The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 06.06.1980, Blaðsíða 2

The White Falcon - 06.06.1980, Blaðsíða 2
T oday Saturday Sunday 12:00 2:05 35 00 45 10 L0 30 30 00 7:05 :55 :00 8:50 :00 10: 10: 15 30 9: CO 9:55 10:20 10:45 11:35 12:00 12: 12: 2: MOVIE: The Long Ships (adult) UNITED STATES (adult) RYAN'S HOPE (adult) GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) BODY BUDDIES SESAME STREET JOKERS WILD NOVA NIGHTLY NEWS WHAT'S HAPPENING IN REYKJAVIK WONDER WOMAN (Part II of II)—Extrater- restrial thieves who traffic in human minds are zeroing in on an elite govern- ment think tank. Wonder Woman, with an assist from a friendly outer space envoy, must stop them. WITH THE CONTENDERS EIGHT IS ENOUGH—The Bradfords are con- fronted with a prob- lem regarding a lo- cal theatre showing X-rated movies, and Joannie finds her- self in the mlikely position of exposing her father as one of the stockholders in the theatre. THREE'S COMPANY —Jack has the mis- fortune to fall in love with a girl whose brother is an over protective gym instructor. SPECIAL: ABC News Closeop: The In- vestigators —Water- gate aside, govern- ment agencies are not the only ones that have kept co- vert watch on unsus- pecting Americans. According to this report, many busi- nesses and local po- lice forces also pry into private lives. NEWS UPDATE MOVIE: The Take—A New Mexico police- man tries to appear as an honest cop while accepting bribes from a well organized syndicate. Stars Billy Dee Wil- liams, Eddie Al- bert, Vic Morrow and Frankie Avalon SECOND CITY TV 5:10 5:35 6:30 6:45 7:10 7:35 8:05 8:55 9:25 10:15 10:30 11:40 u . :-.blO 3 :b±a 05 C 2 - ' .. . - ACT in;. TIII.ATKI 1:10 SIGN OFF NEWS 2:55 CARTOON CARNIVAL BATTLE OF THE PLACETS CHARLIE BROWN'S ALL-STARS HOT HERO SANDWICH AMERICA'S TOP 10 BASEBALL: Montreal vs Cincinnati PRO BOWLERS TOUR BEVERLY MLLBILLIES SPORTS SPECIAL: Big Game America—A look at 50 years of pro- fessional football from its inception. Also, in in-depth look at Don Meredith of the Dallas Cow- boys, and his final game as a pro. SUCCESS THE PREAKNESS WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE I THAT NASHVILLE MUSIC ARCHIE BUNKER'S PLACE—Archie and Murray have a tax problem and an in- vestigator is coming to audit them. BARNEY MILLER (a- dult)— Everyone searches frantically for Harris, who dis- appeared while on an undercover mission. CELEBRITY CONCERTS: Dionne Warwick THE JEFFERS0NS LOVE BOAT—A strict IRS auditor becomes enamored of Captain Stubing until she finds something in his file. A beaut- iful TV actress is hounded by a nation- al magazine repor- ter. A honeymoon couple meets the bride's former lover. WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE II SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE: Fantastic Invasion of Planet Earth—A young mar- ried couple charter a plane and are for- ced to land in a strange town, encap- suled in a huge plastic bubble. The inhabitants from which there seems to be no escape. Stars Michael Cole, Deb- orah.. Walley and Johnny Desmond. WESTERN THEATER SIGN OFF NEWS 11:00 1.1:30 12:00 12:30 1:10 2:45 3:10 5:05 5:35 6^:30 6:45 7:15 8:05 8:55 9:45 10:15 1G:30 10:55 11:50 12:15 MUSIC AND THE .SPOKEN WORD LIFE ABUNDANT TELL A VISION CHALLENGE OF THE SEXES MOVIE: Hell Hounds of Alaska—A youth is rescued from a cave-in, only to be kidnapped in a gold English Stars Doug Harold Angelica Roberto robbery. dubbed. McClure, Leipnitz, Ott and Blanco. LAST OF THE WILD NASL SOCCER: Tampa vs Vancouver WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW SIXTY MINUTES—Seg- ments include: the establishment vs Dr. Burton who uses a- nother approach to research in finding a cure for cancer; who killed Georgi Markov? - the assas- sination of a Bul- garian writer in London; Yesterday- -an update on Gib- raltar, the British have it but the Spanish want it. Wf.EKEND NEWS L'DJATE III HAPPY DAYS LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE—A faith healer mesmerizes the people of Wal- nut Grove with his apparent ability to cure by the laying on of hands. ROCKFORD FILES—A fraternity pledge is abducted by brothers who have more on their minds than hell-week hazing. PRIME TIME SUNDAY BENSON—turns detec- tive when he learns the Governor's man- sion is bugged. WEEKEND NEWS UPDATE FINAL EDITION PNE DAY. AT A TIME CRIMES OF PASSION HONEY WEST ; ¦ i SIGN OFF NEWS Monday 12:00 MOVIE: Fantastic Invasiori.o.f Planet Earth <>; "V v 1:45 ROCKFORD FILES wo 2:35' RYAN'S' HOPE (adult)"- 3,:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (aault) 3:45 DANCE FEVER 4:10 SESAME STREET 5:10 $20,000 PYRAMID 5:35 SUPERSTAR PROFILE . ..,... fjCatherine LaPorte Coolen interviews Michael Douglas a- bdut his TV series, and. also \,his film, China Syndrome. '='¦ 6:05 WHEN HAVOC STRUCK 6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS :, 7:00 .GRIZZLY ADAMS ' 7:55 WITH THE CONTENDERS 8:00 BIQNICr W0MN1-Jamie -., t,.,,,., joins .divers , who Are' setting up deep; sea submarine detectors, and J^ipA-JiHCliided, are themselves being set: uPsi, -$s; shark ¦ "ha-it.' ¦' ¦•¦"'¦¦ ' 8: 55'•" M*A*S*H—Major""' Win'-' chestor saves on the operating| ble, with_ the ¦ of...vipthers; -"and be5 comes a 'self pro- claimed here. 9:25 ; LIVE AT THE FORtlfe' —In .this special concert appearance at Toronto's Canada Forum, talented Neil Sedaka, entertains with -a variety of songs,' most^ of which are his own compos- itions. . 10:15 NEWS UPDATE 10:30 .MOVIE: . To Kill A Cop : (Part . I-adult) —Irii:this first seg- ' ment of a two par- :/:;tj£r.i^. former revol- utionary leader of the 1960s, long in exile in Africa, returns to .New York to reestablish his terrorist power base by recruiting some cop killers. Stafs Joe Don Baker, Louis Gossett 3r:,;Patrick 0'Ne?l,.. Desi Arnaz and .. Christine Bel- ford. (Part; II Wednesday at .• time) 12:10 DOBIE GILLIS 12:35 SIGN OFF NEWS at:t - 5*11 , .«.<; or.:K 01 03


The White Falcon

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