The White Falcon


The White Falcon - 25.07.1980, Blaðsíða 2

The White Falcon - 25.07.1980, Blaðsíða 2
Page 2 The White Falcon July 25, 1980 Physical fitness is back The Navy has instituted a number of directives concerning physical fitness over the past few years. But for various reasons the desired results have not been forthcoming. A new program---this time with definite testing requirements and procedures---has been announced. The program is being well received at Keflavik Naval Station. It makes individuals responsible for achiev- ing and maintaining a requisite level of fitness and assigns to com- mands the responsibility for moni- toring this fitness through a test- ing program. The program---detailed in OPNAV Instruction 6110.1A of July 17, 1980 ---couples physical fitness goals with fleet readiness; indicating physical fitness as a way of pre- paring oneself to withstand stress pf prolonged activity; to endure fatigue; and to maintain combat ef- fectiveness. The new instruction addresses various problems of poor physical Join the USO pen pal program Is there anyone on the NATO Base who likes to get letters from the folks back home in the States? Doesn't everyone look forward to mail call? If you are interested in the pro- gram and want to be a Pen Pal send BOOST applications due by Dec. 1 Navy personnel are presently be- ing solicited to apply for the Navy's Broadened Opportunity for Of- ficer Selection and Training (BOOST) Program. This program prepares se- lected enlisted personnel to compete for entrance into the U. S. Naval Academy or the NROTC Scholarship Program, To be eligible to apply appli- cants must be a U. S. citizen, on active duty with at least 39 monthsi of obligated service remaining as of March 1, 1981. Prospective candi- condition and suggests programs of aerobic exercise, calisthenics, or competitive games, to help improve an individual's condition; warm-up exercises and ways to gauge progress are included. Test standards will ir.easure trunk strength/flexibility, arm/shoulder strength, and endurance. Minimum standards are established for men and women, and in three age groups: 17-25, 26-33, and 34-39. Neither DOD policy nor the new Navy instruc- tion call for members age 40 and over to be tested. But they are encouraged to par- ticipate for their own personal well being. The testing standards define excercises which meet requirements, such as sit-ups, push-ups or pull- ups (flexed arm hang for women), and run/walk or running in places. Program instructions emphasize proper exercise procedures and pre- cautions to prevent over-stress or other injury to personnel partici- pating in the program. your name, complete mailing address and some information about yourself (age, interests, hobbies, home town, etc.) to: USO Pen Pal Program, 720 West Muhammad All Blvd., Louisville, Ky. 40203. s0l don't be lonely. Be a pen pal through the USO. dates for the NROTC program must not have reached their 20th birthday as of June 30, 1981, while USNA candi- dates must not have passed their 21st birthday as of July 1, 1981. To apply you must possess a mini- mum WK/AR score of 100 and have com- pleted a SAT or ACT examination since December 1, 1979. Application deadline for the fis- cal year 1981 BOOST program is De- cember 1, 1980. See your command career counselor for additional in- formation. "WE All HAVE A CONSUMING INTEREST IN ENERGY..." COMMANDER ICELAND DEFENSE FORCE Rear Adm. Richard A. Martini PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICER Lt. Cmdr. Perry C. Bishop EDITORIAL ADVISOR JOC Bob Rainville EDITORIAL STAFF J01 David Crowe Jr. JO3 David Guise PH3 Thorn Lindgren SN Karen Dean In cooperation with the U. S. Naval Station Print Shop, the White Falcon publishes weekly with appropriated funds per NAVEXOS P-35 for Iceland Defense Force (IDF) military and U.S. civilian personnel, and their dependents. Opinions expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily of- ficial expressions of IDF, the De- partment of Defense or the U.S. Government. The White Falcon offices are located in Bldg. 734C; telephone 4612/5192. Editorial deadline is noon Tuesday.


The White Falcon

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