The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 25.01.1980, Blaðsíða 4

The White Falcon - 25.01.1980, Blaðsíða 4
mmrim A- DRACULA—Drama (P.). Count Dracula is handsome and charming and is plainly out for more than just blood from the ladies. (109 min.) B. THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG RIDES AGAIN—Western comedy (G). Tim Conway and Don Knotts are tiro bumbling would-be outlaws who are. attempting to make their fortunes and face many obstacles along the way. (89 min.) c- ASSAULT ON AGATHON—Drama (PG). This movie answers the question—Can a World War II guerrilla leader, executed by a firing squad 30 years ago, return from the grave to lead a revolution? (97 min.) P. THE PROFESSOR AND THE BEAUTY QUEEN—Comedy drama. In order to rebound from its sagging circulation, a newspaper stages a beauty contest which attracts criminals who spon- sor one of the contestants. (77 min.) E. A PIECE OF THE ACTION—Comedy drama (PG). Safe expert Bill Cosby and confidence man Sidney Poitier are secretly contacted by James Earl Jones , a police detective, to force them to offer their services to a youth job training cen- ter. (135 min.) !'• VALENTINO—Historical drama (R). This movie depicts the life of silent screen star Rudolph Valentino. Stars Rudolf Mureyev and Leslie Caron. (128 min.) G. STARSHIP INVASIONS—Science fiction-Action (PG). Far- mer Kurt Schiegl is taken aboard a spaceship commanded by Captain Christopher Lee, leader of the evil league of Wing- ed Serpents from the planet Alpha. (112 min.) H. SEVEN GOLDEN MEN STRIKE AGAIN—Adventure drama. This picture takes the Professional and his perfectly organized gang of big-stake thieves into international political in- trique. (102 min.) I. ROCKY II—Drama (PG). The sequel of Sylvester Stal- lone's famous Rocky begins exactly where the original left off. Highlights of the former bout are shown as well as exciting new action from the rematch bout. (119 min.) J. HOT STUFF—Comedy (PG). Dom Deluise, Jerry Reed and Suzanne Pleshette are police officers on a burglary task force and they decide to go into the fencing business to obtain more convictions. (91 min.) K. EVICTORS—Drama (PG). Mr. Bumford and his wife desire to purchase a home in a small town where the inhabitants are closed-mouthed and inhospitable to strangers. (92 min.) L. THAT OBSCURE OBJECT OF DESIRE—Comedy (R). Fernando Rey confronts Conchita Peres on a train bound for Paris by throwing water at her. (104 min.) M. PETE'S DRAGON—Musical comedy (G). Disney magic is served up in this delightful comedy with music and partial animation. Stars Helen ?eddy and Mickey Roor.ey. (129 min.) N. WHICH WAY IS UP—Comedy (r.). Richard Pryor is a Cali- fornia fruit picker who is having trouble with his wife and becomes involved in the Farm Workers Movement. (101 min.) 0. MISTER SCARFACE—Action drama (P.). Scarf ace, Jack Pal- ance and a confederate reach the safety of an abandoned slaughter-house after commiting a robbery. Instead of splitting the money with his companion, Scarface shoots him down. (92 min.) P. JOE PANTHER-Action drama (0). Wanting more out of life than his easy going Seminole village existance, Joe Panther yearns to enter the White World with its greater hope for a full life. (117 min.) R. ALIEN—Science fiction-horror (R). The crew of the space cargo ship Mostromo are returning to earth with a cargo of minerals when they receive orders to investigate a mysterious signal from another planet. (117 min.) S. THE DAYBREAKERS—Western drama (PG). In Tennessee, it is Orrin Sackett's wedding day when a member of the rival Higgins clan rides in bent on killing him. (Ill min.) T. TAKE DOWN—Comedy drama (PG) . The Mingo Junction Bull- dogs are a losing high school football team who turn to wrestling their only hope of success. (Ill min.) U. SUNBURN—Comedy thriller (PG). This tale of a possible insurance fraud stars Charles Crodin, Farrah Fawcett and Art Carney. (101 min.) V. THE SEA GYPSIES—Adventure drama. Recent widower Rob- ert Logan and a photojournalist set out on a around^ world sailing trip and are forced to abandon (108 min.) W. BAKER'S HAWK—Drama (G). This is the unforge tale of a man that stood up in a turbulent time, risking jeopardy to his family, economic hardship and the loss of respect from his son. (97 min.) X. HEROES—Comedy drama (PG). Four years after his dis- charge from combat duty in Vietnam, Henry Winkler has psy- chological problems and habitually escapes from the veter- an's hospital where he is a patient. Also stars Sally Field. (113 min.) Y. SUSPIRIA—Horror drama (R). American dancer, Jessica Harper flies to Germany to further her ballet studies at the Tanz Akademic where savage murders are committed by an unknown force. (93 min.) Z. 101 DALMATIANS—Action comedy (G). Roger Radcliff's Dalmatian dog, Pongo, is bored with his master's bachelor existence and decides its time for him to settle down. Animated (109 min.) Schedule * No movie scheduled A ndrcws To p of Wind- 'O' Rock- Grindy Marine HOFN Theater the Rock breaker Club ville Club Club H-3 to o-vo p ~j ho ^j ^i hO ^J Ln ^J ho ~o o wo" LO 0 (-* o o Lo OJ o o o oog o O o Ui o o O O o o Today * Z K 0 * ft ft ft * L ft p ft * R Saturday B J A N ft C * ft * D * E F F S Sunday M K I * J A * F * 0 * N G G T Monday * G L * H ft ft I * J * K * D U Tuesday I D F * P ft ft ft * B * L * A V Wednesday * S A * * ft ft E * K ft i ft N W Thursday R X T * L ft £ B * S * J * I X Friday * U R Y ft ft ft ft ft T * X ft ft Y 'G' rated All ages admitted - General audiences. Children under seven must be accom- panied by an ID card holder. 'PC rated All ages admitted - Parental guidance suggested. Children under seven must be accompanied by an ID card holder. 'R' rated Restricted - Persons under 17 mus accompanied by parent or adult gu ian. <i


The White Falcon

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