The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 07.03.1980, Blaðsíða 4

The White Falcon - 07.03.1980, Blaðsíða 4
Movl«* Do your part in the Navy Preventive Dentistry Program by using a toothpaste that contains stannous flouride. A- SUPERMAN—Action adventure (PG). On the Planet Krypton Jor-El (Marlon Brando), a wise elder, knows his world is doomed and sends his baby (Christopher Reeves) to earth. (143 min.) B. RUNNING—Drama (PG). Michael Douglas is trying to turn his whole life around by winning the Olympic marathon. (104 min.) C. THE LEGACY—Horror drama (R). Katherine Ross and Sam Elliot are guests at a house where all the guests are being killed. (100 min.) P. BENJI—Adventure (G). In a picket-fence smalltown set- ting, Benji outwits the FBI in foiling a kidnapping scheme. (86 min.) E. IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS--Adventure (G). An earth- quake,a flash flood, an avalanche, a volcano, alligators, jaguars, mutineers and a tribe of man-eating Maoris chall- enges the wits of an adventerous group in search of missing sea captain Grant. (103 min.) F. JUNGLEBOOK—Animated cartoon (G). Walt Disney's ani- mated feature about the Indian Jungles. (89 min.) G. MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH—Drama (R). David, an aspi- ring Olympic runner, is injured by a school gang and plots his revenge by attempting to blow up the entire school. (110 min.) H. MANIAC—Drama (PG). A rich Southwestern resort com- munity Is subjected to a reign of terror by a strange and ruthless individual. (87 min.) I. THE LAST WAVE—Mystery drama (PG). Richard Chamber- lain, a Sydney lawyer, is unexpectedly asked to act as a defense attorney for some aborigines; one of whom appeared in his recent dreams. Sensing this is not an ordinary case, he learns much about a previous civilization once de- stroyed by a giant tidal wave. (106 min.) J. I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN—Drama (R). Fol- lowing a suicide attempt, schizophrenic teenager Kathleen Quinlan is taken to a large state psychiatric hospital where she regains hope for the future. (114 min.) K. NORTH DALLAS 40—Comedy drama (R). Nick Nolte is pushing forty but wants to continue playing football des- pite his aches and pains. Winning catches or points make it all worthwhile. (118 min.) L. TIME AFTER TIME—Suspense drama (PG). Two equally legendary characters (Jack the Ripper and H. G. Wells) meet and take a journey into the future. Wells follows Jack the Ripper in order to bring him to justice. (112 min.) M. CHANCE—Western (PG). In New Mexico, in the 1880's, a renegade Englishman known by the Mexicans as El Apache Blanco and his bloodbrother, Nokode, are stealing horses from a Mexican Army outpost; and plan a dangerous rescue of Nokode's sister who is being held captive by a rancher in the mountains. (80 min.) N. MARCH OR DIE—Adventure (PG) . In 1918, French Fo Legionnaires return to North Africa after winning ho the World War. Stars Gene Hackman and Terence (127 min.) 0. SUPERVAN- Action drama (PG). Mark Schneider leaves father's service station and heads out in his van for annual Van Freakout and a chance to win $5,000. He several exciting car-van chases. (113 min.) Action drama (R). William Devane re- his the wins after P. ROLLING THUNDER turns home after eight years of physical and mental torture as a Viet Cong prisoner cf war and his wife informs him she has fallen in love with another man and wants a divorce. (122 min.) R. METEOR—Science fiction (PG). in an effort to avert the impending disaster of a five-mile-wide meteor's impact on the earth, scientists from America and Russia combine their efforts. (107 min.) S. WHEN A STRANGER CALLS—Action drama (R). A spine- chilling tale about a psychotic killer escapee from a men- tal institution terrorizing a baby-sitter by obscene phone calls. (98 min.) T. SAINT JACK—Drama (R). In Singapore in 1971, Ben Gaz- zara and Denholm Elliott become friends as businessmen. A year later, rivals try to wreck Gazzara's entertainment business; he accepts an invitation to open a place of pleasure catering to military on leave from Viet Nam which proves to be a better investment. (115 min.) U. ANGEL'S BRIGADE—Action adventure (PG). Seven dynamic girls unite to defeat evil by becoming proficient in karate and judo. Recruited by a woman with a map of an illegal drug processing compound, the girls destroy the compound with explosives. (87'min.) V. THE GAUNTLET—Action drama (R). Phoenix police detec- tive Clint Eastwood has the routine assignment of extradit- ing a prisoner back from Los Vegas to testify at a The prisoner, Sondra Locke, insists they'll never m| back to Phoenix alive. (109 min.) W. STAR PILOT—Science fiction (PG). The crew of a dis- abled space vehicle kidnap the scientist and his associates who helped repair the vehicle and take them into outer space. When they wish to return to earth, they find it has been destroyed, so all go to a third world and start anew. (94 min.) X. DEATH JOURNEY—Action drama (R). This action-packed plot vividly portrays attempts to prevent a key witness to a syndicate trial and his escort from reaching New York (from Los Angeles) for the trial. (79 min.) Y. JOSEPH ANDREWS—Comedy adventure (R). Joseph Andrews grew up at Booby Hall, a rural estate, under the tutelage of Parson Adams, and is now engaged to marry Fanny. After the Boobys move to Bath, and Mr. Booby drowns, Mrs. Booby (Ann Margret) tries to seduce Joseph. He would rather find Fanny, and does, after Mrs. Booby angrily dismisses him. (105 min.) i—Schedu 1 |"k \J «G' rated * No movie scheduled Andrews To p of Wind- •O' Rock- Grindy Marine Hofn All ages admitted - General audiences. Theater th e Rock breaker Club ville Club Club H-3 Children under seven must be accom- *-* ro a> vo h ^j to ~J ^4 —i ^i IO **J panied by an ID holder. O OJ o o O O o o o o O O t— o o o o o O o «PG' rated Today * I K M * * * * H A * * R All ages admitted - Parental guidance Saturday E L C H * F * * K J I I S suggested. Children under seven must Sunday D I K * B G * A M H L L T be accompanied by an ID card holder. Monday * B L * Tuesday KIP* A K * * * A I * P L K I * J * 0 U V 'R' rated Wednesday * R K * * * * B 0 P * C w Restricted - Persons under 17 must^B Thursday S A V * N * L K R M * Y X accompanied bv parent or adult cuaH Friday * U S X * * * * T L * * Y ian. ^^


The White Falcon

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