The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 09.05.1980, Blaðsíða 1

The White Falcon - 09.05.1980, Blaðsíða 1
Keflavik, Iceland Volume 23, Number 18 May 9, 1980 News briefs Certain Exchange facilities will be closed The following Navy Exchange fa- cilities will be closed Thursday (Icelandic holiday): Main retail Btore/Geysir cafeteria/ Persona- lized services, Laundry, and Ser- vice bays only of the service sta- tion. All other Exchange facilities will have normal operating hours. Driver safety course offered Naval Station command encour- ages all personnel and especially dependents to sign up for the AAA Drivers Improvement Safety Course. The course is taught at the Driv- ers School (located at the License Office). It commences every Mon- day morning. For more information call 4579. ^Rayi of Md. honors graduates ^^u There will be an University of land graduation dinner Satur- ay, June 7, at the Officers' Club. The dinner will be given in honor of the January and May graduates (B.A. and A.A.). All U, of Md. students and fa- culty are invited to attend, even if you are not currently enrolled in or teaching a class. Reserva- tion and money will be accepted through Friday, May 23. For more information call 6226 for Liz Winterrowd at the NCFA Of- fice. Navy Relief Society can help you What can the Navy Relief Socie- ty do for you? It can help with emergency needs, interest free loans or outright gratuities for: emergency transportation, funer- als, medical bills (patients' share) food, necessary dental care, personal needs when pay re- cords are lost and education loans for dependent children. Other services that Navy Relief Society offers are: vocational training for widows, budget coun- seling, layettes, and cooperation with civilian agencies and mili- tary offices. Make your contri- bution to Navy Relief Society to- y. The Navy Relief Fund Drive ns through Thursday, and it is bt too late to contribute. RADM STEPHEN BARCHET, MC, USN--Inspector General Medical, Bureau of Med- icine and Surgery arrived Monday for a five-day visit to the NATO Base. RADM Barchet (front left) talks with Capts. Frederick Murray and Carl Voyles during a tour of the Naval Station Hospital. Standing behind RADM Barchet is Capt. Richard Erwin, Executive Assistant Irspector Gei eral Med- ical. (Photo by J03 Dave Guise) Summer term begins May 19 The Navy Campus for Achievement Office commences registration Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in BOQ 638 for Summer session Term V. The registration procedures for Los Angeles Community College and the University of Maryland are: Make a course selection. Decide on your method of payment: Full pay- ment, Veterans Administration the G. I. Bill, or by Tuition Assis- tance. It is your responsibility to know the rules and adhere to them. Then register for your course, and submit all paperwork and money by the next working day after regis- tration ends. The University of Maryland offers the following courses: English 101- Introduction to Writing, Zoology 270 - Population Biology and General Ecology, French 333 - French Life and Culture, and BMGT 460 - Per- sonnel Management, Analysis and Problems. All of the University of Maryland courses offered Term V are three se- mester hour courses and will be held in A.T. Mahan High School from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Los Angeles Community Colleges Overseas Program courses offered are" Theatre 001 - Introduction to Acting, Psychology 001 - Introduc- tion to Psychology, Photography 010- Beginning Black & White Photography, German 021 - Fundamentals of German, Auto. Mech, 210 - Tune Up II, Broad- casting 018 - Radio & Television Sales and Advertising, Cabinetmaking 113 - An Application of Cabinet Millwork, Fire Science 001 - Intro- duction to Fire Science. Two popular courses offered by Los Angeles Community Colleges Over- seas are: Business 015 - Business Statistics and Health 021 - Human Sexuality. Two new additional courses offer- ed by Los Angeles Community Colleges Overseas are: Finance 008 - Per- sonal Money Management, and Super- vision 001 - Elements of Supervision I. Students are reminded that educa- tional counseling is available. Call the Navy Campus Office at 6226 or 7795. Did you know that the CLEP tests are available to all active duty personnel free of charge? Civilians are eligible to take CLEP tests but they must pay the fees.


The White Falcon

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