The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 09.05.1980, Blaðsíða 3

The White Falcon - 09.05.1980, Blaðsíða 3
^1: Tuesday 12:00 ARCHIE BUNKER'S PLACE 12:25 LOVE BOAT 1:15 BENSON 1:45 REAL PEOPLE 2:35 RYAN'S HOPE (adult) 3:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) 3:45 MELTING POT 4:10 ELECTRIC COMPANY 4:40 CHARLIE CHAN* 5:15 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 5:40 WILD KINGDOM 6:05 SHA NA NA 6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS 7:00 CAROL BURNETT -- The first of a four-week one hour variety series starring the award winning com- edienne. Carol is joined by Tim Con- way, Vicki Lawrence, Kenneth Mars, Craig Richard Nelson and special guest star Cheryl Ladd. 7:50 CITIES—Elie Wiesel kes viewers on a sonal pilgrimage ough the legends; yths and history of the eternal city of Jerusalem. 8:45 ALICE—An incompe- tent robber runs true to form as he tries to hold up the diner when the cash register is sticking and a customer is a- bout to have a baby. 9:20 I CLAUDIUS (adult) —Intrigue and plot- ting on the part of Livia continues as Emperor Augustus holds a family din- ner party. An in- discreet affair be- tween Postumus and Livilla gives Livia another chance to clear the way for succession of her son Tiberius. 10:15 NEWS UPDATE 10:30 BEST OF CARSON—This best of the best of Johnny's shows fea- tures actor-singer Tony Randall; band leader, drummer ddy Rich; comic lly Monteith; and iter Tommy Thomp- son. 11:45 THE FBI 12:40 SIGN OFF NEWS Wednesday 12:00 BIONIC WOMAN 12:50 THE FBI 1:45 LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE 2:35 RYAN'S HOPE (adult) 3:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) 3:45 LATINO CONSORTIUM 4:15 SESAME STREET 5:15 CELEBRITY CHARADES 5:35 CANDID CAMERA 6:00 VICTORY AT SEA 6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS 7:00 WHITE SHADOW 7:50 WKRP IN CINCINNATI —At first, Arthur Carlson is ecstatic when his wife Carmen announces she is going to make him a father for the sec- ond time. 8:20 WITH THE CONTENDERS 8:25 RAFFERTY—Dr. Raf- ferty must deal with a pregnant steward- ess who suspects she has radiation pois- ioning; a 10-year- old near death child does not want to re- turn to a juvenile center. 9:20 ABC NEWS CLOSEUP; The Cambodians—This report sheds some light on one of the most tragic episodes in modern history, the agony of Cam- bodia, which if con- tinues at its pres- ent rate of genocide is doomed to extic- tion. (NOTE: This program contains very harsh and bru- tal scenes that may be upsetting to some segments of the viewing audience) 10:15 NEWS UPDATE 10:30 MOVIE: Holocaust (Part Ill-adult) —Fighting alongside Russian partisans, Rudi and Helena take time out to get mar- ried. And while Karl and two fellow inmates are tortured by the Nazis, Dorf checks out Zyklon B, the poison gas to be used in the death camps. 12:05 DOBBIE GILLIS 12:30 SIGN OFF NEWS *Series ends * 4 Series be gins ***Time change (Programs identified as ADULT viewing contain words. phrases, scenes or subjects which may be offensive to a segment of the audience. Parental discretion is advised.) Programs may change without notice Thursday Channel 2- All- weather station 12 :00 M*A*S*H ' 12 :25 WKRP IN CINCINNATI 12 :00 MOVIE: Holocaust 12 :50 WHITE SHADOW (Part Ill-adult) 1 :45 RAFFERTY 1 :35 UNITED STATES 2 :35 RYAN'S HOPE (adult) 2 :05 HAPPY DAYS 3 :00 GENERAL HOSPITAL 2 :35 RYAN'S HOPE (adult) (adult) 3 :00 GENERAL HOSPITAL 3 :45 SEW WHAT'S NEW (adult) 4 :10 ELECTRIC COMPANY 3 :45 BODY BUDDIES 4 :40 HOT FUDGE SHOW 4 :10 SESAME STREET 5 .10 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 5 :10 JOKERS WILD 5 :35 HEE HAW 5 :35 EMILLO AND HIS MAG- 6 :30 NIGHTLY NEWS ICAL BULL (info) 7 .00 LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY 6 30 NIGHTLY NEWS —All the guests at 7 00 WHAT'S HAPPENING a bridal shower are IN REYKJAVIK either married or 7 05 WONDER WOMAN—pre- engaged—except La- tends to marry a Verne and Shirley. Presidential aide to 7 30 DIFFERENT STROKES —Arnold and Willis find a watch on the hallway, but are a-fraid to return it learn just how the wives of government officials are being used to leak classified information. because it had been 7 55 EIGHT IS ENOUGH—Ab- stolen from a neigh- by has returned to bor's apartment. college full time, 8 00 MOVIE: Dark Star —Having sent a futuristic, manned spaceship into inter-galactic orbit, scientists attempt and the other Brad-fords are preoccupied — leaving Nicholas to his own devices after school. to destroy several 8 45 WITH THE CONTENDERS unstable planets. 8 50 THREE'S COMPANY Stars Brian Narelle, —Janet fumes as her Cal Kuniholm and Dan blind date and O'Bannon. Chrissy discover mu- 9: 25 BODY HUMANS*—The functions of the human brain are explained with emph- tual attraction. (Is one of the earlier episodes with the Ropers) asis on what medical 9 20 QUINCY science can do when 10: 15 NEWS UPDATE the brain fails to 10 30 MOVIE: Murder on operate properly. the Midnight Express Operations are per- (adult)—A very formed to correct frightened man car- motor control prob- rying top secret lems, growth retar- files from an un- dation and seizures. friendly country a- 10: 15 NEWS UPDATE ttempts to defect to 10: 30 CLASS OF '65 (adult) —Penny comes from a family of high achievers yet seems to fail at everything she tries. This finally drives her the west. Stars Judy Geeson, Carl Gray, Jim Smilie, Anthony Nash and Al-ister Williamson. to drugs and promis- 11: 40 SECOND CITY cuous sex. TELEVISION (adult) 11. 25 CELEBRITY REVUE 12: 05 ROCK WORLD 11: 50 GET SMART 12: 30 ACTION THEATER 12: 15 SIGN OFF NEWS 2: 15 SIGN OFF NEWS


The White Falcon

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