The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 11.01.1980, Blaðsíða 6

The White Falcon - 11.01.1980, Blaðsíða 6
Page 6 The White Falcon January 11, 1980 Conserve energy: Help fight inflation Would you believe that conserving energy can help the fight against inflation? That may sound a bit far-fetched, but it's true. To understand why, you have to know a little about economics. Everyone learns in school that the price of something depends in part upon the supply available. For example diamonds are expensive mainly because they are rare. The same thing applies to energy sources. As long as the demand ex- ceeds the supply, prices will be relatively high. The recent fuel crisis offers ample p"roof of this. Conserving utilities will help reduce prices; it cuts demand and simultaneously increases supply. But there is another not-so-obvious reason which applies to us. The law of supply and demand applies to money as much as anything else. Federal deficit spending has the effect of increasing the money sup- ply, thus undercutting the value of the dollar. In fact, the classi- cal definition of inflation is an increase in the money supply. There are essentially three ways to reduce the budget deficit: One is to cut government spending by de- creasing services. At a time when many people are actively asking for more services, this is generally considered impractical. Another way is to increase taxes, but this isn't exactly popular either. The only thing left is to cut waste and this is something every individual can do. Anytime you lower a thermostat, reduce hot water consumption or do anything else that saves energy you're doing something to slow the rising spiral of prices. Most observers view energy con- servation as a helpmate to environ- mental quality. Usually the two go hand-in-hand. It has been extrava- gant use of energy that has pushed man toward heavy exploitation of his natural resources. Eventually, research will lead to greater utilization of energy sources such as geothermal power, solar energy, and others not yet in widespread use and will be both eco- nomically and environmentally accep- table. Development of more efficient gasoline engines, improved insula- tion of buildings, and new indus- trial processes will enable us to maintain our standard of living with lower energy expenditure. CNO's objectives con't from page 1 opportunity and realize their value to the Navy. Turning to moves directed at streamlining operations and in- creasing fleet readiness, CNO dir- ected strong efforts be made to reduce administrative burdens on operating forces, noting the strides already made have not totally fil- tered down the chain of command. Discussing the One Navy Concept, Ad- miral Hayward indicated his ongoing support for a strong naval reserve, including seeking funding support for new construction of naval reserve force ships. CNO concluded by directing re- newed efforts on improving percep- tions of the Navy. He called for a unified voice on issues of vital im- portance, and efforts on everyone's part to reduce waste or excess costs. Commanding officers at all levels have been directed to give CNO ob- jectives high priority in 1980. They will have the important task of applying these goals within their commands and of familiarizing all hands with the details necessary to meet these objectives. Veterans Administration answers your questions WASHINGTON (NES)...The following are representative questions answer- ed daily by Veterans Administration (VA) counselors. Full information is available at any VA office. Q. When the Modified Life Plan insurance coverage reduces by one- half at age 65 or 70, is additional life insurance available? A. The insured may continue the full amount of modified life insur- ance by replacing the decreased a- mount with an ordinary life policy. An additional premium must be paid for the special ordinary life pol- icy. Q. Does the VA provide job-find- ing assistance for veterans? A. VA provides information about job marts, on-the-job and appren- ticeship training opportunities, etc., through all VA regional of- fices. Q. I am receiving unemployment compensation. Will this have any effect on my receiving GI Bill educ- ational assistance? A. No. Income is not considered in the payment of education allow- ance under the GI Bill. Rates of payment are generally based on hours of attendance or the cost of the course. Q. I was notified that I was en- titled to VA compensation 11 months ago and I waived a portion of my re- tired pay. Will I be taxed the full amount of retired pay for the past year? A. No. You will be taxed only on the retired pay that exceeds the compensation to which you were en- titled. Q. If a veteran leaves his Na- tional Service Life Insurance (NSLI) dividend on deposit or credit with the Veterans Administration, at what rate will it accrue interest? A. Since Jan. 1, 1979, the NSLI interest rate has been 5 -V4 percent. Q. Is tutorial assistance the same under the educational assist- ance program and the vocational re- habilitation program? A. No. Tutorial assistance is limited to $69 per month to a maxi- mum of $828. Under the vocational rehabilitation program, the extent of assistance needed is determined on an individual basis by the VA, school staff, and the veteran. Pay- ment is based on the amount of time the veteran needs and the background and qualifications of the tutor. Q. Must a member of the armed forces accept the $20,000 Service- men's Group Life Insurance coverage? A. No. A service person may e- lect (in writing) to be covered for a lesser amount or not to be covered at all. Collectors hold elections The Northern Atlantic Coin & Stamp Club recently elected the fol- lowing members as club officers' : President, Russ Burkhard; Vice Pres- ident, Vernon W. Wilmer, Jr.; Secre- tary, Dave Crowe, Jr.; Treasurer, Tony Averista; and Sergeant-at-arms, Peter Bauer. Every Sunday at 4 p.m. the club has a meeting at the Community Cen- ter. They discussed old and new business pertinent to the club. Af- ter the formal meeting, the members trade or sell stamps and coins. Ycu do not have to be an expect coin or stamp collector in order to join the club. The club is always looking for prospective members. There are club constituents who will gladly teach the novice about coins and stamps. Families and singles are welcome to join The Northern At- lantic Coin & Stamp Club. The club needs your support. Ev- eryone is welcome to attend the weekly meetings. Bring your friends with you.


The White Falcon

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