The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 25.01.1980, Blaðsíða 2

The White Falcon - 25.01.1980, Blaðsíða 2
12:00 MOVIE: Someone ac the Top of the Stairs 1:35 SOAP (adult) 2:05 THE WALTONS 3:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) 3:45 BODY BUDDIES 4:10 SESAME STREET 5:05 JOKERS WILD 5:30 NOVA 6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS 7:00 WONDER WOMAN (Part II)—Wonder Woman's visiting younger sister unwittingly reveals the location of Paradise Island to Nazi spies. 7:55 FAMILY—A school history competition turns into a night- mare for Buddy after she wins. 8:50 THREE'S COMPANY 9:25 SUPERTRAIN (adult) — A Presidential can- didate is abducted on the Supertrain by his supposedly-dead identical twin, whose plan is to pose as his office- seeking brother. 10:15 NEWS UPDATE 10:30 MOVIE: There's A Girl in My Soup (a- dult) (1970)—A mid- dle-aged sophisti- cated gourmet colum- nist finds his life disrupted when a kookie girl moves in on him. Based on a play by Terence Fri- sby. Stars Peter Sellers, Goldie Hawn, Diana Dors and Tony Britton. 12:00 MOON MAN SPACE CON- NECTION**— It's dis- co on the moon with host Moon Man and Moon Goddess Victor- ia. Special guests are Eddie Floyd and Sandra Barber, (ser- ies estimated to run 13 weeks.) 12:50 ACTION THEATRE 2:40 SIGN OFF NEWS Saturday Sunday Monday 9 :00 CARTOON CARNIVAL 11 :00 9 :45 BATTLE OF THE 11 :50 PLANETS 12 :2D 10 :10 CHILDREN'S SPECIAL 11 :10 DAKTAKI 12 :05 COTTON BOWL: Houston vs Nebraska ? ;40 2 :30 CHALLENGE OF THE SEXES c . ' ^ ct 3 :10 MOVIE: Ox Box Incident 4 :20 WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS —Exibition game by the Harlem Globetrotters fron Nashville. 5 :15 COMEBACK 5 :40 PROJECT UFO 5: ;30 6 :30 WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE I 6: :45 WHAT'S HAPPENING I" REYKJAVIK 6: :50 WELCOME BACK KOTTER 6: :30 7: 15 COOD TIMES (Part I 6: :45 of II) — In the con- 7: :10 clusion of this two- parter, Larry's 8: :00 mother finally real- izes her son has im- paired hearing, and Florida offers to take him for a med- ical exam. 7: :40 EIGHT IS ENOUGH* 9:20 SPECIAL: Prime Time Saturday—Top story is an evaluation of the debate between Republican presi- dential hopefuls in Des Koines, la. 10:15 WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE II 10:30 SATURDAY NICHT 11:40 MOVIE: Wild and Wooly—A dauntless young woman in the Yuma Territorial Prison, escapes to foil an assassination attempt on President Teddy Roosevelt. Stars Susan Eigalow, Jessica Walters, Vic Morrow, Doug McClure and David Doyle. 1:15 WESTERN THEATER 3:00 SIGN OFF NEWS 8:55 9:25 10:15 10:30 11:30 HOIK OF POWER CHRISTOPHER CLOSEUF AFC CHAMPIONSHIPS: Pittsburgh vs Hous- ton NFC CHAMPIONSHIPS: Los Angeles vs Tampa Bay THAT'S HOLLYWOOD —Featured are the films King Kong, Cabaret., Tlanet of the Apes, and stars who have i-r ferried with monkeys. (re- turns to Saturday evenines next week) THE ADVOCATES—The pros and cons of capital punishment are examined. (Six- ty Minutes preempted by network) WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE III MUPPETS LITTLE HOUSE ON THE TRAIRIE LOVE BOAT—Sympa- thetic crew members stow away the family of a ship's engin- eer when he cancels vacation plans to work a Thanksgiving cruise. (returns to Saturday next week) M*A*S*H* HAWAII FIVE-0 WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE FINAL EDITION VARIETY SPECIAL: Debbie Reynolds —Debbie Reynolds from the stage at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, imper- sonates some of the great actresses of stage and screen. DALLAS (Part II of II)—Pam believes JR framed her brother Cliff Barnes for the murder of Julie Grey. 12:00 1:40 2:10 r> . q:i 3:45 4:10 5:10 5:35 6:00 6:30 7:00 8:00 10:15 10:30 11:20 12:20 CAROL BURNETT 12:45 SACRED HEART MOVIE: Wild and Woo- ly DIFFERENT STROKES HAWAII FI\E-0 GENERAL HOSPITAL SOUPY SALES SESAME STREET £20,000 PYRAMID JUKE BOX- WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW—Topics in this edition include the proposed U.S. sanctions against the U.S.S.R. because of Russia's invol- vement in Afghanis- tan; defense spen- ding; the Iran Hos- tage situation: and the spiraling cost of gold an silver, (returns to Sucday next week) NIGHTLY NEWS GRIZZLY ADAMS—Adams braves a bitter snowstorm to search for an Indian girl who disappeared af- ter her horse sup- posedly was spooked by a legendary moun- tain ghost. ORANGE BOWL: Florida State vs Oklahoma NEWS UPDATE AGAINST THE WIND- -The attitude and action of Mary Mul- vane and Michael Conner against the oppressive rule of the Squire and the tax collector, in- sures the depor- tation of the spir- ited Irish lassie to the penal colony in Australia. MOVIE: The Swimmer (adult)—A pscholog- ical drama about a middle-aged man, who examined both his past and present swimming a- the Connecti- countryside. Burt Lancas- Janice Rule, 12:50 while cross cut Stars ter, SIGN OFF NEWS


The White Falcon

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