The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 11.01.1980, Blaðsíða 2

The White Falcon - 11.01.1980, Blaðsíða 2
Page 2 The White Falcon January 11, 1980 Naval Station advances 33 Bishop Frehen to speak by SA Karen A. Dean There will be an advancement ceremony Wednesday at the Top of the Rock Club at 10 a.m., at which thirty-three Naval Station personnel will be advanced. Personnel being advanced to their next higher pay grade are SK3 J. Albao, AD2 C. Antczak, A03 M. Baird, AC2 M. Belveal, HM2 D. Bushong, SW3 M. Depumpo, BM2 L. Eberhart, AMS3 S. Eilertson, AK3 A. Estock, AE2 S. Gray, AK3 D. Donahue, SK2 R. Green- how, J03 D. Guise, DK3 C. Herold, ADR2 P. Jones, ADR1 J. Kupsick, ASM3 J. Lehota, HT2 J. McLaughlin, CE3 D. Miller, ADH2 T. Ostrander, HM3 A. Pochon, DT3 P. Poole, HT3 R. Raitto, AK3 S. Reandeau, AC2 W. Robinson, MS3 M. Royster, AME2 E. Schaffer, PR3 D. Selness, AE3 T. Smith, DP3 L. Strelzick, QM2 G. Theron, AZ3 M. Walters, and YN3 L. White. Thirteen other personnel will be frocked to their next higher pay- grade. They are HT3 R. Barili, AZ2 R. Blansit, DK1 M. Berry, MS2 D. Fish, CE2 J. Healy, AK2 C. Norris, PCI R. Ramirez, MSI R. Ranz, PN3 C. Schneider, LI1 R. Sorg, DTI T. Van Doran, DK2 J. Villanueva, and HM1 R. Wilson. Personnel being advanced should arrive 15 minutes before the cere- mony begins. The prescribed uniform is service dress blues with ribbons. Personnel being advanced are re- quested to apply for a new I.D. card at the Naval Station Personnel Office prior to the advancement date. Friends and relatives of the candidates, as well as their Depart- ment Heads, Division Officers, and Leading Chief Petty Officers are cordially invited to attend the ceremony. For further information, contact the Naval Station Personnel Office, Education and Training Section. 5 NCS personnel reenlist Five Naval Communication Station personnel reenlsited during the month of December. RM2 Rocco N. Arturo reenlisted for four years for the selective re- enlistment bonus. He entered the Navy on September 2, 1971 and will remain at NavCommSta until June 1980. RM1 William Mathews reenlisted for four years. Present at his reen- listment ceremony were his wife Katherine and daughter Kelly. Petty Officer Mathews entered the Navy on May 15, 1963 and has transferred recruiting duty, in Washington State via Enlisted Naval Recruiting Orien- tation School in Orlando. ET2 William Gentile reenlisted for four years. At the ceremony were his wife Johanna and daughter Amanda. He entered the Navy on February 25, 1974. RMCS Richard Unger reenlisted for five years with- his wife Nola and daughter Dana attending the cere- mony. Senior Chief Unger entered the Navy on October 11, 1962 and will transfer to Guam via leadership school in Treasure Island, Calif, in February. RM1 Gary Tucker reenlsited for 6 years under the Guard III Program. Present for the ceremony was his wife Linda. Petty Officer Tucker originally entered the service on December 3, 1963 and will be trans- ferred to Guam this month. Bishop Hinrik Frehen, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Iceland will speak at the Officer's Club on Jan. 19 beginning at 7 p.m. The occasion is a dinner given in his honor by the Catholic Chapel Community in the NATO Base. Bishop Frehen has proven a popu- lar speaker in past visits to the NATO Base. He will speak on the history of the church in Iceland and include some remarks on the super- stitions of the past, a topic which facinated the Chapel Men's group when he spoke to them last. The Chapel is accepting reservations. For more information call 4211 or visit the Base Chapel. Devaney retires Friday The Naval Station invites all interested personnel to attend a Bless Party in honor of Mr. John E. Devaney, at 11:30 a.m. on Friday at the Officer's Club. John is retiring after 30 years of service to Naval Station Keflavlk and moving to Florida. Pay As You Go Social Hour will begin at 11:30 a.m. with the luncheon being served at noontime. Price is $3.50 per person and reservations and payments can be made by contacting Eileen, at extension 6110, Comptrollers Department, no later than Wednesday. COMMANDER ICELAND DEFENSE FORCE RADM Richard A. Martini PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER LCDR Perry C. Bishop EDITORIAL ADVISOR JOC Skip Groce EDITORIAL STAFF J01 David Crowe, Jr. JOSN David Guise SN Mary Reed ARTIST Ms Chandra Parker In cooperation with the U.S. Naval Station Print Shop, the White Falcon publishes weekly with appropriated funds per NAV- EXOS P-35 for Iceland Defense Force (IDF) military and U.S. civilian personnel, and their de- pendents. Opinions expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily official expressions of IDF, the Department of Defense or the U.S. Goverment. The White Falcon offices are located in Bldg. 734; telephone 4612/5192. Editorial deadline is noon Tuesday.


The White Falcon

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