The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 11.04.1980, Blaðsíða 2

The White Falcon - 11.04.1980, Blaðsíða 2
1 Saturday Sunday Today 12:00 MOVIE: Joe Panther 1:50 SOAP (adult) 2:30 HAPPY DAYS 3:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) 3:45 BODY BUDDIES 4:10 SESAME STREET 5:10 JOKERS WILD 5:30 NOVA—A study of Washoe, one of the first champanzees to learn a sign-lan- guage and converse with humans. 6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS 7:00 WHAT'S HAPPENING IN REYKJAVIK 7:05 WONDER WOMAN 7:55 IF YOU LOVE ME (in- formation special) —Operation Cork, an organization devoted to alcohol aware- ness, introduces a dramatization of a family that is af- fected by alcohol- ism—from the first little indicators to the final con- frontation with the problem. 8:55 THREE'S COMPANY 9:25 QUINCY—When a sup- posedly dead man telephones his sist- er it sets Quincy, on a relentless quest to determine the true identify of the charred remains found in a bombed van. 10:15 NEWS UPDATE 10:30 MOVIE: Machine Gun McCain (adult)--A paroled convict plots a one-man heist of a gambling casino involving diversionary bom- bings of Las Vegas Stars John Cassave- tes, Britt Ekland, Peter Falk and Gena Rowlands. 12:05 SECOND CITY TELEVISION (adult) 12:30 ACTION THEATER 2:15 SIGN OFF NEWS 9 :00 CARTOON CARNIVAL 11: :00 9 :50 BATTLE OF THE PLANETS 11: :30 10 :15 CHILDREN'S SPECIAL 12: :00 11 :10 FOUR SEASONS 12 :00 NCAA BASKETBALL: (semi Finals) 1: :50 Louisville vs UCLA 3: ilO 1 :35 PRO BOWLERS TOUR 2 :45 CHALLENGE OF THE SEXES 5; :05 3: :30 LAST OF THE WILD 5: :35 4: :00 SUPERTEAMS* 5: :10 WONDERS OF THE SEA 5: :40 SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN—Steve is placed under arrest for theft of government property, desertion from duty and treason after something goes wrong during his orbital 6: 30 space test flight. 6: :30 WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE I 6: 45 6: :45 WHAT'S HAPPENING IN REYKJAVIK 6: :50 WELCOME BACK KOTTER 7i :15 THAT'S HOLLYWOOD —This program traces the career of Racquel Welch. 7! :40 BARNEY MILLER—Wojo is crestfallen when his pet parrot dies; and Harris' barely disguised story a-bout police work is about to be published—if everyone agrees to sign a re- 7: 15 lease form. 8: 05 8:05 CELEBRITY CONCERTS Connie Stevens 9: :00 THE JEFFERSONS 9: 25 THE AFRICANS—This episode was shot without government permission, and many of the persons filmed and inter- 8: :55 viewed have since 9: :50 been arrested. 10: ;15 10: :20 WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE II 10 :30 10: :35 SATURDAY NIGHT (adult) 11: :45 MOVIE: Speed Trap —A hot shot private insurance investigator is hired by a small town police department to link 10 :55 into a series of car thefts by someone 11 :50 called The Road 12 :20 Runner. Stars Joe Don Baker, Tyne Daly, Robert Loggia, Lana Wood, Richard ft Jaeckel and Phil \< Adams. M 1 :25 WESTERN THEATER yjj 2 :20 SIGN OFF NEWS MUSIC AND THE SPOKEN WORD LIFE ABUNDANT NCAA BASKETBALL: (semi-finals) UCLA vs Purdue MOVIE: Honeymoon Suite TOURNAMENT PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIPS WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW SIXTY MINUTES—The big fight about the use of the drug DMSC; Jarrett vs Jarrett, a woman fights for her chil- dren; a profile on Libya's Qadaffi; and Andy Rooney points out the sign of the times. WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE III HAPPY DAYS** (Part I of , III)—The Fonz meets a lovely pink clad biker who yearns to be his partner in a demol- ition derby. (ser- ies estimated to run 21 weeks) LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE (Part II)-In their ongoing riv- alry for Almanzo's affections, Nellie finds a particularly sneaky way to avenge a dirty trick played on her by Laura. ROCKFORD FILES—Good food and posh quar- ters are part of the protective custody package the DA'S office gives Angel, to persuade him to testify against a notorious hit man. PRIME TIME SUNDAY BENSON WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE FINAL EDITION ONE DAY AT A TIME (Part II of II) —Julie's wedding plans are compli- cated by the best man, who claims she loves him and not the groom. CRIMES OF PASSION (adult) ANYONE FOR TENNYSON SIGN OFF NEWS •# The funds *• • peopfe.Gne « ft to people • The Air Force • • Assistance • •• Fund .• ••••••• Monday 12:00 MOVIE: Speed Trap 1:40 BENSON 2:10 ROCKFORD FILES 3:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) 3:45 SOUPY SALES 4:10 SESAME STREET 5:10 $20,000 PYRAMID 5:35 JUKE BOX 6:00 TELL A VISION 6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS 7:00 BIONIC WOMAN—Jamie plays social secre- tary to a visiting_ King to prevent attempt on his li| Complications arr when she seeks the" assistance of a chief of protocol who seems more in- terested in woman- izing than in thwar- ting a potential assasination. 7:55 REAL PEOPLE (spec- ial^—The regulars pay tribute to an assemblage of char- acters that have been featured on past Real People programs. (90 min.-) 9:20 AGAINST THE WIND* —The concluding episode holds a few surprises for the Rum Corps and set- tlers of New South Wales. 10:15 NEWS UPDATE 10:30 NCAA BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP: UCLA vs Louisville—Af- ter trailing most of the way, the Louis- ville Cardinals ral- lies late in the game to defeat the UCLA Bruins and ture the NCAA pionship. 12:15 CAROL BURNETT 12:40 SIGN OFF NEWS at the


The White Falcon

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