The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 08.02.1980, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 08.02.1980, Blaðsíða 1
Kef lavilc, Iceland Volume 23 Number 6 February 8, 1980 Pass program here to be fully implemented soon •I The PASS Program, Pay/Personnel Administrative Support System, was formulated, or introduced Navy-wide by the CNO in April of 1976, and has been effective for about two years. The idea of PASS was to get all per- sonnel officers out of each command into one 'shop'; get all the 'tal- ent' into one place, in order to provide better service to personnel. This would save the Navy time and money. So far its proposed purpose has been much of an improvement over the services provided by personnel offices in the past. The office here: Personnel Sup- port Activity Detachment - Keflavik, Iceland (a detachment of the Norfolk central activity, rather than under the CO as in the past), will fully be established by March 1 of this year. It will consist of the offi- cer in charge of each personnel of- fice of every command, and as of December (a tentative completion ate), located in a new building be- ind the Comptroller office; once 'ground is broken in June. Many im- provements are expected over the past program. Among them; the new office will be dedicated strictly to pay, and personnel. As of March 1, Lt. Cmdr. James S. Taylor was re- cently awarded the Navy Commendation Medal by Capt. T.J. Keene. He was cited for meritorious service while on the staff of Chief of Naval Tech- nical Training. out of the authorized 47 billets, 30 people will be assigned to the ac- tivity at a minimum at all times; with one officer in charge. A considerable lack of accuracy is linked with the former program as far as personnel pay information and service records due to the split in responsibilities among various of- fices. These flaws will take exces- sive manpower to correct, but with the new plan of management, no long- er will so many channels of communi- cation be necessary. Only one place will hold the responsibility of these records. With this plan, pay or service records can be dealt with in a single day, rather than the month it has taken in the past. And Inspection schedule FEB. 12 - JO-6698 " JO-7037 13 - JO-7038 " JO-7339 14 - JO-7340 " JO-7526 18 - JO-7527 " JO-7716 19 - JO-7717 " JO-7853 20 - JO-7854 " JO-7941 21 - JO-7942 " JO-8056 25 - JO-8057 " J0-8156 26 - JB-8157 " JO-8239 27 - JO-8240 " JO-8307 28 - JO-8308 " J0-8383 The AAUC presents heritage program In observance of Black History month on the NATO base, the Afro American Unity Club presents a cultural program on Sunday at 4 p.m. in the A.T. Mahan High School's Multi Purpose Room. We are inviting all families, singles, and unaccompanied personnel to attend. All guests will be wel- come. The program will include an invo- cation by Mr. D. Smith followed by two films. The films are: "Blacks- ---Have Helped Make America Great" and James Weldon Johnson's "The Cre- ation & His Life",, Next there will be cultural readings by Mr. A. Zeigler and Mrs. Z. Smith. There also will be an art display which is by Mrs. L. Gilbert. Then there will be a potluck dinner for everyone to enjoy. They are asking each family to bring one dish. Everyone come out and spend your Sunday evening with the Afro Ameri- can Unity Club. Monday there will be an art display 5 p.m. at the USO. the potential 3500 errors made now because of the changing of hands with records, will be reduced con- siderably; less people handling them; less error potential, and less time to trace those errors. Better things have happened al- ready. As E-4 and E-5s don't have the experience officers do, the of- ficers can provide more service. They can do better by serving every and anybody anytime they need help—both enlisted personnel and officer problems. In the long run it will help the individual involved. The Support Detachment will also order the exams, as well as adminis- tering them to all commands, with the exception of the Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA), for testing processes. And will be running a guard mail service to enhance the concept of PASS. One drawback to the program might be, although a career counselor will remain at each command 'personnel' office, the lack of the 'personal touch' one might have been used to. However, in the long run, the new system will prove to be 'personal' as well, and to some's liking, even more so. An individual will be tak- en care of in such a short time, that compared to the old system, it will seem more personal. So from now on, the 0IC, as well as Disbursing Officer; will be En- sign Maxine S. Richard, the Person- nel Officer; Chief Karl L. Braley and the Education Officer; Chief C. W. Stephens. Plans for the activi- ty's beginning have continually been distributed through monthly newslet- ters, and before long the. program will be familiar to everyone. On the inside Tie a yellow ribbon - Page 2 Black History - Page 3 A/EX changes for 1980 - Page 4 Chili supper - Page 5 Sports - Page 68,7


The White Falcon

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