The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 07.03.1980, Blaðsíða 2

The White Falcon - 07.03.1980, Blaðsíða 2
Today 12:00 BOB HOPE SPECIAL: Around the World With The Troops (Part I) 2:25 MUPPETS 3:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) 3:45 BODDY BUDDIES 4:10 SESAME STREET 5:05 JOKERS WILD 5:30 NOVA 6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS 7:00 WHAT'S HAPPENING IN REYKJAVIK 7:05 WONDER WOMAN (Part II)—Nazi agents have kidnapped an envoy sent to Earth by an outer space Council of Planets. If the agent is killed, the Earth will be destroyed. 7:55 FAMILY 8:50 THREE'S COMPANY —Chrissey is ail set to quit her full time job after she makes her first door-to-door sale of Easy-Time Cosmetics, and gets into the middle of a strip poker game. 9:20 QUINCY—Quincy must prove that a wealthy socialite died as a result of a homicide and not because of an innovative new medical technique. 10:15 NEWS UPDATE 10:30 MOVIE: Revenge for a Rape (adult)—Mike Connors stars in this tense drama a- bout a man who be- comes a lone vigi- lante and tracks down the three men who assaulted his wife. Stars Robert Reed, Tracy Brooks Swope, Jack Living- ston, Glenn Wilder and Larry Watson. 12:05 MOON MAN SPACE CONNECTION 2:35 SIGN OFF NEWS Saturday 9:00 CARTOON CARNIVAL 9:50 BATTLE OF THE PLAN- ETS 10:15 BLACK BEAUTY 11:05 DAKTARI 12:00 OPENING CEREMONIES WINTER OLYMPICS 1:20 PRO BOWLERS TOUR 2:30 CHALLENGE OF THE SEXES 3:10 MOVIE: LOOK BACK IN DARKNESS 4:20 SUPERSTARS (Part I of II)—Part I of the men's finals, taped at Freeport in the Bahamas. 5:15 WONDERS OF THE SEA** 5:40 SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN (Part I of II) 6:30 WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE I 6:45 WHAT'S HAPPENING IN REYKJAVIK 6:50 WELCOME BACK KOTTER 7:15 THAT'S HOLLYWOOD 7:40 BARNEY MILLER**—In the season premiere episode, a Lt. Scan- Ion confronts Barney Miller with a letter from an tanonymous self- declared homosexual police officer. (series estimated to run 26 weeks.) ft: 10 CIRCLE OF STARS—Vic Damone in Concert 9:00 DIFFERENT STROKES 9:55 SPECIAL: Golden Age of the Automobile —The Story of the birth and growth of the automobile in America. 10:25 WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE II 10:40 SHIRLEY MACLAINE AT THE LIDO—From the spectacular Lido in Paris, France, Shir- ley MacLaine stars in a lavish revue, featuring the Blue- bell Girls, 66 of the world's most beautiful chorus girls. Guest is Tom Jones. (preempts Saturday Night) 11:45 MOVIE: Death of Richie—Based on the book, Richie, this is a true life drama of the disastrous effect a 16-year old boy's drug addiction has on his family, Stars Ben Gazzara, Bobby Benson, Eileen Benson and Lance Kerwin. 1:25 WESTERN THEATRE 2:20 SIGN OFF NEWS Sunday 11:00 HOUR OF POWER 11:55 CHRISTOPHER CLOSEUP 12:25 NBA BASKETBALL Bos- ton vs. Seattle 2:15 SEA HUNT 2:45 ANYONE FOR TENNYSON 3:20 HIGHLIGHTS OF WINTER OLYMPICS—U.S. and Czechoslovakia in ice hockey, men's 500-meter speed ska- ting, men's downhill Alpine skiing, and figure skating. 5:05 WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW 5:35 SIXTY MINUTES 6:30 WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE III 6:45 MUPPETS 7:15 BIONIC WOMAN 8:05 CAROL BURNETT 8:30 ROCKFORD FILES 9:05 PRIME TIME SUNDAY** (adult)—An exclu- sive interview with 86-year-old artist Joan Miro, and a retrospective of the celebrated painter's work. (series est- imated to run 26 weeks) 10:00 BENSON** (adult)—The popular butler of Soap fame, takes on a new challenge- -Benson tries to maintain order in the household of a bumbling, inept, but thoroughly honest and decent governoi (series estimated to run 26 weeks). 10:30 WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE FINAL EDITION 10:45 DALLAS (adult) (Part I of II)—Sue El- len's drinking prob- lem has developed to the point where Jock and Ellie feel they must say some- thing to JR, while Bobby tries to keep Lucy's pill addic- tion a secret from his parents. 11:35 PERRY MASON 12:30 SACRED HEART 12:45 SIGN OFF NEWS Monday 12:00 1:40 2:05 3:00 3:45 4:10 5:15 5:40 6:30 7:00 7:55 MOVIE: DEATH OF RICHIE BENSON (adult) ROCKFORD FILES GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) SOUPY SALES SESAME STREET $20,000 PYRAMID SPECIAL: Sharks (Information) NIGHTLY NEWS GRIZZLY ADAMS HIGHLIGHTS OF WINTER OLYMPICS—This pro- gram includes men's 5,000 meters, men's and women's finals in the luge, women's 1,000 meters in speed skating, and hockey, U.S. versus Norway. 8:55 eries WKRP IN CINCINNAl (adult)—The serfS! opener finds Dr. Johnny Fever's for- mer girlfriend Buffy arriving in Cincin- nati with a friendly smile, warm hug and a suprise lawsuit for Johnny, (series estimated to run 26 weeks) 9:25 REAL PEOPLE 10:15 NEWS UPDATE 10:30 AGAINST THE WIND —The rebellion gains force, and the convicts uprise, en- gaging the regular troops in battle. 11:20 MOVIE: Breaking Up (adult)—Depicted is the successful fight of a woman, who dis- covers her personal identity is lost when her marriage comes to an unexpec- ted end through di- vorce. Stars Lee Remick, Granville Van Dusen, Dawson, David baugh, Meg Mund^| Ed Crowley. SIGN OFF NEWS nvine Vicki 1:00


The White Falcon

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