beautifully decor- ated cake. Chieko, who arrived in Iceland last December, was a newcomer to the art of cake decorating until March when she took a ten-lesson course. Now, she bakes and de- corates at least four to six cakes weekly. One of her most recent and ma- jor successes was a three-tier wedding cake that took some 18 hours to complete. The baking ook about seven hours while an- ther hour was devoted to icing he cake and six hours to make 12 dozen roses of various sizes. It then took three hours to apply the finished decorations and give the cake design. For the non-working female member of a household, cake de- corating can provide the outlet from what some wives term boring Chieko applies the finishing tou- hes to an owl design on a cake 'omeone will be getting for their irthday. WII1TK I-AI.COX Chieko shows student Mary Dison the correct twist of the wrist tech- nique used when making an ornate flower. life. "Charlie" says, "Cake bak- ing and decorating for various occasions stimulates thinking and originality." Often times she receives an order for a special occasion cake and must originate a design depicting the event. This in itself is a separate challenge and Chieko generally ties the design in with the per- sons, job or personality. "At first I was afraid to at- tempt the many delicate and ar- tistic designs because it re- quired a steady hand", says the petite Japanese wife. After much practice however, she now finds the task to be easy. Asked how she feels about see- ing her finished work being cut up and devoured, Chieko comment- ed that people at first don't want to cut the cake but just stand back and do a lot of "ooing and ahing." She prefers not to be around when "her" cakes are cut and people begin feasting. "I like to remember the cake as a piece of art." It may sound like cake baking and decorating takes up a good portion of her time. It does. But she still fills out the day by bowling in three different leagues and is an active member of the Fleet Reserve Women's Aux- iliary. Until "Charlie" and her Marine husband rotate in August, she will continue her twisting of the wrist and production of almost immediate and desired success in cake baking and decorating. In the meantime too, she adds to the talents of other wives through classes she conducts periodical- iy. A twist of the wrist and a rose Iceland, that may sound like magic. But, not if you decorate cakes like Chieko "Charlie" Cooney. Teacher offers student a guiding hand.


The White Falcon

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