The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 25.04.1980, Blaðsíða 4

The White Falcon - 25.04.1980, Blaðsíða 4
Movie* A. THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN—Drama (PG) . Jane Fonda is a gla- morous TV reporter tracking a valuable stolen show horse. Robert Redford decides to set the stallion loose in the wilds of Utah. A romance between the two develops and the horse is set free. (120 min.) B. SLEEPING BEAUTY—Animation (G). A princess named Briar Rose is born, and for her christening all the good fairies of the kingdom bestow upon her a gift of great value. But so does the wicked fairy. She is to die at 15 when she pricks her finger on a spindle, but a good fairy softens the spell. Animated cartoon. (75 min.) C- THE SILENT PARTNER—Drama (R). Christopher Plummer is a bank robber who unfolds his scheme to a heist. Elliot Gould suspects the impending robbery and pulls a switch which nets his close $50,000. Revenge follows. Also stars Susannah York. (108 min.) D- FOXTROT—Drama (R). A very wealthy Englishman tiring of life in the busy world decides to get away from it all by living on a deserted tropical island. He and his wife move to the island, and he realizes he needs music. Seem- ingly drugged by foxtrot type records, he constantly plays them. War erupts in Europe in the meantime, and lifestyles have to change all around. Stars Peter 0'Toole and Char- lotte Rampling. (90 min.) E. RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN—Comedy (G). Compe- tition between 'tents' at Camp Remote is fluent when Charlie Brown and the gang race against a group of bullies. Animated cartoon. (105 min.) F. THE CAPTURE OF BIGF00T—Drama (PG). Harvey Olsen has followed the legend of Arak (Bigfoot) for 30 years. His bounty hunters meet with success as to his capture by actu- ally capturing his offspring instead. Stars Stafford Mor- gan and Katherine Hopkins. (93 min.) G. P0C0...THE LITTLE LOST DOG—Adventure drama (G). The heartwarming tale of a little lost dog and her little girl owner. A series of events strive to keep them apart, but their love holds strong. Stars Chill Wills and Michelle Ashburn. (96 min.) H. ANOTHER !!AN, ANOTHER CHANCE—Romantic western drama (PG). Genevieve Bujold outlives her husband; James Caan's wife is ravaged and killed by four men. Bujold and Caan eventually meet and fall in love. (129 min.) I. GAS PUMP GIRLS—Comedy (PG). Uncle Joe's 30 year old gas station, about to go out of business because of a newer one across the street, is repaired, but every trick in the book is tried to keep it's business out of competition. Stars Kristen Baker and Dennis Bowen. (86 min.) J. 1941—Comedy (PG). John Belushi and Ned Beatty star in a zany account of December 13, 1941; just six days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Features the 14-hour blackout Los Angeles experienced. (119 min.) a K. GREAT SANTINI—Drama (PG). A Marine lieutenant-colon- el's family is forced to change its hometown on the ays of once a year. For awhile they seem devoted to eac er, but an iron fist is revealed little by little fr father. Stars Robert Duvall and Blythe Danner. (115' if L5 nHW L. ARABIAN ADVENTURE—Fantasy adventure (G). An anthology of middle eastern legends stars Christopher Lee and Milo O'Shea. It combines the ingredients of 1001 Arabian Nights including a magic mirror and genies. (99 min.) M. ROSELAND—Comedy drama (PG) . "The Waltz," "The Hustle" and "The Peabody" are three scenes involving recapture of the past, a love triangle, and competition in a dance con- test. Includes stars Teresa Wright and Lou Jacobi. (110 min.) N• CHOIRBOYS—Comedy drama (R). The story of how big city cops relieve themselves of the tensions and frustrations adherent in their jobs. Leader of the "choirboys" is Charles Durning. Also stars Louis Gossett, Jr. (120 min.) 0. WHERE'S WILLIE—Comedy (G). No synopsis available (93 min.) P. YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE—Comedy drama (PG). Joe Silver, a second-rate comedian pushes his daughter, Didi Conn, into a career as a comedienne. She goes to New York where she is certain that stardom awaits her. (113 min.) R. KRAMER VS KRAMER—Drama (PG). Dustin Hoffman is mar- ried to Meryl Streep and have a seven-year-old son. Meryl leaves Dustin but returns after a year and demands her son. A court trial ensues. (105 min.) S. SKATE TOWN USA—Musical (PG). A young cast headed by Scott Baio involving the antics at a roller disco. Also stars Flip Wilson (94 min.) T. PROMISES IN THE DARK—Drama (PG). This movie deals with a 17-year-old cancer patient who wants to be allowed to die. Her parents and her doctor disagree howj Stars Marsha Mason and Ned Beatty. (118 min.) U. THE RUNNER STUMBLES—Drama (PG) . Set during the in the west, a love story involving the passion of a yoTTTTg nun and a middle-aged priest have for each other which leads to an accusation of murder. Stars Dick Van Dyke and Maureen Stapleton. V. AN ENEMY OF (110 min.) THE PEOPLE—Drama (G). A small town in northern Europe at the turn of the century, expects to be- come rich and famous as a health resort because of its spring of water. The town doctor, Steve McQueen discovers that the water has become polluted and wants it cleaned up. Also stars Charles Durning. (107 min.) W. IT LIVES AGAIN—Horror drama (R). Kathleen Lloyd and Frederick Forrest are the expectant parents of another mut- ant baby. After birth, the baby escapes and a bloodbath ensues. (90 min.) X. THE MUTHERS—Action drama (R) . Jeanne Bell and Rosanne Katon are stranded in a wild part of South America and be- come leaders of a pirate band. (89 min.) Y. SCHIZO—Horror drama (R). No synopsis available. Stars Lynne Fredrick and John Leyton. (109 min.) I—Schedule * No movie scheduled Andrews Top . of Wind- 'O' Rock- Grindy Marine HOFN Theater the Rock breaker ¦:iub ville Club Club H-3 N Ov ^O H ^i N3 «~» *~j to *-4 Ln **i tO ^4 O t*J o o LO O h- o o U> UJ o o o o o o o O O Ln o o oo o o Today * J I D * * * * * N * M * * R Saturday E L C F * J * * I I K K A A S Sunday G J M * A E * K * L P P I I T Monday * K N * J * * A * E * L * p U Tuesday N** J *(**US0)K * p * * M * 0 * N V Wednesday* I U * * * * J * P * Y * K W Thursday R P T * I * M N * W * U * J X Friday * S R X * * * * * T * J * * Y USO SHOW TUESDAY 7 P.M. , "BILLY FORD AND HIS THUNDERBIRDS ;" (?omjh,> 'G' rated All ages admitted - General audiences. Children under seven must be accom- panied by an ID holder. 'PG' rated All ages admitted - Parental guidance suggested. Children under seven must be accompanied by an ID card holder. 'R' rated Restricted - Persons under 17 must accompanied by parent or adult guar' ian. f


The White Falcon

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