The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 21.03.1980, Blaðsíða 3

The White Falcon - 21.03.1980, Blaðsíða 3
• Tuesday 12:00 AGAINST THE WIND (adult) 1:00 WKEP IN CINCINNATI 1:30 PROFILE II (information) 2:05 REAL PEOPLE 3:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) 3:45 MELTING POT** 4:10 ELECTRIC COMPANY 4:40 CHARLIE CHAN 5:15 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 5:40 WILD KINGDOM 6:05 SHA NA NA 6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS 7:00 INCREDIBLE HULK 7:55 THE JEFFERSONS** —Mike Evans returns as Lionel, as George and Louise open their sixth season. And there soon may be another addition to the Jeffersons: Lionel's wife Jenny is pregnant. (ser- ies estimated to run 22 weeks) BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON (adult)—Pappy dupes a unit of Seabees into repairing his bomb-blasted runway with a trumped-up promise of a bawdy U.S.O. show. 9:20 AMERICA: Where Do We Go From Here?: Balance of Arms—To- nights episode asks Do we have the mili- tary capability to defend our interests in such places as Iran and Pakistan? ALICE NEWS UPDATE BEST OF CARSON —Johnny celebrates his 17th anniversary as host of the To- night Show. There are no scheduled guests. Instead, Johnny reminisces with long-time co- horts Ed McMahon and Doc Severinsen and introduces clips from past shows that have a barrage of ad libs, slapstick and faux pas. 12:10 THE FBI 1:05 SIGN OFF NEWS 9:45 10:15 10:30 Wednesday 12:00 BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON (adult) 12:50 DIFFERENT STROKES 1:20 BIONIC WOMAN 2:10 CAROL BURNETT 2:35 SEW WHAT'S NEW** 3:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) 3:45 LATINO CONSORTIUM 4:15 SESAME STREET 5:15 CELEBRITY CHARADES 5:35 CANDID CAMERA 6:05 VICTORY AT SEA —Sealing the breach is the story of a supply convoy of 54-60 ships, con- stantly stalked by German U-Boats, which sets out from the gulf of Mexico and finally arrives in England. Nar- rated by Leonard Graves. 6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS 7:00 WHITE SHADOW 7:50 KEFLAVIK CHRONICLES **—Segments inclu- ded in the second season opener are: A special interview with Miss Black America; a closeup on one of the last flying B-29's and her crew, enroute to the Imperial War Museum in Eng- land; and an indepth report on High School Athletics. 8:25 M*A*S*H*—In con- clusion of a two- part story, Radar is packing to go home but now has doubts as to where he is needed most. 8:55 THE FITZPATRICKS 9:45 SOAP (adult)—Burt decides to run for sheriff, Mary won- ders if her baby will be part alien, Jodie hires a lawyer to represent him in his custody battle. 10:15 NEWS UPDATE 10:30 MOVIE: Turn of the Screw—A television adaptation of the classic horror story by Henry James. The new governess at a county estate is troubled by the spirit of a dead man. Stars Lynn Redgrave, Meg Jen- kins, Jasper Jacob and Eva Griffith. 12:30 INSIGHT 1:00 SIGN OFF NEWS *Series ends *4 Series beg ins ***Time change (Programs identii ied as ADULT viewing contain words. phrases, scenes or subjects whi ch may be offensive to a segment of the audience. Parental discretion is advised.) Programs may change without notice Thursday Friday 12:00 KEFLAVIK CHRONICLES 12:30 INCREDIBLE HULK 1:25 M*A*S*H* 2:10 WHITE SHADOW 3:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) 3:45 DANCE FEVER 4:10 ELECTRIC COMPANY 4:40 HOT FUDGE SHOW 5:10 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 5:35 HEE HAW 6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS 7:00 THE WALTONS 7:55 MOVIE: Puzzle—A woman embezzles a million dollars in gold to an inter- national procurer of special objects for a stolen Budd- hist urn. Strange events follow the death of her second husband. Stars James Franclscus, Wendy Hughes, Peter Gwynne and Kerry McGuire. 9:30 SPECIAL: Miss World Contest—From Royal Albert Hall in Lon- don, George Burns is the host for this year's Miss World Contest with its 70 beauties from around the world. 10:25 NEWS UPDATE 10:40 CLASS OF '65— Bud- dies from grammar school, Honorio and Norman, graduate from high school and become carpenters. Unhappy with their lot, they decide to open their own busi- ness, literally from the ground up. 11:30 BILL MOYERS' JOURNAL —Bill Moyers re- ports on the anti- nuclear movement in America and its most vocal supporter Dr. Barry Commoner. 12:30 CELEBRITY REVUE 12:55 SIGN OFF NEWS 12:00 MOVIE: Turn of the Screw 2:00 SOAP (adult) 2:30 LEARNING CORPORATION OF AMERICA: The Man and the Snake 3:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) 3:45 BODY BUDDIES 4:10 SESAME STREET 5:05 JOKERS WILD 5:30 NOVA—A documentary on the endogenous rhythms, or how an individual's body clock, and the body clocks of animals and plants work. 6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS 7:00 WHAT'S HAPPENING IN REYKJAVIK 05 WONDER WOMAN 00 FAMILY 50 THREE'S COMPANY —Jack goes on a camping trip with an aspiring actress who thinks he's a film director—and her ticket to Hollywood. 9:20 QUINCY—makes pos- itive identification of the charred re- mains of a famous TV newswoman, have her claiming ports of in a motel grossly exaggerated. 10:15 NEWS UPDATE 10:30 MOVIE: Law of the Land—After two dance hall girls are slain, a fron- tier sheriff and his four young deputies conduct a tension filled hunt to pre- vent the murderer from striking again. Stars Jim Davis, Barbara Parkins, Moses Gunn, Dar- leen Carr, Dana El- car and Barney Phillips. 12:10 MOON MAN SPACE CONNECTION 1:00 ACTION THEATRE 2:45 SIGN OFF NEWS only to reappear that re- her death fire were


The White Falcon

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