The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 21.03.1980, Blaðsíða 4

The White Falcon - 21.03.1980, Blaðsíða 4
A. METEOR—Science fiction (PG). in an effort to avert the impending disaster of a five-mile-wide meteor's impact on the earth, scientists from America and Russia combine their efforts. (107 mln.) B. WHEN A STRANGER CALLS—Action drama (R). A spine- chilling tale about a psychotic killer escapee from a men- tal institution terrorizing a baby-sitter by obscene phone calls. (98 min.) C. SAINT JACK—Drama (R). In Singapore in 1971, Ben Gaz- zara and Denholm Elliott become friends as businessmen. A year later, rivals try to wreck Gazzara's entertainment business; he accepts an invitation to open a place of pleasure catering to military on leave from Viet Nam which proves to be a better investment. (115 min.) D. ANGEL'S BRIGADE—Action adventure (PG). Seven dynamic girls unite to defeat evil by becoming proficient in karate and judo. Recruited by a woman with a map of an illegal drug processing compound, the girls destroy the compound with explosives. (87 min.) E. THE GAUNTLET—Action drama (R). Phoenix police detec- tive Clint Eastwood has the routine assignment of extradit- ing a prisoner back from Las Vegas to testify at a trial. The prisoner, Sondra Locke, insists they'll never make it back to Phoenix alive. (109 min.) F. STAR PILOT—Science fiction (PG). The crew of a dis- abled space vehicle kidnap the scientist and his associates who helped repair the vehicle and take them into outer space. When they wish to return to earth, they find it has been destroyed, so all go to a third world and start anew. (94 min.) G. DEATH JOURNEY—Action drama (R). This action-packed plot vividly portrays attempts to prevent a key witness to a syndicate trial and his escort from reaching New York (from Los Angeles) for the trial. (79 min.) H. JOSEPH ANDREWS—Comedy adventure (R). Joseph Andrews grew up at Booby Hall, a rural estate, under the tutelage of Parson Adams, and is now engaged to marry Fanny. After the Boobys move to Bath, and Mr. Booby drowns, Mrs. Booby (Ann Margret) tries to seduce Joseph. He would rather find Fanny, and does, after Mrs. Booby angrily dismisses him. (105 min.) I. MATILDA—Comedy (G). Brooklyn bar owner tells the story of his beloved boxing kangaroo, Matilda. (110 min.) J. THE PINK TELEPHONE—Drama (R). The owner of a financ- ially ailing factory goes to Paris to finalize his plant's merger with an American company. (94 min.) K. THE SLAP—Comedy drama (PG). A father and his 18 year old daughter try to bridge the generation gap; he has to face crises; she is struggling to move out. (123 min.) L. LADY IN RED—Drama (R). The story of the metamorphos- is of Polly from farm girl to "The Lady in Red." (93 min.) M. AMERICATHON—Comedy (PG). It is 1998, the country i« out of fuel and bankrupt. If the Treasury doesn't get the money, America will be repossessed by a shoe tycoon. (94 min.) N. BEARTOOTH—Adventure drama man and story about (99 min.) 0. OPERATION (G). his dog in Stars Dub Taylor in a a savage wilderness. THUNDERBOLT—War drama (PG). In 1976, a Tel Aviv to Athens flight by Air France turned into a nightmare when four terrorists hijacked the plane. This is the story of the rescue of the hostages. (126 min.) P. LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR—Drama (R). Trying to break out of her rigid lifestyle Diane Keaton goes to the city and begins to prowl the singles bars. (136 min.) R. SILVER BEARS—Drama (PG). Syndicate head Martin Bal- sam sends his subordinate operator Michael Caine to Switz- erland to set up a bank in which the former will be able to deposit his ill-gotten monetary gains. (113 min.) S. THE VILLIAN—Comedy (PG). A parody of the honorahle genre of westerns with Kirk Douglas as an outlaw, Arnold Schwarzeneger and Ann-Margret. (89 min.) T. BREAKING AWAY—Comedy drama (PG). Dave (Dennis Chris- topher) is a young sports enthusiast. He wants to become a cycling champion. (101 min.) U. STARTING OVER—Comedy drama (R). Burt Reynolds is miserable single; after his divorce from Candice Bergen. He is introduced to Jill Clayburgh, and their relationship is almost destroyed when Bergen wants to reconcile her broken marriage. (106 min.) V. AVALANCHE EXPRESS—Action thriller (PG). After Robert Shaw defects from the Soviet Union, CIA escorts Lee Ma and Linda Evans attempt to get him across Europe safe a train. (89 min.) W. PATRICK—Horror "in suspense (PG). coma, yet he is in a hos- He has Patrick lies pital bed in a coma, yet he is not powerless, frightening powers of telkinesis. (97 min.) X. THE FISH THAT SAVED PITTSBURGH—Comedy (PG). A bas- ketball team; all members born under the astrological sign of Pisces (the fish), goes from miserable failure to thun- dering success. (104 min.) Y. ACES HIGH~War drama (PG). In 1917 France, Major Mal- colm McDowell's replacement; Peter Firth, arrives and tries hard to cope with the strain of duty. (107 min.) Z. THE INHERITANCE—Drama (R). Nineteenth Century busi- ness tycoon Anthony Quinn's daughter-in-law cleverly, and progressively, endears herself to him. (109 min.) AA. MEAN DOG BLUES—Action drama (R). On the way to Nash- ville composer-musician Gregg Henry is accused of a crime he didn't commit. Eventually he gets pardoned through the persuasion of his lawyer. (109 min.) BB. SHOCK WAVES—Horror drama (PG). Men not dead, not a- live...but somewhere in between, were prototypes for a div- ision of underwater assault troops, called SHOCK WAVES in the last World War. (91 min.) ------*J WllCUUIt * No movie scheduled * G' rated Andrews Top of Wind- 'O' Rock- Grindy Marine Hofn All ages admitted - General audiences. Theater the Rock breaker Club ville Club Club (H-3) Children under seven must be accom- M Oi ifl h ^j ro ^j -*4 ^i ^j ro «vi panied by an ID holder. ouoo o o o o o o Lo O o o m o o Ul o S ° o o 'PG' rated Today * M S L * * * * T 0 * * U All ages admitted - Parental guidance Saturday I A T J * M * * L E B B V suggested. Children under seven must Sunday N S L * H G * B M K T T W be accompanied by an ID card holder. Monday Tuesday * T E * S M F * S 0 * * * T J * P J F H * L * S X Y 'R' rated M Wednesday * 0 P * * * * T Y Z * K Z Restricted - Persons under 17 must ^| Thursday U T V * M * S C X BB * P AA accompanied by parent or adult guard^H Friday * X U W * * * * AA T * * BB ian.


The White Falcon

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