The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 18.04.1980, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 18.04.1980, Blaðsíða 1
Keflavik, Iceland Volume 23, Number 15 April 18, 1980 News briefs Gasoline up Effective, May 1 Thursday, the price of gasoline will be in- creased. 30-year-olds must be examined On Saturday, April 26 at 9 a.m. Naval Station personnel over 30 years of age should report to the Emergency Room for physical exam- inations. According to a recent Naval Station instruction promoting the aerobics physical fitness program, personnel who are over 30 years old and have not had a physical exam in the last six months or who have complicating medical problems, need physical exams. These examinations will deter- mine an individual's ability to participate in the aerobics pro- ram, EKG's and a modified stress st will be done when indicated. Please call the hospital ap- 'jintment desk 3301/3302/3235 for details. Winter driving ends April 30 The winter driving season ends on April 30, and the summer driv- ing season commences on May 1, Thursday, and will end October 14. Usage of studded tires is un- authorized during the summer sea- son. The only exception allowed is an instance of freak weather conditions- If during some part of the sum- mer driving season, the roads be- come covered with ice or snow, then studded tires usage is au- thorized until the roads become clear again. VA publication available The 1980 edition of the Veter- ans Administration's publication, "Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents" is off the press and is available for $2 through the Superintendent of Documents, Wash- ington, D.C. 20402. The 73-page volume contains up- dated compensation and pension ate tables and rates of pay to terans training under the GI 111, along with explanations of general eligibility requirements for various benefits available tc veterans and their dependents. Give generously to The Navy Relief Society is there when you need it. During the past year 23 Navy and Marine personnel aboard the base could testify to that fact. They received a total of $8,530 in interest-free loans to meet their particular circumstances of need. The most common need was for emergency travel funds due to the serious illness or death of a family member. Additionally, 14 layettes, valued at $25 each, were given to Navy or Marine E-4s' or below who became parents during the year. Several of the items in each layette are made by local volunteers. Local executive director of the Navy Relief Office is Chaplain Thomas Benedum. "All of the work here is done by volunteers," he ex- plained. The total volunteer hours from March 1979 through March 1980, is 7,286 hours! At present, there are 18 volunteer workers helping in the areas of receptionist/clerical, interviewer, publicity, visiting nurse, and the layette program. The service provided locally is a sample of that given to some 85,000 active and retired members of the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps and their family members and survivors during 1979. More than $6.3 million was disbursed in over 42,000 loans during the past year. Another $450,000 was used to pro- vide some 3,000 outright grants not requiring repayment. These and oth- er services costing over $1.3 mil- lion were made possible by members and friends of the Naval Service who generously contributed over $2.7 million to Navy Relief in 1979. Loan repayments were $4.5 million, but these repayments and the con- tributions could not fully offset the inflation-generated rise in re- lief loans. On balance, the Society's relief operations resulted in a cash de- ficit of approximately $1 million last year. Navy Relief Society's assistance policies are designed to alleviate service members' temporary hardships or emergency situations. The Socie- ty does not provide assistance for nonessentials, nor does it supple- ment the income of people who lack sufficient self-discipline to live within their own means. The focus is always on helping with "needs" not "wants." The base the Navy Relief Office is located in Bldg. T-170 and is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The phone number is 4602. Additional volunteers are always needed. Call the office during working hours for more information. This year's Navy Relief Fund Drive will be held from April 28 through May 15. A repeat of last year's popular radiothon will be held from April 28 through May 2 as part of the drive. Furthermore, individuals will be able to contribute this year by the allotment method. Additional de- tails will be carried in next week's "White Falcon." JIBPIKr TERmiHAL I At 1 a.m. tonight, the triangle traffic will be changed to one way as follows: Drivers who are driv- ing on Airport Avenue towards the airport terminal will drive on the right side of the triangle. When entering the Airport Avenue from the International highway or from the airport terminal, drivers will use the left side of the triangle (by the taxi stand). Traffic signs will be posted accordingly. Security and Ice- landic police will monitor traffic and will advise drivers of the change.


The White Falcon

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