The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 06.06.1980, Blaðsíða 3

The White Falcon - 06.06.1980, Blaðsíða 3
Wednesday Thursday Friday esday SB I [) 12 ': 00 —sabtiu 12V25' 1:20 1:45 2:30 2:55 ,^^2:35. .(3';) 3,5,00, ARCHIE •BUNKER='S2:,;- bsJiflB 9li PLACE Xsanoa-jsq bna LOVE 80AT"1 B3**2 BENSON M*A*S*H -"' "-> Y.i»mc: RYAN'S HOPE (adult)-- BEN CASEY (General Hospital preempted' by network)-: =.*.¦';• &3tSl • 3:45 4:15 5:15 5; 35 6: p5 BIONIC WOMAN THE FBI LITTLE HOUSE ON" ..Ju;." THE PRAIRIE, | RYAN'S HOPE (adult)' "... GENERAL H0SPITAL; (adult) ".;.. ^ „j0,5 LATINO CONSORTIUM j.^ SESAME STREET! CELEBRITY.. CHARADES* CANDID CAMERA ¦ VICTORY AT ler and Mussolini ,Bjr are haying- high lev- el talks ; as. 160,000. >'".n::. tvi ....... 4g^S0im^s move. • Y. 9.1 6:30 ;-; 7:00 BBri drfgisa g s/fc »> „araBb ¦ -. - s:)ii-:oq-jo J07.55J 8:00 8:25 3:45 4:10, ¦; ELECTRIC COMPANY 4:40- i LAFF-A-LYMPICS 5:15 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 5:40 WILD KINGDOM ) 6:05 SHA NA NA ... ,: .-¦ .6:30 NIGHTLY NEWS,; "7:00. SIX MILLION. . DOLLAR MAN—When Steve is assigned . to track down 1 two. enemy ag- ents ... that swept in- to the country, he is haunted .and an ap- parition that has an identical likeness to himself. (re- turns to Saturday next week) • 7:50 : CITIES*—Editor of _.tjie. ,Paris .Review, George Plimpton, ¦guides . viewers through a very spec- . ial New York, where f2 ISSn .'La 1: . •'¦¦¦','. • vi ¦- the extraordinary is , ¦'. [j ) . :. i t . ... .- ~ commonplace, and the competition to f es- cape is almost as tough as the compe- tition ,to succeed. ALICE—donates an .'" . old .silver cup from the diner . to' ja, church rummage sale, ;,;j;:...;. It seems the cup is -tui ?b.a:.memento.'from Mel's Navy days, and now :r.,K o'A it's.up ::to Alice tp retrieve it~or:deal1'Xi.!-,R with Mel's fury. 8:50 9:45 8:50 vh^i 10:15 10:30 :20 I CLAUDIUS (adult) -"••-¦=S- ¦ stunned "Senate™"" listens in silence} 9fDl as a letter from the Emperor Tiberius is who are committed the two parter based on the novel by Robert¦Daley, about ' ,2 'group of revol- utionary killers yd bslf to kill cops. Stars ^^40 12:35 read, which states conclusive evidence of treason has beetl-fi'DI iofiEbCCjppiled against the . ?^Ur. lady B A-rippina and ' ' t and Alan FudSe '-Jjer §011 Nero. 12:10 NEWS UPDATE 12:35 BEST OF CARSON bstD -;9fc.-i; ana - baa ' THE FBI SIGN OFF NEWS 10:15 Joe Don Baker, Louis "> Gossett Jr., Joyce Van Pattern, Ertha FULL CONTACT KARATE SIGN OFF NEWS RorsoVDIE 12:00 12:25 12:50 1:40 2:35 3:00 3:45 4:10 4:40 5:15 5:40 6:30 7:00 12:00 Sicily to-: conquer.^ this stra'te- '''• glcJ point.' i NIGHTLY NEWS WHITE SHADOW—Coach Reeves is very upset' when Coach Harper of' Oakridge . uses un-„ fair'' tactics to re- cruit Reece for his basketball team. WITH' THE CONTENDERS' ' KEFLAVIK-CHRONICLES WKRP' IN CINCINNATI —-Special1Guest Star- Sparky Anderson, one1- of baseball's greatest managers, returns to Cincin- nati to work for one:. of' radio's worse- managers when Carl- son makes him host ' of WKRP's newest sport show.- RAFFERTY UNITED STATES (a- dult)—Libby is up- set -when Richard in- vites dinner guests -; without consulting . her, .an"d.-he. is-, irri:- tated with-her when she'1 counters the punishment : he in-', f licted upon their ..two unruly sons. NEWS UPDATE' -.30 MOVIE: To Kill A Cop (part II-adult) --The ' conclusion of :05' so J 3:45 4:10 5:10 30 30 00 7:30 KEFLAVIK CHRONICLES WKRP IN CINCINNATI - WHITE SHADOW 1:40 RAFFERTY 2 • RYAN'S HOPE (adult)' ' GENERAL HOSPITAL :':(adult):- '" : SEW WHAT'S NEW ELECTRIC COMPANY "HOT FUDGE SHOW '''HOLLYWOOD SQUARES HEE HAW NIGHTLY''NEWS ' ' LAVERNE' AND SHIRLEY —are jealous of attention being poured over Miss Pinhead arid So they decide to embark oh '[ mo'celing careers. '' DIFFERENT STROKES —The new house- keeper1, " Adelaide'1,'-^'' makes such delicious fudge-browhies that-' the kids go Into ; business selling them, and- turn the : • household into a"' hotbed of labor '•d;fs-3J'!T 8n±wo.Tjjj las CLASS OF (adult)' DIFFERBNT STROKES UNITED STATES r^adulrt) 2:35 Aryan's hope (adult) '3:00 GENERAL HOSPITAL (adult) ; BODY BUDDIES SESAME STREET '" JOKERS WILD'S-- NOVA ¦"¦"''¦ ;; NIGHTLY"NEWS ¦1111 ¦ b:<.i> ro-' boJ n.t 1 ¦ loi gnA-bi ¦¦¦¦'. I - .:' -' ' '.. 7:05 WHAT'S HAPPENING-'110^ IN REYKJAVIK1 WONDER WOMAN—con- fronts her own mech- ' ¦'aniz"ed double-.: when'. V - . he takes oh "a wily, 'little old toy maker who creates android look-a-llkes !to' re- place ' scientists '. ''¦ -' working on' a new super weapon'. 8:00 EIGHT IS ENOUGh ' •' = —Nancy runs into a ¦ATti .' ¦ .rornantic .' entangie- Tnerit' • when she tries ' to neip' brother p.utes. 8:00 . Dav help' win a con SPECTffi?u'4WslD USA0'1 JM,Bli'sfruc't'ion contact.. _ 3 Ydo 9:45 10:15 10:30 12:10 12:35 Beauty Pagealrit~Bob ' Barker is -the emcee of the; 29th Miss' USA Beauty ' Pageant" in Biloxi, Miss. ; Mary ' Therese Frie'l crowns her successor', Donhy Osmond performs, and Helen 0'Connell is co-hostess. CNO SITREP 30—Seg-. .ments include, USS Oliver Hazard Perry and: other ships vis-, it Buffalo, during Great Lakes cruise;, A Navy Petty Officer enjoys, recreational .boating and drives the Navy's newest amphibious assault craft; and a Navy Ensign and a group of volunteers seek to increase energy awareness while es- tablishing world record for running a •, bicycle-powered generator. NEWS UPDATE CLASS OF '65 (adult): —This special pres- entation is the . story of two class, loners—one who be- comes a psychiatrist- —the other, a crim- inal. (Feature length) CELEBRITY REVUE SIGN OFF NEWS 8:50 THREE'S COMPANY —Jack -has a : date with test winner ' and a' ;beauty con- ' '^-'" f, . ; . B 9:20 needs the -' apar tment, to himself 'for' the date. ' But';' -Furley, who has been spying' on Jack, is cbhvin-1' ced that Jack has'".' to move out,of the apartment. SPECIAL: ''197.9 Nobel; Prize ' show—From Stockholm,, . r Howard K. -/Smith— hosts,' focusing on! " the recipients or, Nobel prizes." Dis- " 1 ms ¦:i!___J_ 39D3qg :>iii is XxoxxcM nl'm 8e) . .' ¦ r! prizes, cussed is background-' data dn the past ^ahd'" ;'"' current'^ winners, : 10:20 NB<S UPDATE ,-----':j-; 10:35 MOVIE: The Forturje (adult)—Two schem- ing, bumbling men set up (lousekeeping --¦• with' ¦ a,,, ¦suliible,. heires?-,,. ...j.ppe -,„pf j.,them 1 mar.ries,:- her', .-. v ..-, ;but ., when. . she re- veals she's leaving her fortune, to "char- ity, both men decide to kill her. -. and;., split the |. money. Stars Jack Nichol- son, Warren Beatty, Stockard r.1,0 Channing and Florence Stan- ley. 12:05 SECOND CITY TV 12:30 ACTION THEATER 2:15 SIGN OFF NEWS liBtiidT


The White Falcon

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