The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 19.11.1971, Blaðsíða 11

The White Falcon - 19.11.1971, Blaðsíða 11
 AUTO I960 Buick, gd. cond., runs well. Call Bokath, 8792. 1965 Jeep Wayoneer w/4 wh. drive. Call Deis, 8561. 1970 VW, U.S. specs., avail. mid-Dec, 4 stud. snow tires, 51,200. Call Ridenour, 4107 days. 1968 Peugeot, excel, cond., 4 dr., bucket seats, radio, heater, extras, $1,000. Call Owens, 8502/ 8217. 1960 Ford, V-8, 4 dr., auto., needs muffler, leave Nov. 23, $250. Call Koepke, 4286/8268. 1963 VW, 5 new snow tires, gd. cond. inside needs work, $350. Call King 8429 days/5161 eves, 1961 VW, gd. cond.,gas heater, 4 snow tires. Call Elam, 4215/ 8506. 1955 Chevy 283, 4 spd., $400. Call Baldy, 4289/6236, after 5. 1970 VW, radio, 4 snow tires, excel, shape, $1,350. Call Kelly, Sports on AFTV At 2:25 tomorrow, it's the fi- nal stop on the Pro Bowlers Tour, the 100-thousand dollar Firestone Tournament of Champions. First prize is $25,000. Following at 3:35 is the first semi-final match in the CBS Golf Classic. Sunday sports begin with the College Football Scoreboard at 1:30, bringing you all the high- lights of Saturday's major grid clashes. At 2 p.m., the Alabama Crimson Tide meets LSU's Tigers on NCAA football. These two Southeastern Conference rivals are perennially among the nation's best, and this promises to be a closely fought battle. Pro football action follows at 4 : 25 as Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshier host This Week in Pro Football. Then at 5:10, the AAU Interna- tional Champions series continues with the national men's and wo- men's gymnastics championships. Together with the other special ogramming for Thanksgiving, a tball game has been promised AFRTS Los Angeles to serve up Tth the turkey at noon. WHITE FALCON 5126 work/6127 home. 1962 Rambler, dependable, new spare, winterized, $200/ best of- fer. Call Huston, 8381. 1970 VW 1500, $1,400. Call Pett, 8149 home/2127 work. 1962 International Travelall. Call 3210/8602 days or 8544 after 5. MISCELLANEOUS Torque converter for 61/69 GM, wash & wax your car any evening. Call Ski, 4189/4203. Air conditioner for someone PCS'ing SOUTH, excel, cond., 220 v. Call Fullerton, 8350/4108. 8mm zoom lens movie camera, $45. Call Ridenour, 4107 days. Blue sport jacket, like new, sz. sm., man's. Call Hudson,Kef. 2494. Bike-rowing exerciser, like new, $10. Call Saucier, 6173. Ladies boots; new hush puppies sz. 7R. Call Steudel, 8506 work. Port, vacuum cleaner, $15; blonde human hair wig, $30. Call Kovac, 8805. Infant's car seat, $5. Call Manning, 8257. Set skis, poles, bindings & case, $50. Call Benach, 8829/ 7293. Stereo w/tape deck, turntable & AM/FM radio. Call Deis, 8561. Auto, washer, 2-yrs.-old; port, stereo record player, works perfectly, $45. Call Pett, 8149 home or 2127 work. WANTED Musicians to form group or sm. orchestra. Call Benach, 8829/ 3 bdrm. apt. or house, furn., Kef. or Njardvik, immed. Call Robinson, 7291. 2 bdrm. apt. or house, furn., Kef. or Njardvik, early Dec, will sub-let for 1 mo. Call Ful- ler, 8409. Reading/spelling tutor for 6th grader. Call Mrs. Miller, 8574 after 5. 4-VW snow tires. Call Popp, 8300 work leave message. 2 bdrm. apt., furn., Kef. or Njardvik, Jan./Feb. Call Spran- ger, 2149. Musicians to form group or sm. Orchestra. Call Benach, 8829/ 7293. 2 bdrm. apt., furn., Kef. or Njardvik by Feb. Call Kinsey, 4228. 1-2 bdrm. apt., Kef. or Njard- vik. Call Kutz, 3109. House either in Kef. or Reyk- javik. Call Brzezinski, 2290. 1-2 bdrm. apt., Kef. or Njard- vik, immed. Call Guy, 4231. One double bed. Call Golem- beck, 8593. Auto around Jan. 1, $200/$250, be in gd. running cond. Call Holman, 8789/5180 or 6224. 1-2 bdrm. apt., Kef. or Njard- vik area by mid-Dec. or early Jan. Call Holman, 8789/5180 or 6224. 1 bdrm. apt., Kef. or Njard- vik, furn., Jan. Call Lepianka, 2124. II


The White Falcon

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