The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 09.05.1980, Blaðsíða 4

The White Falcon - 09.05.1980, Blaðsíða 4
A. KRAMER VS KRAMER—Drama (PG). Dustin Hoffman is mar- ried to Meryl Streep and have a seven-year-old son. Meryl leaves Dustin but returns after a year and demands her son. A court trial ensues. (105 min.) B. SKATE TOWN USA—Musical (PG). A young cast headed by Scott Baio involving the antics at a roller disco. Also stars Flip Wilson (9A min.) C. PROMISES IN THE DARK—Drama (PG). This movie deals with a 17-year-old cancer patient who wants to be allowed to die. Her parents and her doctor disagree however. Stars Marsha Mason and Ned Beatty. (118 min.) P. THE RUNNER STUMBLES—Drama (PG) . Set during the 1920's in the west, a love story involving the passion of a young nun and a middle-aged priest have for each other which leads to an accusation of murder. Stars Dick Van Dyke and Maureen Stapleton. (110 min.) E. AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE—Drama (G). A small town in northern'Europe at the turn of the century, expects to be- come rich and famous as a health resort because of its spring of water. The town doctor, Steve McQueen discovers that the water has become polluted and wants it cleaned up. Also stars Charles Durning. (107 min.) F. IT LIVES AGAIN—Horror drama (R). Kathleen Lloyd and Frederick Forrest are the expectant parents of another mut- ant baby. After birth, the baby escapes and a bloodbath ensues. (90 min.) G. THE MUTHERS—Action drama (R). Jeanne Bell and Rosanne Katon are stranded in a wild part of South America and be- come leaders of a pirate band. (89 min.) H. SCHIZO—Horror drama (R). No synopsis available. Stars Lynne Fredrick and John Leyton. (109 min.) 1. MARIE ANNE—Drama (G). Andree Pelletier and John Juli- an! star in the story of a woman enduring incredible hard- ships in order to be with her husband, who, because once having an Indian "wife", their togetherness may destroy the fur trade. (87 min.) J- APOCALYPSE NOW—War drama (R). Martin Sheen portrays a captain assigned to find and kill one Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando), a brilliant officer who has gone insane. Colonel Kurtz is running his own war from a secluded area in Cambo- dia. Catastrophes are numerous along the way. (153 min.) K. JESSE & LESTER TWO BROTHERS IN A PLACE CALLED TRINITY— Western (PG). Jesse Smith is known throughout the West for his extraordinary ability with his fists, pistols and wo- men. His brother Lester is looking for him to share their inheritance of land called Trinity. Stars Richard Harrison and Donald O'Brian. (98 min.) L. JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT—Comedy (R). Alan King is a powerful mogul who collects companies, art and lots of young girls whom he molds into his own liking. Chief of the harem is All McGraw. (113 min.) e a«*^ M. HOT LEAD, COLD FEET—Comedy western (G). Jim Dale Don Knotts star in plenty of action, as the lawless tow^ Bloodshy seems to be in a perpetual state of turmoil, min.) N. DEATH RAGE—Action drama (R). Peter Marciani (Yul Bry- nner) is out to murder the mafia leader who accidentally killed his brother. Police inspector Martin Balsam be- comes involved. (85 min.) 0. FIRST LOVE—Love drama (R). College student William Katt is intrigued by Susan Dey and they have an affair that continues despite Dey's affair with an older man. (97 min.) P. RUBY—Occult horror (R). Stuart Whitman and Piper Lau- rie (Ruby) star in the story of what links strange occur- rences in the swamp Ruby's lover was killed in, and the now grown up daughter of their's. (92 min.) R. THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION—Horror drama (PG). Spiders terrorize and attack a town. They are destroyed by meteor- ologists Barbara Hale and Steve Brodie by having them show- ered with neutrons. (80 min.) S. SEVEN—Action drama (R). Drew Sevano (William Smith) is called by a top government official to destroy an alli- ance of seven Hawaiian crime bosses. Chase scenes involve vans, helicopters and boats. Also stars Ed Parker and Bar- bara Leigh. (101 min.) T. PARTS - THE CLONUS HORROR—Science fiction horror (R). In the Clonus Institute; a breeding facility providing clone organ parts for the people in charge, two different types of clones meet and fall in love. Stars Dick Sargent and Leurele Tuttle. (90 min.) U. GOING IN STYLE—Comedy drama (PG). George Burns, Art Carney and Lee Strasberg are retired citizens whiling away the hours sitting on park benches. One day George Burns suggests they rob a bank for a last fling in life. Their fling nets $35. (99 min.) V. THE AMERICAN SUCCESS CO.- -Drama (PG). It's time f living symbol of success in the overseas hierarc S^^F change for Harry Flowers; a is discontented with his slot the credit card empire his father-in-law is head of. Jeff Bridges and Sarah Belinda Bauer. (91 min.) W. WORLD'S GREATEST LOVER—Comedy drama (PG). Bakery as- sistant and bumbler Gene Wilder and new bride, Carol Kane, head for Hollywood where the former hopes to win the Con- tract for a film part starring him as Valentino. (96 min.) X. THE FLOWER IN HIS MOUTH—Drama (R). Jennifer O'Neill, a school-teacher in a small Italian town in Sicily, is an- noyed by a man who arrived in town with her on the bus. The man is discovered that night sitting on a chair in the cen- ter of the piazza with a bullet hole in his head, and a flower in his mouth. Also stars James Mason. (114 min.) Y. ANTONIO—Drama (G). No synopsis available. Stars Lar- (93 min.) A Marine lieutenant-colon- ry Hagman and Trini Lopez AA. GREAT SANTINI—Drama (PG) . el's family is forced to change its hometown on the average of once a year. For awhile they seem devoted to each oth- er, but an iron fist is revealed little by little from the father. Stars Robert Duvall and Blythe Danner. (115 min.) r—Schedu 1 f* V* ^^*^~^™ * No movie scheduled 'G' rated Andrews To p of Wind- 'O' Rock- Grindy Marine HOFN All ages admitted - General audiences. Theater rh e Rock breaker Club ville Club Club H-3 Children under seven must be accom- M C> lO H ~j ro ^j ¦vj PO ^1 ^j N> -~J panied by an ID holder. O to o o o o o o o o LO O O O 1— o o o o O O O O O 'PG' rated Today *AA K L * * * * * J N * * R All ages admitted - Parental guidance Saturday E C H N * A * * K K L B B S suggested. Children under seven must Sunday I K J * D G * A * M P L L T be accompanied by an ID card holler. Monday * A F * N * * D * G H u 'R' rated M Tuesday L B J * A * H * * N M G V Wednesday* K S * * * * J * P G A w Restricted - Persons under 17 must H Thursday V A J * B * K L * X 0 N X accompanied by parent or adult guarc^H Friday * V W T * * * * * S R * Y ian. >


The White Falcon

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