The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 09.05.1980, Blaðsíða 2

The White Falcon - 09.05.1980, Blaðsíða 2
T oday Saturday Sunday 12:00 MOVIE: Holocaust (adult) (Part II) 1:40 UNITED STATES 2:05 LAVERNE & SHIRLEY 2:35 RYAN'S HOPE (adult) 3:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) 3:45 BODY BUDDIES 4:10 SESAME STREET 5:10 JOKERS WILD 5:35 SIXTY MINUTES (spec- ial edition)—Seg- ments on: The rise in art thefts; The personal view of an organized labor lea- der towards presi- dential actions; Federal aid money to the wealthy farmer; and Andy Rooney speaks out on ener- gy conservation. 6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS 7:00 WHAT'S HAPPENING IN REYKJAVIK 7:05 WONDER WOMAN—poses as a servant maid to catch a thief who is posing as an agent to sweep a visiting Queen off her feet- -and make off with her priceless dia- mond crown. 7:55 EIGHT IS ENOUGH 8:45 WITH THE CONTENDERS- (elections) 8:55 THREE'S COMPANY 9:25 QUINCY — volunteers for weekend work at a hospital for the criminally insane to investigate murder and patient abuse charges madp by a dead inmate's mot- her. 10:15 NEWS UPDATE 10:30 MOVIE: Summer of my German Soldier—A young Jewish girl, living in the South during World War II, befriends a German prisoner of war and hides him when he escapes from a camp near her home. Stars Kristy McNic- hol, Bruce Davison, Esther Rolle. 12:10 SECOND CITY TELEVISION 12:35 ACTION THEATER 2:20 SIGN OFF NEWS 11:35 12:00 2:10 3:20 3:55 4:20 9:00 CARTOON CARNIVAL 9:55 BATTLE OF THE PLANETS 10:20 CHARLIE BROWN'S ALL-STARS 10:45 HOT HERO SANDWICH** —This program is a potpourri of inter- views, music and comedy aimed at young people. On this debut show, Erik Estrada, Bruce Jenner, Olivia New- ton-John and Donna Pescow talk about subjects ranging from dating to di- vorce. DANCE FEVER BASEBALL: St. Louis vs Pittsburgh PRO BOWLERS TOUR CHALLENGE OF THE SEXES LAST OF THE WILD SPORTS SPECIAL: The Airborne—Once a year, in a high des- ert valley North of Reno, Nevada, a un- ique group of indi- viduals , young and old, meet to partic- ipate in the world's fastest motor sport- air racing. 5:10 WONDERS OF THE SEA 5:40 SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN (Part I of II) —Oscar is informed that a satellite launch may be sab- otaged and assigns Steve to take over the mission in space. 6:30 WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE I 6:45 WHAT'S HAPPENING IN REYKJAVIK 6:50 THAT NASHVILLE MUSIC **—From the Grand Ole Opry in Nashvil- le, Tenn., Eddie Rabbit hosts a musi- cal party. Guests include Billy Joe Speers and Don Gib- son. 7:15 ARCHIE BUNKER'S PLACE 7:40 BARNEY MILLER 8:10 CELEBRITY CONCERTS: Ferrante and Teicher 9:00 THE JEFFERSONS 9:30 LOVE BOAT 10:20 WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE II 10:35 SATUBDA'Z NIGHT (adult) 11:40 MOVIE: The Oval Portrait 1:05 WESTERN THEATER 2:50 SIGN OFF NEWS .1 :00 MUSIC AND THE SPOKEN WORD .1 :30 LIFE ABUNDANT .2 :00 NBA PLAYOFFS: Seattle vs Milwaukee 1 :55 MOVIE: Welcome Home 3 :10 NHL PLAYOFFS: M< Buffalo vs Chicago 5: :05 WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW 12:00 5 :35 SIXTY MINUTES—Re- ports on: Omega 7, 12:40 a Cuban-American 2:35 terrorist group who have vowed to Kill 3:00 Castro; Ann Lind- bergh and her new 3:45 book about her hus- 4:10 band; Dam, A Tennes- 5:10 see valley dam that 5:35 no one wants but the politicians. 6:00 6: :30 WEEKEND NEWS 6:30 UPDATE III 7:00 6: :45 HAPPY DAYS—Richie borrows Fonzie's a-partment to impress his new girlfriend. However, he makes a bigger impression on the girl's father, who discovers the youngsters in a 7:50 seemingly compro- mising situation. 7: :15 LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE 8:05 ROCKFORD FILES —Strange events that are seemingly unrelated plague the Rockfords after Rocky decides to go into partnership with a stranger. 8:55 PRIME TIME SUNDAY 9:45 BENSON—Miss Kraus informs an incred- ulous but nervous staff that a spat of errie pranks were committed by the ghost of a governor murdered in the man- sion a hundred years ago. 10:15 WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE III 10:30 ONE DAY AT A TIME —Ann has a handsome new assistant to whom she makes some brazen advances- -only to be disap- pointed when he proves to be annoy- ing. 10:55 CRIMES OF PASSION (adult) 11:50 HONEY WEST 12:15 SIGN OFF NEWS Monday 8:45 MOVIE: Carry on Screaming ROCKFORD FILES RYAN'S HOPE (adult) GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) SUPERSTAR PROFILE SESAME STREET $20,000 PYRAMID TO BE A CLOWN (information) TELL A VISION NIGHTLY NEWS GRIZZLY ADAMS—Na- koma teaches an In- dian boy how to be a brave, and Adams be- friends an Army sur- veyor—Captain Ulys- ses S. Grant. BIONIC WOMAN—A pair of foreign agents and two rough saddle bums have different motives, but equal determination to stop an OSI computer expert from pursuing his hobby of rodeo competition. WITH THE CONTENDERS 8:55 M*A*S*H—Hawkeye and B.J. receive a por- table bathtub they have ordered from stateside, but the closely guarded se- cret is soon out. (repeat) 9:25 REAL PEOPLE 10:15 NEWS UPDATE 10:30 MOVIE: Cagliostro (adult)—An 13th Century man of sci- ence, culture and mystic powers, also a daring adventurer, favorite of two Popes—cuts short his ambitions. He becomes involved in a daring plot—en- ding in his arrest. Stars Curt Jurgens, Bekim Fehmiu, Rober Alda, Rosann Schiaffino and Eye-' lyn Stewart. 12:00 ANDY GRIFFITH 12:25 SIGN OFF NEWS


The White Falcon

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